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PHP The Right Way (

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Top Three Medal #1 out of total 20 PHP Tutorials and Courses 39.8k+ views / Published March 19, 2015


Khairul Anuar
Khairul Anuar
2090 points

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Matthias Hogerheijde
Matthias Hogerheijde 50 points
8 years ago

Right,.. the "right way",.. and it is telling us to execute arbitrary code over the network by running "curl -s | php"... that's wrong on so many levels.

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 64815 Points

@matthias-hogerheijde You can always download the code and see what you are installing. Isn't that the same with almost everything else?

Matthias Hogerheijde
Matthias Hogerheijde 50 Points

@gaurav-gupta It is not the same, because you need a level/web of trust. The act of trusting is not wrong in and of itself, teaching people to blindly copy-paste a command that does remote-code execution is the point that I'm fussing about. We should teach everyone to *first* find out what the level of trust is they put in something. Either by looking at the code and understanding it; or by making sure others (that you trust) have. So the least you should do is explain _why_ you trust the content of _before_ you tell others to blindly run that code. Then, I can figure out if your trust in them means anything to me. If so, I'll follow your advice. If not: I need to double-check.

Again: it's not about the actual command; it's about telling people that this is normal. It shouldn't be.

Square Boat
Square Boat 10 Points

@gaurav-gupta @matthias-hogerheijde Yups, you're right.

Mdimran Khan016
Mdimran Khan016 10 points
4 years ago

basic php code

Leo Torres
Leo Torres 10 points
4 years ago

How up to date is this?