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Vijay is enthusiastic, passionate and curious, He is always looking for new solutions by continuous learning. Currently, he is working as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Data Analytics Courses

Data analytics is a subset of data science that deals with gathering and analyzing data and then applying various techniques to convert the same into meaningful information usable for decision-making and enhancing productivity for a business.

Data science and data analytics are among the top career avenues in the 21st century. In the present data-savvy world, the possibilities pertaining to data analytics are immense. With the right knowledge and skills, you can grab lucrative work opportunities.

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C Courses

The C programming language is one of the oldest surviving programming languages. During its run, the senior member of the programming fraternity has influenced a wide range of modern programming languages, such as Java, PHP, and Python, and is continuing to do so even today.

Although over 4-and-a-half decades old, the C programming language is an indispensable part of many fields, including gaming, robotics, and electronics. So, is it worth learning the C programming language? Of course, it is!

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UX Design Courses

According to Wikipedia, User Experience or UX refers to the attitudes and emotions in a person regarding using a particular product, service, or system. That said, it is an important aspect of modern human-computer interaction.

With respect to the aforementioned sense, we can deduce that UX design refers to the approach of designing and developing the visual appearance of a product, system, or service so that it can successfully stimulate the emotions of the user in a favorable way.

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SQL Server Certifications

Business intelligence and big data are gaining momentum in 2019. The technology decision-makers for any IT organization rely heavily on relational databases to get insights that help in shaping up vital business decisions.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the hottest skills required to churn out the best from relational databases of gigantic sizes. A leading way to present your SQL Server skill set in the best way possible is to possess a Microsoft SQL Server certification that fits perfectly with your resume.

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Star Schema

At the most basic form, the database schema is the representation of the logical configuration of the relational database, as a whole or as a part. It can also be defined as the skeletal structure which demonstrates the entire database through a logical view. It may exist only as a visual representation or as a group of formulae which govern a database. These formulae are communicated through a data definition language for the system to understand, such as SQL. 

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