Python is one of the most famous programming languages in the world and it was the second most used language in GitHub projects in 2017. So if you’re interested in Python and in web development, you’ve most probably heard of Django. The rising fame of web frameworks nowadays makes it quite confusing to learn a new framework and choose which one you want to work with.

    Today, we take an extensive look at Django to be able to wrap our heads around this amazing technology.

    What is Django?

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    HacknLearn React

    So you have started our Hack-n-Learn? Great!
    In case you are a beginner and are struggling to start the project, this post is for you.

    To run the project solution, all you need is Node/Npm. NPM is a package manager that comes with node and is required to run projects involving any Front-End/Back-End Framework. It takes care of any downloading and maintaining any external library or framework your project may need.

    Installing Node

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    Learn JavaScript Quickly

    What is JavaScript?

    JavaScript is an Object Oriented Programming language that is primarily used to create interactive web-based interfaces. Does that sound too technical? Well, let us understand a few examples:

    • When you hover your mouse over a button, the button lightens up indicating that it is clickable.
    • While browsing Facebook, when you click on the name of your friend, a chat window pops up.
    • When you search for a tutorial in website, you instantly get the search results.
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    10 Programming Languages10 Programming Languages you should learn right now

    The most important skill to learn in today’s world is to know how to write a computer program. Today, computers have entered in almost every industry. Be it the autopilot in an aircraft or digital speedometer in your bike, computers in various forms surround us. Computers are extremely useful for an organization to scale up well. Gone are the days of pen and paper. Today, in order to store and access your information, you absolutely need computers.

    The programming and developer community are emerging at a rate faster than ever before. Various new programming languages are coming up that are suited for different categories of developers (beginners, intermediate, and experts) as well as for different use cases (web application, mobile applications, game development, distributed system, etc).

    Let us take a look at best Programming Languages to learn in 2019 for a job and for future prospects:

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