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Top 10 Linux Courses for Beginners in 2024

What brings you here? Are you a new Linux adopter who wants to learn Linux basics or someone who wants to build a career as a Linux system administrator? Whatever your end goal be learning Linux is part of the journey. Here are the best Linux courses for you to kickstart your journey. 

Top Linux Courses

1. Linux Mastery: Master Linux Command Line

Linux Mastery: Master Linux Command Line

It is one of the fantastic courses that will give you practical knowledge and experience of Linux working. Through this learning program, you'll attain the skills needed to become an expert in this operating system.

The set of topics covered under this learning program helps learners to gain the expertise of handling the command line. Additionally, you'll also learn Cron Job and bash scripting used for task automation.

The course structure covers the following topics:

  • Linux Terminal
  • Linux File System
  • Task Scheduling and Automation
  • Software Repositories and Package Managers
  • Open Source Software Installation And Management

There are lots of quizzes, lecture summaries, and cheat sheets in this program that contains everything needed to master Linux. It focuses on helping the students gain a solid understanding of the Linux concepts through examples, downloadable resources, and lectures.

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge or experience of the subject is needed.
Level: Beginner
Rating: 4.7
Duration: 11.5 Hours (approximately)

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2. Linux Server Management & Security Certification

Linux Server Management and Security

The certification is an ideal option to gain an understanding of file systems management and security system. Job seekers, professionals, and students should take this course class to understand the industry verticals of Linux OS.

Topics covered under its syllabus:

  • Linux System Management- Introduction
  • Configuring Linux in the Enterprise
  • Users, authorization, and authentication in a Linux environment
  • Securing Linux in the Enterprise

In addition to the above topics, this class offers the opportunity to explore the mechanism of Linux authentication and machine. The exercises, lectures, quizzes, videos, and other supplementary materials added to this program make concept learning easier. Towards the end of this course, students get to handle a real-world project for testing their knowledge and skills acquired through the learning program.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic Linux concepts is required.
Level: Intermediate
Rating: 4.6
Duration: 12 hours (approximately)

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3. Linux Command Line Basics

Linux Command Line Basics

Designed for both beginners and advanced Linux learners, this introductory course is an excellent opportunity to learn the technicalities of the Linux command line. From the Linux command console to the advanced concepts like creating Linux commands, there is a bundle of things added to the syllabus.

The wide range of topics taught through this program include:

  • Linux Filesystem Navigation
  • Linux Filesystem Hierarchy
  • Command Options Use
  • Creating Soft and Hard Links
  • Linux Wild Cards Use
  • Manipulate, View, and Create Files
  • Linux Text Editors Use
  • Use of Linux Command Line

This course is for anyone who wants to enhance their Linux command Line knowledge. Mac or Windows users looking forward to switching over to Linux can reap several benefits from taking up this program. It features several downloadable resources and articles for easy learning.

Prerequisites: Install Linux distribution on your PC. Plus, learners should have a passion for learning about this operating system.

Level: Beginners-Advanced
Rating: 4.5
Duration: 5 hours (approximately)

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4. Learn Linux in 5 Days

Learn Linux in 5 Days

The tutorial is created to help the students acquire the professional knowledge and skills needed for working with the Linux platform. The brainchild of Jason Cannon is best for learning the concepts and commands relevant to the subject.

It covers real-life and practical examples so that the learners can grasp the syllabus quickly. All the techniques are explained in simple language. This program features step-by-step instructions and an on-demand video of WordPress installation on a Linux system. Plus, you'll acquire knowledge about the software needed for running WordPress on Linux.

The course majorly covers the following topics:

  • Linux Distribution
  • Introduction To SSH
  • Linux File System Layout
  • Basic Linux Commands
  • Listing, Editing, Copying, and Deleting Files
  • Data Transfer And Files Compressing Process
  • Shell Prompt Customization
  • Use Of Cron For Scheduling And Automating Tasks
  • Switching Users

On taking up this course, learners get access to the commands required for WordPress and software installation. Additionally, you'll learn about the significant Linux operations through a step-by-step guide. There several exercises that help students to solidify and test their knowledge in the subject.

There are examples of every topic. Moreover, detailed guides and elaborated study resources of this course are best for acquiring web server installation, database server installation, Word press configuration skills, and more. The lectures, articles, and downloadable resources of this course allow students to learn the concepts in a limited time.

Prerequisites: No requirement for prior subject knowledge.
Level: Beginners
Rating: 4.5
Duration: 5.5 Hours (approximately)

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5. Linux Administration Bootcamp: Go from Beginner to Advanced

Linux Administration Bootcamp: Go from Beginner to Advanced

This popular Udemy course is best for learning CentOS and Red Hat Linux. Individuals dreaming of taking on the role of Linux Administrator and Linux Server Admin should go for it. You'll comprehend Linux server administration through this learning program.

The best part is that you'll get to work on problems and gain practical experience in the subject. This course will help you learn the techniques of configuring and maintaining different Linux systems. These skills come in handy when individuals take the job role of Linux System Administrator or Linux System Engineer.

This program helps in learning:

  • Linux distribution
  • Use of SSH
  • Linux system file system layout
  • Basic Linux commands
  • Creating, moving, and renaming directories
  • Use of emacs, vi, and nano editors
  • Compressing files
  • Switching users
  • Linux servers boot process
  • Logical Volume Manager
  • Sudo configuration
  • Linux shell scripting

From the fundamental lessons to the complicated systems and commands – this complete course is well designed and has different sections. College students, researchers, professors, and other individuals with similar roles can take this coursework to enrich their knowledge in the Linux server. The articles and on-demand video features in the learning program will make you a pro-Linux system.

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge or experience in the Linux command line is required.
Level: Beginner-Advanced
Rating: 4.5
Duration: 8.5 hours (approximately)

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6. Open Source Software Development, Linux and Git Specialization

Open Source Software Development, Linux and Git Specialization

It is an incredible Linux certification training program for the developers helping them to solidify their Linux Foundation. This free Coursera tutorial allows individuals to attain specialization in open source development along with a good explanation and knowledge of the Linux system. The course is categorized into four sections.

Through this program, participants are introduced to:

  • Open Source Development
  • Distributed Development
  • Standard Linux Tools
  • GIT

The course material is designed to keep the newbies in mind. They can quickly learn the concepts and strengthen their foundation in the Linux system. However, the course comes with the advantage of free enrolment, but learners have to pay a nominal amount for certification. The perfectly laid out quizzes, video tutorials, programming exercises, and assignments benefit the participants further.

Prerequisites: Learners must have basic knowledge of computers. Common commands and Linux shells will be a plus.
Level: Beginner
Rating: 4.5
Duration: 4 months (approximately)

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7. Linux Tutorials and Projects

Linux Tutorials and Projects

It is another top-rated free Linux course from Jason Cannon- an IT professional with over 25 years of work experience as a Linux and Unix System Engineer. This fantastic learning program will give you access to the real-world experience of the subject.

The course covers the following areas:

  • Load Balancing
  • SSL Certificate Management
  • MySQL Replication

The tutorial also comes with practical exercises related to Linux, such as the SSL Certificate installation method on Apache and CentOS Linux, HTTP Load balancing, MySQL Master-Slave Replication configuration on Ubuntu Linux, and more. The l exercises of this program are created to help an individual build a solid foundation in Linux.

Prerequisites: Linux system access is mandatory
Level: Intermediate
Rating: 4.4
Duration:41 minutes (approximately)

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8. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview

This Linux course introduced by Red Hat Enterprises allows learners to gain technical knowledge of Linux basics. It is a free training course that will also help you in demonstrating primary techniques used in Linux system administration. Architects, IT experts, engineers, administrators, and students looking forward to gaining an in-depth understanding of this operating system can significantly benefit from this course.

Demonstrations and short lectures of this learning program cover:

  • Open Source Development Model
  • Linux Distribution
  • Linux Kernel
  • Shell
  • File Hierarchy
  • Userspace
  • Editing Text Files
  • Command-Line Networking Configuration
  • Control System Startup Processes

After finishing this free Linux course, you will have a good understanding of the Linux operating system. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can easily access the tools needed to modernize your enterprise infrastructure, enhance working capacity through virtualization and standardization.

Prerequisites No formal educational requirements, but previous experience in operating system administration will aid in natural learning.
Level: Beginners
Rating: 4.3
Duration:2 hours (approximately)

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9. Learn The Linux Command Line: Basic Commands

Learn The Linux Command Line: Basic Commands

Linux/Mac users and developers who want to acquire customization skills for UNIX, Ruby on Rails, Django, and others should go for this course. It is a quick learning guide that will give you a detailed overview of necessary Linux commands used in system management, file management, and process management.

The program majorly covers the following topics:

  • Importance Of Command Line
  • Syntax Of Command Line
  • Basic Commands In The Mac Or Linux Command Lines
  • Creating Terminal Commands

Its easy-to-understand content allows beginners to learn complicated command line concepts without any hassle. The step-by-step guide added to this learning program teaches the students about the techniques of using the command line.

The best part is that you don't have to deal with unnecessary, boring stuff that is added otherwise to the Linux courses. To sum up, you can quickly learn to create your command line and solidify your foundation in the subject.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of the command line will benefit when learning the concepts through this program.
Level: Beginners-Intermediate
Rating: 4.2
Duration: 40 minutes (approximately)

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10. Linux Basics: All You Need To Know To Start

Linux Basics: All You Need To Know To Start

It is one of the best introductory courses covering fundamentals, history, and other Linux-related topics. The program will also teach you about a bundle of Linux Commands and Linux Distributions like Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and RedHat. Additionally, you'll know about the tips and tricks of setting up a test lab for running Linux commands with CentOS and VirtualBox.

Listed below are the major topics covered in this course:

  • Introduction To Linux
  • Linux History
  • Linux Distributions - Detailed Overview
  • Install Virtualbox
  • Linux File System Hierarchy
  • Linux Basic Commands
  • Install Linux

This Udemy certification course offers hands-on experience of Linux commands. You'll learn the ways of creating and moving directories and files, file compressing, and achieving techniques. Plus, it also teaches about the method of combining different commands.

Prerequisites: None, except a PC and quality headphones.
Level: Beginners
Rating: 4.1
Duration: 3 Hours (approximately)

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So this was all about the most popular online Linux training programs. However, it's noteworthy that there is a massive selection of the best Linux courses due to its diverse applications. The list above may not be all-inclusive, but earning any of the specializations mentioned above will elevate the level of your success in the field. Both paid and free Linux learning programs included in this list will help you in acquiring industry-standard Linux credentials.

If you are looking for a job or grow in your current role, getting a Linux certification would be valuable.

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