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Amishady 18 points
2 years ago

Expensive ?

Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh 502 Points

@amishady There are some free tutorials available here as well.

Prayag zx
Prayag zx 18 points
2 years ago

how to start program

Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh 502 Points

@prayag You can just start your learning journey from the tutorials or by checking the suitable roadmaps.

bilal uçar
bilal uçar 10 points
2 years ago


Отдел по
Отдел по 2 points
2 years ago

Python 3.6

Mark Ronson
Mark Ronson 10 points
2 years ago

hey, thanks for sharing!! its nice

Katuboina N V Bala Ganesh Pavan Kumar

learn python

Mohamed Jirde
Mohamed Jirde 10 points
3 years ago

l have serous learning this program