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JavaScript and Books

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30+ Best JavaScript Books for Beginners & Advanced Developers

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Best JavaScript Books

JavaScript is one of the leading names when it comes to front-end web development. Moreover, it is one of the best programming languages to learn and earn in 2022. There are several ways of learning JS, ranging from books to tutorials.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of some of the best JavaScript books 2022 has to offer. We’ve also categorized them to make it easier to find JavaScript books that work better for your needs!

2022’s Best JavaScript Books

The list below shows you the best book in each category.

  • Best JavaScript book for beginners: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
  • Best advanced JavaScript book: Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript
  • Best JavaScript book for kids: JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming
  • Best Free JavaScript books: The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

What Makes the Best Books on JavaScript?

There’s no use in having a massive list of the best JS books if you don’t know how to determine which ones are right for you. Sure, one thing you should always consider before buying something is price, but in this case, there are other things to look at, too. This list of criteria can help you figure out which books are worth your time.

  • It’s always a good idea to look into the author of a book you’re interested in reading. Are they an expert on the subject? In other words, do they have the credibility and qualifications to teach you about JavaScript?
  • Before you purchase or start reading any books, you must first figure out your skill level. You’ll have a hard time reading and understanding books that were made for those with more knowledge and experience in JavaScript. So, if you’re a newbie, you might then want to look for the best JavaScript book for beginners and start there.
  • Is the book written well enough? For example, were the lessons written clear and concise enough for you to understand? JavaScript can be a tough subject to learn, especially for newbies. Thus, it’s good to look for books that can help make learning a little bit easier.
  • Books are great and all, but sometimes you need some other resources to better learn something. Does the book come with any additional resources such as exercises or a companion website? This criterion isn’t absolutely necessary but can be helpful to your learning journey.

And finally, although it’s not always necessary, it may benefit you to look for a book that can help make learning fun — after all, when you’re having fun it’s less likely you’ll find learning to be a drag.

Best JavaScript Books for Beginners

  1. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript: The new tech-assisted approach that requires half the effort

Author Mark Myers

Latest Edition 1st Edition

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

According to Mark Myers, the author of A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript, there are two important problems faced by those willing to learn JavaScript. These are retention and comprehension. As such, the JS book is written while especially addressing the two issues. It is the best book to learn javascript.

The entire 256-page long JavaScript book is judiciously divided into brief chapters. Each of the chapters is followed by 20 absolutely-free sample exercises available on the author’s website. You can do them over and over again to completely digest all the information you just read.

Practicing is the key to learning to program. As per the author, a typical reader will spend only about one-third of the total time invested for practicing in reading. Moreover, the JavaScript book is written especially for beginners.

Buy it here.


  2. Learn JavaScript VISUALLY

Author Ivelin Demirov

Latest Edition 1st Edition

Publisher Nai Inc.

For newbies wishing to quickly grasp the basics of JavaScript, Learn JavaScript VISUALLY is the ideal book to go for. The book makes understanding the basic JS concepts easier by means of a visual approach, hence the name.

Because Learn JavaScript VISUALLY is aimed at greenhorns, there isn’t anything about the deeper and complex topics pertaining to JS. Also, the book is quite concise as compared to other beginner JavaScript books.

Buy it here.


  3. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

Author David Flanagan

Latest Edition 6th Edition

Publisher O’Reilly

Another beginner-friendly JavaScript book is JavaScript: The Definitive Guide. Anyone interested in building powerful web applications must go through the comprehensive JS book. It explores several JS and web platform API features aimed at web application development.

In order to get an in-depth understanding of the workings of closure, graphics, and prototyping, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide is the definite pick. The page count for the book reaches well over 1000 pages, divided into thorough chapters full of examples.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide presents a detailed overview of a lot of language features mixed with warnings about using older versions of Internet Explorer. For anyone who seeks knowledge beyond the basics, the book serves as an excellent reference guide.

Buy it here.


  4. You Don’t Know JS

Author Kyle Simpson

Latest Edition 1st Edition

Publisher O’Reilly Media

Unlike other names on the list, You Don’t Know JS is a book series. All books of the series share similarity in style and scope. The JavaScript book series help readers get acquainted with the most subtle technical aspects of the high-level, interpreted programming language.

Anyone reading the You Don’t Know JS is sure to develop a deep understanding and appreciation for JavaScript. To put it simply, You Don’t Know JS is literally a deep dive into JavaScript from the author Kyle Simpson.

Spanning a total of 6 books, the You Don’t Know JS series start with the basics of JavaScript and then moves to closure, objects, scopes, and finally ES2016 changes. Each book of the series is almost 100 pages. Hence, the complete series is shorter than an average detailed JS book.

Buy it here.


  5. Beginning JavaScript

Author Jeremy McPeak and Paul Wilton

Latest Edition Fifth Edition

Publisher Wrox

Beginning JavaScript by Paul Wilton and Jeremy McPeak is the excellent beginning point for complete greenhorns. The book is written especially in a beginner-friendly teaching style to allow the reader to get onboard the JavaScript ride.

With a total of just under 800 pages, Beginning JavaScript is a massive guide on the JS ecosystem and covers almost all essential basics of the programming language. The entire book is divided into easy-to-follow lessons, complete with easily understandable code snippets.

Buy it here.


Best JavaScript Books for Advanced Learners

  6. JavaScript & JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

Author Jon Duckett

Latest Edition 1st Edition

Publisher Wiley

Interested in learning JavaScript & jQuery side-by-side for getting started with web development? JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development is the top recommendation.

Mind you, JavaScript & JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development is not yet another 1200-page book. On the contrary, the content of the book is not just pretty but well-organized.

Progressing to the next concepts is not random and follows a logical way in JavaScript & JQuery. The transition to jQuery from JavaScript is a great example of how to do it the right way.

You get to hit two birds with one stone with the JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development book.

Buy it here.


  7. JavaScript: The Good Parts

Author Douglas Crockford

Latest Edition 1st Edition

Publisher O’Reilly

With JavaScript: The Good Parts, author Douglas Crockford focuses on the basics of some of the lesser-known yet desirable aspects of JavaScript. It’s only recently that these hidden features are getting the appreciation they deserve from the programming community.

At the time of the original write-up of JavaScript: The Good Parts, JavaScript was a newborn programming language, considered a tiny scripting language in browsers. At that time, browsers were starting to be explored for serious application development.

Before that, it was a rarity to witness real applications running in a browser. The browser wasn’t anything like the one we have today. It was un-interactive, heavily relied on page reloads, and didn’t have any built-in storage capacity.

From that time to now, JavaScript: The Good Parts traces the development of JS as well as its features going mainstream and gaining hundreds of thousands of eyeballs from around the world.

The most important thing about JavaScript: The Good Parts is that it has the potential to renew the appreciation given to the high-level, interpreted programming language even by veteran practitioners. Also, the book is just 175 pages long. Hence, making it a quick read.

Buy it here.


  8. Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript

Author David Herman, Foreword by Brendan Eich

Latest Edition 1st Edition

Publisher Addison Wesley

Anyone who has an ample understanding of the JS basics qualifies to gain the most out of Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript. The JavaScript book takes its readers on an in-depth tour of the high-level, interpreted programming language.

David Herman, the author of Effective JavaScript, is a seasoned programmer. He shares his technical experience in the book via realistic and elaborate examples. Regardless of the skill level, any JS developer is likely to learn something from this excellent JavaScript book.

Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript introduces the readers to several fortes of the dynamic, prototype-based, and weakly-typed programming language, ranging from floating-point number precision to semicolon insertion and type coercions.

The JavaScript book further explores best practices to keep in mind while working with API design, arrays, concurrency, functions, library, and objects.

Buy it here.


  9. Programming JavaScript Applications: Robust Web Architecture with Node, HTML5, and Moderns JS Libraries

Author Eric Elliott

Latest Edition 1st Edition

Publisher O’Reilly

Unlike other JS books that answer the question, “How do I use JavaScript?” Programming JavaScript Applications: Robust Web Architecture with Node, HTML5, and Modern JS Libraries answers, “How do I use JavaScript to build a real-world application?”

Programming JavaScript Applications is an excellent book that offers a precise overview of the JavaScript app architecture. It covers basic concepts of functional programming, JS best practices, introduction to prototypes, and object composition.

In addition to expanding JS understanding, Programming JavaScript Applications by Eric Elliott covers authentication and authorization, feature toggle systems, logging, Node basics, and RESTful APIs.

Buy it here.


  10. High-Performance Browser Networking

Author Ilya Grigorik

Latest Edition First Edition

Publisher O’Reilly

Application performance is something that everyone, ranging from independent developers to full-fledged organizations, craves for. High-Performance Browser Networking is the ultimate guide for building a successful JavaScript application with highly optimized performance.

High-Performance Browser Networking covers high-impact performance considerations to the likes of data streaming, DataChannel, HTTP2, WebRTC, and WebSockets.

Buy it here.


  11. JavaScript Allongé, the “Six” Edition

Author Reg “raganwald” Braithwaite

Latest Edition Sixth Edition

Publisher Leanpub

Building flexible software from small, decoupled units and thinking in terms of functions is all about the JavaScript Allongé, the “Six” Edition. The JavaScript book aims at making the reader think deeply and out-of-the-box about functions, and it succeeds in doing so. This is also the best book for javascript learning.

After giving a good demonstration of partial applications and curried function expressions, Reginald introduces simple concepts, such as const. By means of slow-building via intermediate function scope topics like closures and IIFE, learning gets simpler and more effective.

JavaScript Allongé needs to be picked up once the reader has built enough working familiarity with JavaScript. Moreover, the readers need to be ready for exploring the know-how of building JS applications with the combination of functional and object-oriented programming techniques.

Buy it here.


  12. Composing Software

Author Eric Elliott

Latest Edition 1st Edition

Publisher Leanpub

Software design is basically breaking down a larger, complex problem into smaller problems and then developing solutions for these individual smaller problems. Composing Software is a JS book that revolves around this opinion on software designing.

By discussing the foundations of functional programming and object-oriented programming, Composing Software allows the readers to effectively understand building and structuring complex applications by means of simple building blocks of software design.

In Composing Software, Eric Elliott explores functional programming and object composition pertaining to JavaScript. The book stresses the importance of compositional techniques for a software developer.

Composing Software educates readers about the fundamentals of composition, both function composition and object composition, and discusses them in the context of JavaScript.

Buy it here.


Best JavaScript Books for Kids

  13. JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming

Author Nick Morgan

Latest Edition 1st Edition

Publisher No Starch Press

JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming offers a fanciful exploration of the various basic programming concepts.

For those who haven’t ever tried programming before, beginning with JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. The entire book is divided into three parts, which are:

  • Part I: Fundamentals Covers basic elements of JS, including conditional statements, data types, functions, and loops. Details on creating simple HTML web pages as well as a text-based version of the Hangman game.
  • Part II: Advanced JavaScript Introduces advanced techniques building upon the basics provided by Part I. Contents of the section include jQuery, object-oriented programming, responding to browser events, and running code at intervals with timers. The entire section boils down to building the Find the Buried Treasure! Game.
  • Part III: Canvas Details about the HTML5 canvas element, how to draw to the canvas, how to animate the drawings, and how to control animations using the keyboard. Sums up with an exercise section for creating the classic Snake game.

Buy it here.


  14. JavaScript For Kids For Dummies

Author - Chris Minnick and Eva Holland

Latest Edition- First Edition

Publisher - For Dummies

JavaScript For Kids For Dummies introduces pre and early teens to the programming language JavaScript. It’s in contention for the best book for learning JavaScript if you want your kids to learn the fundamentals of JavaScript. And, of course, you can always learn from this book, too.

This book is both informative and engaging, keeping the reader’s interest as it shows the basics of how to code JavaScript which is essential for learning while the student follows easy step-by-step guides.

To cement lessons learned, students do small goal-oriented coding projects that further drive the key concepts of JavaScript home. These projects help provide some hands-on experience while students have fun making games, apps, and more.

Designed to help make learning fun, JavaScript For Kids For Dummies has students creating a calculator app, a lemonade stand app, and a mad-libs-style game.

Buy it here.


Best Free JavaScript Books

  15. Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

Author – Marjin Haverbeke

Latest Edition – 3rd Edition

Publisher – No Starch Press

Probably the biggest standout of Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming is its heavy usage of practice exercises. Unlike other books on programming and JS, this book is a work of pure art.

Eloquent JavaScript lets the reader digest all its knowledge easily thanks to an easy-to-understand and relatable language. Though not essentially a JavaScript book, it offers an introduction to programming using JavaScript.

Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming is a fantastic book for beginners looking to begin their journey to learning JavaScript.

Buy it here.


  16. JavaScript Enlightenment

Author- Cody Linley

Beginners stay away — JavaScript Enlightenment was created for experienced JavaScript programmers who already have a good foundational knowledge of the language.

JavaScript Enlightenment won’t give you any real enlightenment, but what it can do is make it easier for you to keep up with and understand language proposals and updates. This web book makes it easier for developers to learn and remember the newest, most common JavaScript updates.

It’s worth mentioning that JavaScript Enlightenment does link to and reference many different pages while you read. So, expect to click on quite a few URLs as you learn. The book itself states that it is a mixture between reference, cheatsheet, and book. The goal is to help those experienced with ES3 to learn and master ES5+.

Buy it here.


  17. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

Author- Addy Osmani

Addy Osmani is a Google Developer Programs Engineer who decided to write about the design patterns involved with JavaScript. This book covers what’s known as the “Gang of Four” patterns in design including jQuery plug-in design, namespacing patterns, and much more. A design pattern is a reusable solution to problems that commonly occur within software design. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns explores classical and modern JavaScript design patterns.

The book itself was based on published blog posts and articles from Addy Osmani as well as other knowledgeable experts. In a way, it compiles a lot of useful information into one place so you don’t have to waste time navigating to several pages to read the same information.

Buy it here.


  18. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial


Although it is not necessarily a book, per se, The Modern JavaScript Tutorial is still a fantastic resource to learn about the extremely popular programming language. As its name might suggest, this resource is a great way to learn JavaScript. It may even be the only JS tutorial you’d ever need.

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial is divided into three different parts each covering a different aspect of learning the language:

  • Part 1: The JavaScript Language
  • Part 2: Browser: Document, Events, Interfaces
  • Part 3: Additional articles

This book is well-organized, so even though the resource may feel a bit intimidating, you may find that it’s less troublesome to start than you may have thought.

Buy it here.


  19. Human JavaScript

Author - Henrik Joreteg

If you’re looking for a free beginner book, you can read the free web version of Human JavaScript. However, if you would like to support the author, Henrik Joreteg, you can also purchase this book in its eBook version. There are also video tutorials available.

Human JavaScript covers tools, frameworks, organization, application development, and much more. In this book, you may find a bias towards AmpersandJS and BackboneJS, but regardless, the principles remain relevant for many front-end developers.

The concept of this book revolves around the fact that although machines run code, humans are the ones who write said code. Thus, the book Human JavaScript teaches developers to write code that is not just simple, but also maintainable. It’s an excellent option for beginners and developers in the early stage of learning.

Buy it here.


  20. The JavaScript Beginner’s Handbook

Author - Flavio Copes

If you’d like to learn more about JavaScript for free, The JavaScript Beginner’s Handbook is a great place to start. This book, written by Flavio Copes, is an excellent resource for those who want to expand whatever knowledge they have about JavaScript. Although the book is called the beginner’s handbook, it’s not necessarily made for beginners.

What this book can actually do is give you valuable knowledge that you might just keep referring to as you continue your learning elsewhere. You’ll learn about values, syntax, strings, variables, objects, and more — most if not all of what you need to learn to become an effective developer.

This book used to not be available in any printed versions, so back then you would’ve had to use the web version. It’s certainly an excellent URL to bookmark as it can provide you with valuable information as you learn JavaScript. Thankfully, it is now also available as a PDF and as an ePub, giving you more options.

If you enjoyed The JavaScript Beginner’s Handbook, it may be worth looking into Flavio Copes’ other books. He currently has fifteen available for free if you sign up to the newsletter on his website.

Buy it here.


  21. JavaScript Notes for Professionals

Author -

JavaScript Notes for Professionals is available as a free PDF so you can learn wherever and whenever you’d like. The content in this book is a compilation taken from documentation from Stack Overflow. JavaScript Notes for Professionals has over 400 pages worth of information.

This book works well as a resource and reference for you to keep coming back to while you’re learning elsewhere. It’s an excellent book if you want clear examples and precise explanations presented in an organized and concise manner.

Buy it here.


Other JavaScript Books

Here are some additional books to enhance JavaScript learning even further:

22. Building JavaScript Games for Phones, Tablets, and Desktop by Arjan Egges

23. Functional Programming in JavaScript by Luis Atencio

24. High-Performance JavaScript: Build Faster Web Application Interfaces by Nicholas C. Zakas

25. JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland

26. JavaScript Enlightenment by Cody Lindley

27. Maintainable JavaScript: Writing Readable Code by Nicholas C. Zakas

28. Object-Oriented JavaScript: Create scalable, reusable high-quality JavaScript applications, and libraries by Stoyan Stefanov

29. Professional JavaScript for Web Developers by Nicholas C. Zakas

30. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja by Bear Bibeault and John Resig

31. Testable JavaScript: Ensuring Reliable Code by Mark Ethan Trostler

32. The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript by Nicholas C. Zakas

33. Understanding ECMAScript 6: The Definitive Guide For JavaScript Developers by Nicholas C. Zakas


So that’s all for the list of top JavaScript books that a web developer can read in 2022. Learning JavaScript can be further accelerated with The Complete JavaScript Course: Build Real Projects JavaScript course. Feel free to check our learn JavaScript quickly blog post for quick tips and tricks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which book is best for JavaScript for beginners?

If you are a newbie looking to learn, you can take a look at JavaScript: The Definitive Guide. If you would rather look for a free version, you can take a look at The JavaScript Beginner’s Handbook.

Can I learn JavaScript in a week?

You most certainly can, although you may not get too far beyond the basics within this timeline. It depends on how much coding experience you have and how many hours you dedicate to studying the language.

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