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Submissions & Approvals

Are there any submission guidelines I should know about?

There's just one simple guideline - Your submission should educate the viewer about the basics (or advanced concepts) of a particular language holistically, not just a part of it. Think of it this way - Would this resource be a good starting point if you are setting out to learn that programming language from scratch?

So, the following are good examples:

  • Basics of Python
  • Concepts of Advanced Javascript

The following are bad examples:

  • Building a simple login/logout system in PHP
  • How to use Twitter OAuth
I want to submit a link but I cannot find any relevant category. Should I still submit it?

Yes, you should. If your course/tutorial is approved, we'll create a new category especially for your submission and mail you a link as well.

I submitted a link but never heard from you again. What happened?

It typically takes anywhere between 1-3 days from the time you submit a link for our internal team to review it and approve it. If your link is approved, it would be visible on the relevant category page as well as on your own Hackr profile and you would get an email confirmation from us. In all other cases, we don't send out any notifications for now. We admit that's it bad and non-transparent, so we're working on a way to fix this.

Login & Signup

I don't want to use my Google account to sign-in. What should I do?

We started out with the idea that using a Google account to sign-in would be the simplest and fastest way to login to Hackr, but we realized on the way that it's not something that everyone is comfortable with. We'll be introducing more signup methods pretty soon.


My query has not been answered here. What should I do?

No problem, just shoot us an email on We personally read and respond to each and every email we get.