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Saurabh Hooda
69545 points

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Loan Pedro
Loan Pedro 16 points
3 years ago

great video! the tutorial is particularly clear and gets straight to the point ...thanks a lot!

Ron Braithwaite
Ron Braithwaite 12 points
1 year ago

Very good. I appreciate getting to the point and covering the concepts succinctly.

Sc Blues
Sc Blues 12 points
2 years ago

Short, to the point and very clear. Thanks!

Thijs Oude Avenhuis
2 years ago

Well explained, awesome video, keep making them

Shwillybum 10 points
1 year ago

Jake Wright's video?

Saurabh Hooda
Saurabh Hooda 69545 Points

@shwillybum yeah. Video is from his channel.

Cemil Barmanbek
Cemil Barmanbek 10 points
3 years ago