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JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts (udemy.com)

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Abhith Rajan
1050 Points


Anthony Alicea
550 Points

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Witty Humour
Witty Humour 76 Points
1 year ago

It is one of the most in depth JavaScript course on the Internet.
Seriously take this course seriously, you will start loving JavaScript.

Ayush Nigam
Ayush Nigam 320 Points
1 year ago

Simply the best. No if no but. Just grab these videos from wherever you can and worship it.

Juan Vazquez
Juan Vazquez 14 Points
1 year ago

This course made so many things "click" for me—it's at the top of my list of recommended resources for learning JavaScript. The instructor is extremely good at explaining concepts in a clear, understandable way.

Nagendra 14 Points
1 year ago

definitely recommend this,author teaches goes into indept of JavaScript

Juri 36 Points
1 year ago

after this course passed, the libraries and frameworks are easily understood and taken the right way into practice;

Ottavio Crisafulli
Ottavio Crisafulli 10 Points
4 months ago

Hi. What should be a javascript learning path including this videocourse? For example i ma studing javascript courses about javascript essential and later i want to complete with this and later stephen grider es6 udemy course. Have you got any suggest to have a complete learning path?