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Best Coding Apps in 2024: What’s the Best App to Learn to Code?

This article covers the best coding apps in 2024 so you can learn to code on the go and master programming in your spare time. 

If you're new to this idea, these coding apps are excellent tools for teaching you how to code through interactive exercises, lesson plans, and even real-time feedback and mentorship.

The best coding apps can also be great for brushing up on your JavaScript during your morning commute or running a few practice simulations during your break! 

So, if you're ready, let's dive in to explore these coding apps!

What Is a Coding App?

Before we dive into the best coding apps, let's take a second to explain what they are!

Of course, if you already know, skip ahead, but if you're new to coding, you might not be entirely sure what a coding app actually is.

A coding app is simply a software application designed to teach you how to write computer programs.

These coding apps typically provide interactive lessons, tutorials, and practice exercises to help beginners understand programming concepts and develop coding skills.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

Most coding apps include features like a code editor, step-by-step instructions, and a platform to run and test code.

The general purpose of a coding app is to make it easier for you to learn how to code by providing a user-friendly and structured learning environment for problem-solving.

You can even use it to accompany your learning progress when taking something like a Python course.

Great. Now, let's dive in to explore some of the best coding apps available.

How To Choose The Best Coding Apps?

Great question! When it comes to finding the best coding apps, we used the following criteria and would recommend you do the same:

  • Content Quality: We looked for apps that offer comprehensive, up-to-date, and well-structured coding lessons and exercises.
  • Interactivity: We chose apps that provide hands-on coding practice, interactive coding challenges, and immediate feedback on your code.
  • Programming Languages: We focused on apps that support popular programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Java, etc.
  • User-Friendly Interface: We chose coding apps with user-friendly interfaces, as this makes it easy to navigate through lessons, write code, and access resources.
  • Progress Tracking: We looked for apps that offer progress tracking and assessment features to monitor your growth.
  • Community and Support: We chose coding apps with a supportive community or forums where you can ask questions and get help when you're stuck.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: We looked at coding app reviews to gauge the app's effectiveness and user satisfaction.

Overall, it helps to have an idea of how you like to learn. For example, you might like to learn purely through reading or prefer interactivity and quizzes.

But if you know what you like, it can help you to find the right coding app. It's also important to know the language you want to code in.

For example, if you're interested in learning Java or you plan to take a Java course, make sure the app supports Java.

Best Coding Apps For Android & iOS

Before we dive into the best coding apps for Android and iOS, it's good to know that most coding apps are free to download.

That said, many include in-app purchases or premium subscriptions, so bear this in mind.

Plus, when it comes to picking the best programming apps, we've tried to emphasize apps that include lessons for multiple languages.

So whether you're interested in web development with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS or OOP with Java and Python, we've included coding apps that support these programming languages.

For the most part, the coding apps we've included are entirely mobile-based, but some also work on web browsers.

1. Grasshopper: Learn to Code

Best for beginners who want to learn more about programming fundamentals

Grasshopper is a complete coding app for beginners. It introduces its users to a suite of fun, quick games that teach basic programming principles.

Through Grasshopper, you will learn how to produce real JavaScript in an engaging, entertaining format.

Additionally, you can steadily improve your skills through real-time feedback and a comprehensive lesson plan.

This is also a great app to use if you're interested in JavaScript projects and you'd like some extra practice.


  • Visual puzzle
  • Coding practice
  • Real-time feedback

Cost: Free


2. Khan Academy

Best for developers who want to learn multiple languages and multiple disciplines

Khan Academy is one of the most robust archives of programming knowledge available and one of the best free apps for learning programming.

Whether you want to learn app coding or full-stack development, Khan Academy has you covered.

You can access a large volume of content, including video tutorials and exercises, at zero cost!


  • Free learning library
  • Programming and science content
  • Variety of languages

Cost: Free

Download: Android iOS

3. Encode

Best for full-stack developers in the making

The encode app provides bite-sized coding lessons for beginners, including mini-coding challenges.

Users can learn Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which is great if you're interested in becoming a full-stack developer.

I really like this app for Python beginners as a way to practice new Python skills in between working on Python projects.


  • Self-paced tutorials
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Coding challenges

Cost: Free (Premium Version Available)

DownloadAndroid iOS

4. Enki

Best for future data scientists who also want to learn to program

The Enki app is great if you’re interested in programming and data science. This coding app provides lessons in coding, data science, and general tech skills for all experience levels.

Learn through coding challenges, interactive quizzes, and an extensive content library.


  • Robust content library
  • Coding playground
  • Mentor review

Cost: Free (In-App Purchases)

Did You Know?

Data science is one of the fastest-growing fields today. Jobs within the data science field are expected to grow by 28% by 2026.

DownloadAndroid iOS

5. DataCamp

Best for future data scientists who want to learn with bite-sized lessons

DataCamp is another option for those who want to learn more about data science. It focuses on data science programming languages and tools like R, Python, and SQL.

Overall, the DataCamp app is great if you're focused on becoming a data science developer.


  • Teaches R, Python, and SQL
  • Focuses primarily on data science
  • Designed for all skill levels

Cost: Free (In-App Purchases)

Download: Android iOS

6. Sololearn

Best for programmers who learn by doing

SoloLearn is one of the best coding apps for beginners, walking users through the basic programming foundations and principles.

Courses are broken into sections that are further split into chapters. You also get access to quizzes and activities to ensure you understand the content before you move forward.


  • Practice quizzes.
  • Coding Sandbox.
  • Peer learning.

Cost: Free (In-App Purchases)

Download: Android iOS

7. Programming Hub

Best for programmers who want to learn multiple languages

Learn 18 different languages through the Programming Hub, a complete connection for beginner-to-advanced coding lessons.

Programming Hub offers 1,800 programs, making it one of the best apps for learning coding in multiple languages. Learn at your own pace through your mobile device.


  • Large selection of languages
  • 1,800 programs
  • Self-paced learning

Cost: Free (In-App Purchases)

Download: Android iOS

8. Codecademy Go

Best for Codecademy subscribers who want to learn on the go

Codecademy is one of our favorite course providers and educational platforms at hackr.io, so we had to include their mobile app.

On Codecademy Go, you can practice programming, review lessons, and maintain a learning streak.

Note that the Codecademy platform’s full functionality isn’t available through the app, but it's a nice entry-level coding app.


  • Maintain your streak.
  • Review lessons
  • Practice with flashcards.

Cost: Free (Premium Subscription Available)

Download: Android iOS

9. Mimo

Best for those who want to learn in small bite-sized lessons

With Mimo, you can learn to code in just five minutes daily. I like that this coding app supports an impressive array of languages, including Python, JavaScript, and HTML.

It's also an extremely accessible platform (even for beginners), making Mimo one of the the best apps to learn programming for those who want to do a little bit at a time.

Note that Mimo is free, so it is ad-supported.


  • Learn to code in just 5 minutes.
  • JavaScript, Python, and HTML lessons.
  • Ad-supported.

Cost: Free (Ad-Supported)

Download: Android iOS

10. SpriteBox: Code Hour

Best for kids who want to learn about developing games

Run, jump, and code! SpriteBox is one of the best coding apps for kids—and adults who are young at heart.

Designed as a puzzle platform, SpriteBox teaches its users basic programming principles through an exciting, exploratory game.


  • Engaging format
  • Teacher-approved
  • Progressive challenges

Cost: Free

Did You Know?

Teaching children to code isn't just about picking up a great career skill; it teaches children logic, math, and patience.

Download: iOS

11. Hopscotch—Programming for Kids

Best for kids who want to start actually developing games

Children (and adults) can learn how to program through Hopscotch and develop their own games.

Hopscotch has been downloaded over 24 million times, and users have created 36 million games.

In my opinion, this is one of the best coding apps to get kids interested in programming and game development.


  • Create and launch games.
  • Learn the principles of coding.
  • Designed for children.

Cost: Free (In-App Purchases)

Download: Android iOS

12. Swift Playgrounds

Best for developers who want to learn more about Swift

If you're interested in iOS app development or taking an iOS development course, this is an excellent coding app to bolster your practice.

The idea here is to learn Swift on an iPad with Swift Playgrounds, which contains several building exercises designed to help beginners learn more about the Swift language.

You can also start developing right away by solving interactive puzzles. 

Note that the app only works on the iPad.


  • Engaging, puzzle-based format
  • Free to learn
  • Built for beginners

Cost: Free

Download: iOS (iPad) Only

Can You Really Learn Programming Through an App?

Yes and no. Most of these apps offer a solid foundation for how programming works and major fundamentals.

You will learn about variables, functions, and syntax. But a great deal of programming actually relates to practice—building coding projects from start to finish.

As you use these programming apps, consider developing a programming project from end to end on the side.

These programming apps will give you the knowledge you need to create a solid programming portfolio, but nothing will replace the skills you build by actually creating and completing a project. 

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! We’ve now covered the best coding apps to help you learn how to code in 2024. 

Whether you’re new to coding and want to learn the basic principles of programming or you want to strengthen your skills in your free time, these coding apps can be ideal.

It’s also really great that each of these coding apps has a free version, so you can try them first.

I also really like these coding apps for refreshing your programming knowledge or practicing your coding on the go.

Whichever coding apps you choose to try out, you can generally expect interactive elements, simulations, and compilers to help you get the most out of your coding practice.

So have fun and happy coding!

Are you new to coding and looking for a fun way to learn while building your portfolio? Check out:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the Best App to Learn Coding?

Grasshopper, Encode, and Enki are the best apps to learn coding, according to popular reviews. Choose Grasshopper if you’re a beginner, Encode if you want to become a full-stack developer, and Enki if you’re interested in data science.

2. Which App is Best to Learn Coding for Free?

Khan Academy provides extensive, free archives of programming lessons, as well as other technology and science resources. Other great coding apps include Grasshopper, Encode, and Enki. 

3. Can I Teach Myself Coding?

Yes! Many programmers are entirely self-taught. Start learning today by downloading a programming app. With just a few minutes of practice a day, you should be able to learn the basic principles of programming.

4. Can I Learn Coding on my Phone for Free?

There are many free mobile coding apps, such as Sololearn, Programming Hub, and Codecademy go. But to really learn to program, you will eventually need a laptop or desktop computer.

5. Which is the Best App to Learn Programming?

There are many great programming apps. According to reviews, the best coding app for Android is split between Encode, Enki, and Sololearn. The best coding app for iOS is Mimo, although other apps on this list also rank highly.

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