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A cheerful, full of life and vibrant person, I hold a lot of dreams that I want to fulfill on my own. My passion for writing started with small diary entries and travel blogs, after which I have moved on to writing well-researched technical content. I find it fascinating to blend thoughts and research and shape them into something beautiful through my writing.

C Data Types

Applications require different types of data to store information. For example, the name is an array of characters, but age is better stored as an integer. We can perform many operations (sum, average, concatenation, matching, etc.). If the data is stored in the correct format and with correct types. That is why we have so many data types in C so that we can differentiate and segregate data in the best possible way.

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Pass by Reference

There are three ways to pass variables to a function – pass by value, pass by pointer and pass by reference. The most common language that uses pass by reference in C++. To discuss pass by reference in detail, I would like to explain to you the other two ways as well, so that the concepts are planted in your mind forever. The examples I have written are in C++ because C++ uses all the three and it will be easier for us to compare and understand each of them. If you would like to learn more about C++, do it here.

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Infosys Interview Questions

Infosys is one company where interviewers are quite friendly and try to make you comfortable. In this blog, we will discuss a lot of questions that are popularly asked in the personal interview (technical) round as well as touch some important HR round questions. HR questions play an important role because unlike many other companies, Infosys filters at least 20-30% candidates after the final HR round too. I wouldn’t say it is easy to crack Infosys interview, but if you have practiced enough, you will be confident. The confidence will surely show in the way you would answer – that’s the attitude interviewer will look for!

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