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10 Best JavaScript Courses Online [Recommended by JS Developers]

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JavaScript is among the most favorable programming languages to learn right now for hobby projects as well as career/job perspective. Make friends with JavaScript and advance your career as a JS developer. Either you are learning JavaScript afresh or brushing up your programming skills, you will definitely find these 10 hottest online JavaScript courses worth your time, effort, and money.

So, what’s the wait then? Here are the top 10 JavaScript courses:

1. Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

Level – For Beginners

'The Modern JavaScript From the Beginning' tutorial focuses on building projects without using any JS frameworks or libraries. It boasts an excellent 4.7-star rating averaged over 11k reviews. Other than English, the course is also available in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish languages.

For those interested in getting started with JavaScript professionally, it's an excellent option. It gives you all the knowledge and expertise in JavaScript to start working on your own JS projects.

This JavaScript course uses 21.5-hours of on-demand video and 111 downloadable resources to make the learners JS-ready. Other than offering lifetime access and the ability to access the course material on mobile and TV, a certificate of completion is also offered.

Topics covered

  • JavaScript fundamentals
  • Object-oriented aspects of JavaScript
  • AJAX & Fetch API
  • Asynchronous JS
  • DOM manipulation & events
  • Error handling in JavaScript
  • Iterators & generators
  • JavaScript patterns
  • Regular expressions

You can sign up here.

2. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Level – Advanced

'The JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts' course is strictly meant for JS developers with intermediate or advanced JS skills. You will be awarded a certification of completion on successful completion.

Offered by Udemy, this paid JavaScript course comes with 11.5 hours of on-demand video, 7 articles, and 50 downloadable resources. It explains various advanced concepts pertaining to the JavaScript programming language with relevant examples and thoughtful illustrations.

It is available in 7 languages including Indonesian, Italian, and Spanish. You also get full lifetime access to the course.

Topics covered

  • Building your own JS framework or library
  • Examining popular JS frameworks and libraries
  • Execution context and lexical environments
  • Existence and Booleans
  • IIFEs (Immediately Invoked Functions Expressions)
  • JSON and Object Literals
  • Objects and functions
  • Operator precedence and associativity
  • Prototypal inheritance

You can sign up here.

3. Advanced JavaScript Concepts

Level – Advanced

Done with the JavaScript basics and looking to get a good grasp on the advanced JavaScript topics? If yes, then you should check out the Advanced JavaScript Concepts course offered by Udemy. It has 23.5 hours of on-demand video and 24 articles to fulfill the purpose.

You will be able to learn all the modern advanced JavaScript practices that will put you ahead of your peers. Additionally, it also details both the functional programming and OOP aspects of JS.

Created by Andrei Neagoie, the Advanced JavaScript Concepts course has been taken by over 10k learners. Reviews given by over 1.6k learners translate to an excellent 4.8-star rating for the course.

Topics covered

  • Comparing JS with other programming languages
  • OOP vs Functional Programming
  • Asynchronous JavaScript
  • Babel and TypeScript
  • Function scope vs Block scope in JavaScript
  • JavaScript engine
  • Garbage collection and memory leaks
  • IIFEs and JavaScript runtime
  • JavaScript types
  • JTS
  • Modules in JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Type coercion

You can sign up for the course here.

4. The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects!

Level – For Beginners

Looking to start JavaScript for building real projects instantly? Then you must this JS course offered by Udemy. Over 206k learners have enrolled for the course with an average of 4.6-star rating from over 47k reviews.

The comprehensive JavaScript course is offered in 8 languages including French, German, and Spanish. The course includes 28 hours of on-demand video along with 10 articles, 1 downloadable resource, lifetime access, and a certification of completion.

In addition to highlighting JavaScript, The Complete JavaScript Course 2019 also details on object-oriented programming, AJAX, and Webpack.

Topics covered

  • Basics of JavaScript
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Blocks and IIFEs
  • A crash course in Node.js
  • DOM manipulation and events
  • How JavaScript works
  • Promises and Async/Await

You can sign up here.


5. Learn JavaScript with Codeacademy

Type – Course with Exercises/Practice Programs
Level – Beginner

The 15-hour JavaScript course doesn’t require you to have any prior JS knowledge or any programming experience. This paid course features well-explained examples and frequent quizzes, earning it a deserving spot among the best tutorials for JS beginners.

This tutorial describes JS basics that will let you get started with the dynamically typed, prototype-based, object-oriented programming language in no time.

From data types and functions to control flow and loops, this tutorial covers all foundational aspects of the JavaScript programming language. Although not free, it is one of the most valued JS courses available today.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Arrays and loops
  • How to make decisions with JS
  • JavaScript and jQuery with HTML and CSS
  • Writing reusable code with functions and scope

You can sign up here.

6. Explore and Master Chrome DevTools

Level – For intermediate & advanced developers

The Chrome Developer toolbar has a total of 8 panels that require an intermediate level of skill in JavaScript to learn and master. The 'Explore and Master Chrome DevTools' course is for you if you’ve been looking forward to learning and mastering the Chrome DevTools.

This course is offered as a 2 hour and 50 minutes of video lessons that detail each and every aspect of the Chrome DevTools. You will get to know all about the 8 Chrome DevTools panels.

By the end of this course, you will be able to modify the default scripts for each of the Chrome Panels. Moreover, you will be able to debug UI issues, add conditional breakpoints, and deal with exceptions.

Topics covered

  • Overview of the Chrome DevTools and the Console
  • Resources and Network Panels
  • Source and Network Panels
  • Timeline and Profiles Panels
  • Elements Panel

You can sign up for the course here.

7. JavaScript for Beginners

Level – For beginners

The JavaScript for Beginners course aims to build an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of JS that are mandatory for understanding the way in which JavaScript applications work.

With 3.5 hours of on-demand video, this course is one of the most compact and effective beginner-friendly JS courses.

About 3k learners have benefitted from this course. You will be awarded a certificate on the successful completion to showcase all the efforts and hard work you put in for the course.

Topics covered

  • JavaScript arrays, functions, and objects
  • Conditionals, loops, and switch
  • Building applications with JavaScript
  • Closures, promises and using fetch
  • Destructuring and the spread operator
  • Interacting with the browser’s DOM (Document Object Model)

You can sign up for the course here.

8. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial 

Level – For beginners, intermediate & advanced developers

Covering everything from the very basics to advanced JavaScript concepts, 'The Modern JavaScript Tutorial' by javascript.info is one of the best free JavaScript courses available right now. To make it lucrative, the tutorial is available free of cost.

The entire contents of The Modern JavaScript Tutorial are grouped into three sections, namely:

  • The JavaScript Language: Talks about starting programming with JavaScript and the various basic concepts pertaining to the popular web scripting language
  • Browser: Document, Events, Interfaces: Describes managing the webpages, including adding elements, positioning and resizing them, dynamically creating interfaces, and visitor interaction
  • Additional articles: Explains various advanced JS concepts

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all JS tutorials, then you must go for this course. You won’t regret it!

Topics covered

  • JavaScript fundamentals
  • Prototypes and inheritance
  • Regular expressions
  • Storing data in the browser
  • Advanced working with functions
  • Configuring object properties
  • Cross-window communication
  • Document and resource loading
  • Generators, advanced iteration
  • Introduction to Events
  • Network requests
  • Web components

You can access the tutorial here.

9. Mozilla Developer Network JavaScript Guide 

Type – Guide
Level – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Offered by Mozilla itself, the Mozilla Developer Network JavaScript Guide is one of the most comprehensive JS guides available out there.

All tutorials available in the official JS guide by Mozilla are offered in 4 sections, namely:

  • Complete beginners (For noobs)
  • JavaScript Guide (For beginners)
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

This JS guide is completely free. Another nice thing of the guide is that it gets regularly updated to reflect new changes and trends emerging.

Topics covered

  • JavaScript basics
  • JS data structures
  • Loops and iteration
  • Concurrency model and Event Loop
  • Control flow and error handling
  • Equality comparisons and sameness
  • Inheritance and the prototype chain
  • Introduction to JS objects
  • Iterators and generators
  • Memory management
  • Metaprogramming
  • Regular expressions

You can access this JavaScrip guide here.

10. Introduction to JavaScript 

Type – JS course with Exercises/Practice Programs
Level – Beginner

Another great JavaScript course available for the programming greenhorns is the 'Introduction to JavaScript' course offered by freecodecamp.org.

Aimed for beginners in JS that have little to no experience working with the web scripting language, Introduction to JavaScript covers topics varying from data types and variables to JS objects and loops.

One of the major attractions of this course is that each chapter is followed by a coding test. Hence, immediately after gulping up the new concepts, you can check how well you have grasped them with the practice exercises.

Topics covered

  • Creating simple JS programs
  • Global scope and functions
  • Learning about the conditional and multiple conditional operators
  • Commenting on the JS code
  • Accessing multi-dimensional arrays with indexes
  • Appending variables to strings
  • Compound assignment with augmented addition/subtraction/multiplication/division
  • Testing objects for properties
  • Understanding string immutability
  • Using the Assignment Operator for initializing variables and storing values

You can sign up here.

Other JavaScript Courses & Books

1. Eloquent JavaScript 

Type – Book
Level – Beginner/Intermediate

Being a popular programming language, there is no scarcity of best JS books. Written by Marijn Haverbeke, the Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming stands out from the herd with its thoughtful use of practice exercises.

'Eloquent JavaScript' is an excellent option not only to get started with JavaScript but also to have as a handbook for intermediate JS developers. It’s us of an easy to understand language is simply excellent.

The book is divided into three sections, namely Language, Browser, and Node. The end of each section has a project that helps the reader check how well the concepts have been learned and understood.

The book is also available as a free-to-read-online text. However, if you need it in the form of a book you can go for a paperback or Kindle edition. No doubt it is one of the best JavaScript books available as of now.

Topics Covered

  • Basics of JavaScript and programming
  • Bugs and errors
  • Introduction to Node.js
  • Regular expressions
  • The DOM or Document Object Model
  • Using Canvas

You can read the book for free here.

2. You Don’t Know JS 

Type – Book Series
Level – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

You Don’t Know JS book series is an excellent book series that perfectly explains the JS basics, expertly elucidates the advanced concepts, and much more in between.

Available as free-to-read drafts on GitHub, the book series dives deeper into the underlying core mechanisms of the JavaScript programming language. The series has a total of 6 books:

  • Up & Going
  • Scope & Closures
  • this & Object Prototypes
  • Types & Grammar
  • Async & Performance
  • ES6 & Beyond

If you find the book series fascinating and want to have the same in a paperback format, you can make a purchase online or a nearby bookstore.

The You Don’t Know JS books are edited, updated, and published by O’Reilly. Each of the books is divided into a number of chapters and appendices, making it easy to go through a variety of JS concepts.

Topics covered

  • API additions
  • Async flow control
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Behavior delegation
  • Coercion and Grammar
  • Hoisting
  • Introduction to programming and JavaScript
  • Metaprogramming
  • Program performance
  • Scope closures
  • The ‘this’ operator

You can get the book here.

3. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns 

Type – Book
Level – Advanced

The 'Learning JavaScript Design Patterns' book is written for advanced JS developers. In its essence, the free-to-read-online book is meant to teach readers about how to write structured and organized JS code.

Understanding the various concepts explained in the Learning JavaScript Design Patterns book requires a good understanding of JavaScript basics. Hence, it is not your cup of tea if you still have to get through the JS fundamentals yet.

Nonetheless, the Learning JavaScript Design Patterns book is an assuring helping hand for seasoned JS devs looking to enhance their understanding of design patterns in general as well as applying the same, specifically to the JS programming.

Topics covered

  • Design Patterns in jQuery
  • JavaScript Design Patterns, including Constructor, Façade, Mixin, and Revealing Module
  • JavaScript MVC, MVP, and MVVP Patterns
  • JS Namespacing Patterns
  • Modern Modular JS Design Patterns
  • Pattern testing
  • Proto-patterns
  • The Rule of Three

You can sign up here

4. Build 30 things in 30 days with 30 tutorials 

Type – Video-based tutorials
Level – Beginner to Intermediate

This course is aimed at JS developers with beginner to intermediate knowledge who are looking to build a strong understanding of the JS fundamentals and working in the DOM without using a JS library. It is not a JavaScript basics course.

The Build 30 things in 30 days with 30 tutorials course is offered for free by Wes Bos, a Full Stack Developer, Speaker, and Teacher. Its benefits can be reaped by any intermediate JS developer or JS beginner who has skimmed the basics.

Topics covered

  • CSS variables and JS
  • Even capture, propagation, bubbling, and once
  • Key sequence detection
  • Local storage and event delegation
  • Must-know developers tools and tricks
  • Native speech recognition
  • Object and arrays – References vs. Copy
  • Speech synthesis
  • Working with Canvases

You can sign up here


That completes the list of the 10 best JavaScript courses. No matter what level of programming adequacy right now, I hope you will find these courses useful.

Can’t get enough of learning JS? Well, try these best JavaScript tutorials recommended by the Hackr.io community.

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