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Become a Good Matlab Programmer in less than 30 days (udemy.com)

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Self Paced
7.5 hours on-demand video
Available On Completion
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Tutorial Details

What you'll learn

  • At the end of this course you are a confident Matlab Programmer
  • By the end of the course, you are able to formulate intermediate and some advanced engineering projects into Matlab and solve them using programming skills
  • You are fully able to solve any engineering and technical project offered at University or College


  • In this course we start from the very begining and no prior programming experience is required.
  • Matlab Software Installation: You are requried to install the Matlab Software on your machine, so you can start exectuing the codes, and examples we work during the course. Please visit : https://www.mathworks.com/programs/trials/trial_request.html?prodcode=ML for requesting a free trial of the software if you didn't have it already. Most of the Universities offer a free student version of the software, therefore, if you are a student, first contact your university to see if such a program is avaiable. If you are not a student or your university didn't offer it, you can purchase the studnet version directly from Mathworks. Please note that we need the student version in this class which already comes with 10 of the most important Matlab Toolboxes installed.
  • The will to learn programming and Matlab in Particular !
  • General Knowledge of Computer



Course Updated (08/22/2018)

This course offers Coursovie Training Certificate in addition to Udemy Certificate. Coursovie Certificate is FREE and requires registration on Coursovie Website. In order to register please visit us at (coursoviedotcom). 

Matlab Programming is one of the most important technical programming languages and skills today. In this course, we will start learning Matlab from beginner level, and slowly we ease our way into more technical topics. This course is a general Matlab Programming, and it means that all the majors can benefit from this course. Matlab Programming is an easy and understandable programming language and is an excellent choice for learning before starting other programs like Java, Python, C, and C++.

The list of contents is:

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Matlab Software

Chapter 2: Mathematics in Matlab

Chapter 3: Working with Variables in Matlab environment

Chapter 4: Trigonometric Functions in Matlab

Chapter 5: Complex Numbers in Matlab

Chapter 6: Working with Vectors in Matlab

Chapter 7: Working with Matrices in Matlab

Chapter 8: Introduction to Calculus and Engineering Functions in Matlab

Chapter 9: Graphs and Plotting in Matlab

Chapter 10: Loops, Conditions, and Intro to Programming in Matlab

Chapter 11: Projects (Updates Weekly with new programming drills)

Chapter 12: Import Data from Excel to Matlab 

Chapter 13: How to Claim your Coursovie Training Certificate (LinkedIn)

Chapter 14: Bonus Materials for the Course 

Chapter 15: Massive Discount Codes for other Courses (Coursovie Collection)

Who is the target audience?
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers
  • Researchers
  • High School and College Students
  • Engineers in technical fields
  • programmers


Introduction to the Course

How to connect with me ?

Topics you want to learn Next

An Introduction to Matlab Software

What is Matlab and why you should learn it too


Why learn Matlab programming for your career ?

Get to learn the Matlab User Interface

How to save the workspace Results in Matlab environment

How to use the CLC, Home and Help Commands in Matlab workspace ?

Learn to run a Matlab Script like a Pro

M-Files Matlab Script File Extension

Chapter 2- Work with Mathematics in Matlab

How to do the Basic Arithmetic functions in Matlab ?


Create variables in Matlab and store data in them


Order of Operations in Matlab and how to do it the right way

order of precedence in Matlab Operations

Exponent & pi - Important friends of engineers

pi & exponential

Two sample Programs in Matlab

Let's create comments in Matlab and when to use it

Part 1: What is Symbolic toolbox and why I should know it very well ?

Symbolic Toolbox

Part 2: What is Symbolic toolbox and why I should know it very well ?

Symbolic toolbox

Part 3: What is Symbolic toolbox and why I should know it very well ?

Chapter 2 Quizz

I need your Help !

How create, define and use Variables in Matlab like a pro

Introduction to Variables in Matlab

How to create, and manipulating variables in Matlab programming ?

How to get Matlab results in different Formats ?

What are Symbolic Variables, and let's build one together

Let's do the calculations Symbolically. ( wish I knew it sooner )

Symbolic Calculations

Trigonometric Functions in Matlab

Essential Functions for engineers in Matlab

Let's build Square Root function in Matlab

Introduction to Trigonometry in Matlab

Trigonometric Functions

How to create and define Hyperbolic Functions in Matlab ?

Exponential, Logarithm & Ln Functions in Matlab Programming


Complex Numbers in Matlab Programming

Introduction to Complex Numbers in Matlab

Complex Numbers in Matlab

What are Complex Functions and how to build them in Matlab ?

Complex Numbers 2

Let's use Symbolic Toolbox and Complex Functions together

Complex Numbers 3

How to do the Symbolic Calculations using Complex numbers ?

Vectors in Matlab - Let's lay the foundation

Introduction to Vectors in Matlab Programming

How to change a vector in Matlab, change it and use it again ?

Let's do some math on Vectors in Matlab

What is the difference between Dot & Cross Products, and let's do it in Matlab

How to use Statistics on Vectors in Matlab Programming ?

How to extract vectors and manipulate data ?

How to create Vectors and Extract data in Matlab ?

Let's create some new vectors in Matlab

Element by Element operation on vectors. Thanks Matlab is here !

Let's make Mathematical Calculations on Vectors easy once and for all

Let's build Random Vectors in Matlab and why they are so important ?

Hey, I can do Statistical Analysis on Vectors too !

Matrices - Let's see the Power of Matlab

Introduction to Matrices in Matlab Programming

How to extract data from a Matrix ?

Let's Learn to Multiply Matrices together

Let's do the Element by Element Multiplication in Matrices.

How to find Max, Min, Number of Elements in a Matrix ?

How to augment a matrix the correct way ?

Let's learn the important functions for working with Matrices here

Get to know the Special Matrices we can use in Matlab Programming

How create Transpose & Diagonal Matrices like a Pro?

Let's solve equations using Matrices

Trace, Inverse and even More features in Matrices

How to works with matrices and do symbolic matrix calculations ?

Introduction to Calculus, and Engineering Functions in MATLAB

How to create Functions in Matlab

NEW: What is Anonymous Function ? and Why is it so important?

An Introduction to Differentiation in Matlab

Let do Differentiation Symbolically

Let's Learn how to take Integration in Matlab

How to do the Limit function in Matlab

How to take Partial Derivatives for any function in Matlab

Graphs & Plots in Matlab

Part 1 : Plotting in Matlab

Part 2: Plotting in Matlab

Part 3: Plotting in Matlab

Part 4: Plotting in Matlab

NEW: Let's do Matlab Plots the easy way

Introduction to Programming in Matlab using Loops, Conditions, and Sequences

Let's start with Logical and Relational Operations in Matlab

How to do the Logical & Relational Operations in Matlab seamlessly

Conditions in Matlab and an Introduction to Else in Matlab

Part 2: Introduction to Else-If With Examples in Matlab

Part 1: Introduction to Else-If

An Introduction to " While" -with Examples in Matlab

How to do the "For Loops" in Matlab programming

Let's Code some Matlab Projects in Matlab (Codes included)

Project 1- Let's Create a function in Matlab with Example

Project 2: How to evaluate a Polynomial for any number in Matlab

Project 3 : Automate finding the area of a triangle for any base and height

Project 4: More on Loops-Source Code Included

How to Import Data from Excel to Matlab and Manipulate it

Let's learn how to import Excel in Matlab and change the data

Bonus Materials

List of Frequently Used Matlab Functions

A useful list for Matlab Command Previews

Drag & Drop Functionality in Matlab

Topics you want us to teach

Next Step

What is Next ?

New Matlab Programming Course with Lots of Examples

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