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Help & FAQs

Submissions & Approvals

Are there any submission guidelines I should know about?

There's just one simple guideline - Your submission should educate the learners about the basics or advanced concepts of a particular topic holistically, not just a part of it. Think of it this way - would this resource be a good starting point if you are setting out to learn a programming language or design tool/thinking from scratch?

So, the following are good examples:

  • Basics of Python
  • Concepts of Advanced Javascript
  • From beginner to advanced in Photoshop

The following are bad examples:

  • Building a simple login/logout system in PHP
  • How to use Twitter OAuth
  • How to use the 3d effect in Adobe Illustrator

Submitted tutorials are evaluated by the community moderators. A tutorial is approved only when > 66% of the moderators approve of the course, else it will be auto-rejected.

It typically takes anywhere from 1-3 days to vet the submitted tutorial. You will be informed of both approval or rejection via email notification.

In rare cases, when community moderators could not reach a consensus about the quality of submitted tutorial, it might be kept in a queue and would be revalidated after a few weeks. It will happen when your tutorial is recently launched, and no course/tutorial preview is available without signing up or paying.

Reputation and Badges

Q: How are reputation points getting awarded?

A: Some events for which reputation points are given:

  • 10 points on tutorial approval
  • 2 points on upvote on your comment
  • 10 points on upvote on your tutorial
  • 10 points on signing up

Note: If your submitted tutorial is archived due to any reason (outdated in future, broken link, etc.), it will not affect your reputation points.

Q:What are the different badges and how are they awarded?

A: Some events for which badges are awarded:

  • 'Active Hackr' badge for 3 tutorials approval
  • 'Hackr Star' badge for 10 tutorials approval
  • 'Hackr Guru' badge for 25 tutorials approval
  • 'Helpful Commentor' badge for 5 upvotes on your comment
  • 'Star Helpful Commentor' badge for 15 upvotes on your comment
  • 'Helpful Commenter Guru' badge for 25 upvotes on your comment
  • 'Remarkable Submission' badge for 10 upvotes on your submission
  • 'Hackr Hero' badge for 25 upvotes on your submission
  • 'Hackr Veteran' badge for 100 upvotes on your submission
  • 'Welcome' badge for signing up
  • 'Contributor' badge for getting your first tutorial approved


Do you use affiliate links to the courses?

Yeah, for a few courses we do have affiliate links. Affiliate links don't impact our tutorials ranking algorithm anyhow.

My query has not been answered here. What should I do?

No problem, just shoot us an email on gaurav@hackr.io. We personally read and respond to each and every email we get.