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Jose Portilla
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Zoltan Nagy
Zoltan Nagy 14 points
5 months ago

The first part (Python, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap basics) is awesome! When it comes to Django, things change. The course is outdated in terms of Django and Bootstrap versions. You can either learn the "past" (by installing old versions) and in this case the presented code will work on your computer, or you go with the current Django and Bootstrap versions and face the fact that the presented code will not work for you. I went with the second option. I had to read a lot of additional documentation to make the code run. And as a result, I learned a lot along the way. So this part was still fun.

The real problem is that basic concepts are not explained in the Django part. You code along having a good overall understanding but completely missing the important details that would form a solid base for you. Different concepts are presented for solving identical problems without explaining the reasons behind the choices.

Tareq Monwer
Tareq Monwer 14 points
2 years ago

He should make tutorials on 2.x

Fabian V Dijk
Fabian V Dijk 12 points
6 months ago

This tutorial is hopelessly out of date - Django version 1.X, where the most recent version is Django 3.1. This makes the tutorial hard to follow for beginners. Same with the version of Bootstrap he uses - Bootstrap has changed so much between version 3 (which Jose uses) and version 4 that it is not feasible to follow along with the tutorial.

Next to that, Jose makes many mistakes, many of which he ignores while debugging, or forgets are even there. He also seems to have no interest in clean coding practices or PEP-8 styling.

But most importantly: he lets you code along with him, while not explaining many important concepts that would help you become a good Django programmer.

I am not pleased with this tutorial whatsoever. I would advise against spending money on this.

Amr Shmassy
Amr Shmassy 10 points
1 year ago

Suha Roufail hidden

Amr Shmassy
Amr Shmassy 10 points
1 year ago

Suha Roufail

Payam Mousavifard
Payam Mousavifard 10 points
1 year ago

Hi guys

Payam Mousavifard
Payam Mousavifard 10 points
2 years ago

I Want Learning Django @ love Django & enemy with PHP

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 55981 Points

@payam-mousavifard Why enemy with PHP? :)

Payam Mousavifard
Payam Mousavifard 10 Points

@gaurav-gupta Hi,because python and Django is better than php ... Django is better in Security and scalability and ...

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 55981 Points

@payam-mousavifard Is there any data to prove this?

Vinod Patil
Vinod Patil 92 Points

@payam-mousavifard HAHAHAHA Good joke...Django sucks in scalability...I think you still didn't heard of .net core && nodeJs and theire scalablity when its comes to scalabality for enterprice level application.