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10 Cool React Projects Ideas You Should Build In 2022

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React Projects

React, or ReactJS is among the most popular JavaScript frameworks. It is developed and curated by the social media giant Facebook.

Technically, however, React is a JS library developed for building UIs and components of the same. Then why is it listed among the best JS frameworks? Because it is capable of fulfilling several purposes of a typical JavaScript framework. React is so popular since it competes for head-on with Angular, a full-fledged and leading JS framework.

Still, React, like any other JS framework, is JavaScript. So, you can learn to React with books, online tutorials, webinars, courses, etcetera. Next or side-by-side, you can work on React projects to assess what you’ve gained so far. Therefore, you can also leverage React projects to learn and assess your ability in it simultaneously.

No matter your end goal(s) with React, here are the top 10 React projects that will help you realize it or advance one step closer to it.


Difference Between React and React Native

Before you take a look at our pick of the 10 best React projects, we think it’s crucial to give you a brief overview of the difference between React and React Native.

Many new individuals - and sometimes, even those who have already invested/devoted some time to web & app development - are unaware of the things that make React and React Native dissimilar. As a result, they get confused between both technologies.

While React is meant for developing the front end of web apps, React Native facilitates developing native apps for mobile platforms. Here are some of the key differences that will help you understand how React is different from React Native and vice-versa:

  • React is a JavaScript library that allows you to design the front-end or UI components of single-page applications. On the other hand, React Native is a mobile application framework that supports the development of native apps.
  • React makes use of HTML tags and relies on a Javascript library and CSS for enabling animations, whereas React Native does not use HTML tags and comes with built-in animation libraries.

Note: - If we have missed some important differences between React and React Native, which you think should be up here, please let us know via the comments below.

Best React Projects

1: Real-Time Chat App

Expected Time to Complete - 1 hour to 1 day
Level - Beginner

  • To build a basic Chat app that can send messages in real-time.
  • To use a chat API for handling the back-end of the app.

Project Overview

If you want to get started with React, developing a simple messaging app can be a good starting point, especially if you want to keep things easy and simple. You can develop a bare-bones real-time chat app in 1 hour or take more time to add more functionality to it, such as user authentication.

With React, you will be able to create a simple yet attractive UI for your chat app. The messaging app should allow users to send and receive messages in real-time.

As you might want to focus on your messaging app's front-end development with React, it’s good to use a chat API like SendBird or MirrorFly. The chat API will handle your app's back-end, and you do not need to engage yourself in writing server-side code.

The chat app you will develop should allow users to send one-to-one messages. However, if you want to extend your chat app's functionality and make it better or complex, you can think of adding the group chat feature.

To accomplish this project, you need to be familiar with the basic concepts of both JavaScript and React.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

2: Music Player

Expected Time to Complete - 45 minutes to 1 day
Level - Beginner

  • To create a music player application by using the Spotify API/or some other of your choice.

Project Overview

If you are addicted to listening to music, you will love working on this React project. This project aims to develop a music player that lets users discover and play music and learn the intricacies of working with React.

To make your application able to stream music, use a music API, and we recommend using Spotify Developer API. Spotify API will give your app access to a massive library of tracks, artists, and albums. Also, Spotify API is robust and is easy to integrate into your application.

Register your music player application with Spotify if you want the app user to log in to their Spotify account and have a personalized music experience.

To keep your music player app simple, all you need to do is design it so that the user has to open the app, log in to their account on Spotify, and start playing music.

However, you can add some advanced features to make the project better and implement/check your other skills, such as music suggestions and a voice-based search.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

3: To-do List App

Expected Time to Complete - 1 hour to 1 day
Level - Beginner

  • To build a simple to-do app having the feature to strikethrough to-do items/tasks that are completed.

Project Overview

To-do list apps have become quite popular; you might already be using one. Anyway, you can also develop one such basic app with React. Basically, what a to-do list app does is that it allows users to list down all the tasks that they want to accomplish.

So, what your to-do app needs, technically, is to have an input field where a user can enter a task, which will be saved to a list.

You will also have to give app users the flexibility to delete or edit a task available on the to-do list. Also, it would be a great idea to mark a task as completed, which will strike through the task name in the to-do list.

Developing a simple to-do list app will make it easier for you to understand the process of building apps with React.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

4: Movie Recommendation App

Expected Time to Complete - 4 hrs to 2 days
Level - Intermediate

  • To build an app that recommends movies and also store user ratings.

Project Overview

If you have a good command of the basic concepts of React and want to take your skills a step further, this project is for you.

Create an app that recommends movies to users based on their personal preferences. Whenever users sign up for the app, you can ask a set of questions from users to get all the necessary information needed by the app to understand what kind of movies they like the most. Examples of this include genres, directors, actors, and the latest.

The users can also search for movies, give ratings, and view a particular movie's overall rating. Capture and utilize the interaction data to make the movie recommendations more accurate and relevant.

As this app will focus on user engagement, you must think critically while designing its UI and UX. To make things even more serious, you can add a user system so that users don’t have to set their preferences every time they open the app; instead, only the first time before registering as a user.

While working on this app, you will also be able to enhance your database management skills. You have to focus on gathering data from app users and processing the data to deliver better recommendations.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

5: Basic Calculator

Expected Time to Complete - 30 minutes to 1 day
Level - Beginner

  • To build a simple calculator application that supports basic arithmetic operations.

Project Overview

A virtual calculator built with React is another good project idea for you to try as a beginner. It’s quite easy to create a basic calculator with mathematical functions limited to addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Plus, how isn’t it good to develop a calculator on your own? For personal use.

However, you can transform your calculator app from simple to advanced by adding more complex features, such as the ones available in a typical scientific calculator.

Building a calculator might be simple, but being new to React, you will learn a lot as you will be building different components, rendering data based on user inputs, and debugging app code. You can get all sorts of creative with it if you wish to be. We would love to know about the same in the comments down below!

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

6: Weather App

Expected Time to Complete - 3 hours to 2 days
Level - Intermediate

  • To create a weather application that provides detailed weather details for a location specified by the user.

Project Overview

Developing a weather app project is something that will surely help you to understand React better. This is often the first project that an individual develops while learning any front-end development technology, not React or JS.

Basically, the project will require you to use a weather API to fetch the weather data of a particular location specified by the user. Include a search field within your app where users can enter the location name.

The challenging aspect of this project is to render hourly forecasts of the current day and also provide users the option to view the multi-day forecast, preferably a 7-day forecast, or more you can add.

One important thing that you might need to consider is that most weather APIs need geo-coordinates to get the weather information. It would be best if you also used a geolocation API to get the geo-coordinates of the user's location and then pass the coordinates in the weather API call to fetch the weather data.

Overall, working on the weather app project will be a rewarding experience for you as a React developer as you will learn to fetch and render data in the app, an important aspect of complex, full-blown apps.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

7: Meme Generator

Expected Time to Complete - 1.5 hours to 1 day
Level - Intermediate

  • To build a meme generator that allows users to insert custom text on meme images fetched automatically.

Project Overview

Do you like memes? Most people do, so if yes, the idea of developing a meme generator would surely get you going. Being new to React, you can build a simple meme generator that instantly allows users to create memes.

The idea here is to use an API to fetch random meme images and then allow users to place custom text at the top and bottom of the image.

You need to add two different input fields in your meme generator, i.e.:

  • 1st one for the text at the top and the
  • 2nd one for the text at the bottom of the image.

You can also create a database of your own to store meme images and fetch images from the database.

Also, you can enhance the functionality of the meme generator by allowing users to create and log in to their accounts, save memes, and share them on different social media platforms.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

8: Social Media App

Expected Time to Complete - 1 week to 2 weeks
Level - Advanced

  • To build a social media app with several basic features common among the leading social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Project Overview

This project requires you to build a social media app inspired by the leading social media platforms, namely Facebook and Twitter. Still, you can get inspiration from other options too, like Square, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Building a social media app using React is complex, so it’s better to work on this project if you have at least some experience working with React or have already accomplished some beginner-level React projects.

Your social media app should have some of the basic features that should have include user authentication, user profiles, feeds, notifications, and post interactions.

You need to build several components to make your social media app work. You can also use a cloud database to store all the data, including username & passwords, image uploads, and profile data.

You can also make use of Node.js and Express to create a back-end server that supports REST APIs. Developing this project successfully will be a big milestone in your journey of becoming a proficient React Developer.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

9: Personal Blog

Expected Time to Complete - 3 hours to 3 days
Level - Intermediate

  • To create a simple blog website that allows users to add new articles and edit and delete articles.

Project Overview

What can be a fun project to build with React if you like writing? A personal blog, obviously. This is yet another great project for you to add to your portfolio as a beginner React developer.

As you might be aware that blogging websites and platforms are quite popular and serve as among the widely popular sources of information, and buzz, on the internet. By developing a simple blog that allows users to create and access articles from the database.

You will also have to develop the backend for the app that will handle all the blog data. You can use Node.js to develop the backend of the blog. You need to know that backend development is the challenging part of this project.

At the front-end of the blog, users should add new articles and view, edit, and delete articles that are already created.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

Expected Time to Complete - 1 hour to 1 day
Level - Beginner

  • To create a simple photo gallery having a search bar at the top.

Project Overview

In this project, you need to design a simple photo gallery that renders images as grid elements. You can use an Image API or load images from a local database, and the decision is completely yours to make.

For retrieving images from a local database, you will need to design the backend, and it will add a bit of complexity to your project, too. If you want to keep the project simple, then we prefer you use an image API.

The crucial part of this project is to add a search bar at the top of the photo gallery that will allow users to search for their choice photos. You can also add infinite scrolling to the app to deliver a better, continuous user experience.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:


ReactJS is on the rage right now. Therefore, obviously, it is profitable to learn the same for enhancing your job prospects as a web developer.

The aforementioned projects will help you learn React or brush up on your skills to become a better programmer. Have queries, drop as comments down below. All the best!

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