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Dive Into HTML5 by Mark Pilgrim (

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Top Three Medal #3 out of total 76 HTML 5 Tutorials and Courses 14.8k+ views


Gaurav Gupta
64815 points

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Siddhartha Khanooja
Siddhartha Khanooja 260 points
5 years ago

I thought I knew (some) HTML, but this resource opened a whole new can of worms. I also didn't know that there was so much more to HTML than forms and lists. Love this! Fully agree with Gaurav below.

Ricardo Moura
Ricardo Moura 16 points
5 years ago

The link is not working

Swapnil Banga
Swapnil Banga 2764 Points

@ricardo-moura updated the link, should be working now.

Rohan Mahajan
Rohan Mahajan 12 points
5 years ago

link not working...

Swapnil Banga
Swapnil Banga 2764 Points

@rohan-mahajan thanks for letting us know. I have updated the link.

Yegor 172 points
5 years ago

amazing textbook, someone put a lot of effort to make it look good

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 64815 points
8 years ago

Well written, comprehensive and easy to understand. I wish every tutorial was like this.