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Learn Kotlin while developing an Android App (

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Pawan Kumar
26539 points

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Zend Mij
Zend Mij 18 points
5 years ago

The title should contain that its for the absolute beginner, in that context its the best tutorial out there at this moment, includding the tutorials from google and the guys of intelliJ

Saurabh Hooda
Saurabh Hooda 149690 Points

@zend-mij Thanks for your feedback. I've added a "Beginner" tag to this course.

Zend Mij
Zend Mij 18 Points

@saurabh-hooda @zend-mij Your welcome and thanks for your swift reply.

Richard John
Richard John 10 points
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing wonderfull article .worth to reading

Juancho Saravia
Juancho Saravia 12 points
5 years ago

Thanks for sharing the tutorial! More than happy to help in any Kotlin topic!

Funny Unlimited 420
5 years ago

Hello There!
I will learn to kotlin. Please help me and tell me about who site I will learn kotlin in free.?
Thanks :)

Adventure Gamer
Adventure Gamer 0 Points

@funny-unlimited-420 I reccomend you android app for learning Kotlin called "SoloLearn" its realy good if you are starting out with new programming language, try it out you won't regret

Hooliganz Nat
Hooliganz Nat 10 points
4 years ago

Thank you!!!

Roger Manzo
Roger Manzo 10 points
5 years ago

Its good!