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SQL Server Certifications

Business intelligence and big data are gaining momentum in 2019. The technology decision-makers for any IT organization rely heavily on relational databases to get insights that help in shaping up vital business decisions.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the hottest skills required to churn out the best from relational databases of gigantic sizes. A leading way to present your SQL Server skill set in the best way possible is to possess a Microsoft SQL Server certification that fits perfectly with your resume.

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Star Schema

At the most basic form, the database schema is the representation of the logical configuration of the relational database, as a whole or as a part. It can also be defined as the skeletal structure which demonstrates the entire database through a logical view. It may exist only as a visual representation or as a group of formulae which govern a database. These formulae are communicated through a data definition language for the system to understand, such as SQL. 

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Python vs Javascript

Both Python and JavaScript are two of the most popular programming languages as of now. Although both are object-oriented programming languages, their scopes are different. Python and JS have a lot in common but with some significant differences.

There are ample job opportunities available for both Python and JavaScript developers. Hence, choosing one of the two programming languages for starting a coding career is a good option.

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JavaScript Map

A Map is a collection of elements in JavaScript in which each element is stored as a KV (key, value) pair. It is possible for a JS Map object to hold both objects and primitive values as either the key or the value. Elements in a Map object are iterated in insertion order.

When iterating over the Map object, a key, value pair is returned in the same order as it was inserted i.e. it remembers the original insertion order. The general syntax of creating a JavaScript Map object is:

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