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The C# Yellow Book (

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Anonanarch .
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Rakibul Haq
Rakibul Haq 14 points
4 years ago

it teaches about philosophy that is needed in every programmer. It is nice, easy reading piece of yellow lovely book. A must have.

Codmental 10 points
2 years ago

A well paced journey from beginning programming, possibly too easy for some, progressing to some very good insights into Object based coding with some excellent descriptions of areas that are often confusing, e.g. structures, properties, inheritance, overriding, etc.; all clearly explained and demonstrated. I now understand much more about C# and how it relates to earlier versions of C and .Net in general. Further reading and coding experience will be necessary but this book is a brilliant starting point.

Ronaldo S Peres
Ronaldo S Peres 12 points
5 years ago

This book is great!