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Learn React Native Through Interactive Examples (reactnativeexpress.com)

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Gaurav Gupta
40631 Points

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Ajinkya Borade
Ajinkya Borade 154 Points
1 year ago

Few tips after learning React Native.
1. Stay away from Create-react-native-app CLI, use react-native CLI
3. Dont start right away with nativebase components
4. Install Android Studio and create an Android APP, its not that hard to setup.
5. Create a simple SignIn SignUp app with Firebase
6. Learn to use react-native-routes-flux
7. use redux with RN
8. Use Expo.io and its really fun and easy way to create rich ios-android apps with it.

have fun.

Rajat Patel
Rajat Patel 126 Points
1 year ago

@ajinkya-borade Expo.io is Amazing! Why did I not know it before! Thanks a lot.

Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar 6969 Points
1 year ago

@ajinkya-borade Agree with all of your points.

Ajinkya Borade
Ajinkya Borade 154 Points
11 months ago

this is my React Native first project which I transformed into Tinder clone https://github.com/steelx/react-native-redux-app

Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar 6969 Points
2 years ago

This is one of the best tutorials out there. Better than react native own documentation.

Hkpnkp Kp
Hkpnkp Kp 10 Points
1 year ago

@pawankumar2901 really ?

Nguru Mugendi
Nguru Mugendi 18 Points
1 year ago

Tutorial assumes you are a novice while still covering topics deep enough for the experienced developer. Loving it!

Carlos Gonzaga
Carlos Gonzaga 12 Points
1 year ago

Thanks! best tutorial. :)

Mohamed El
Mohamed El 10 Points
6 months ago

Nice tutorial, especially in the ES6 part

Jimmie Williams
Jimmie Williams 10 Points
11 months ago

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