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15.8k+ views sqlbolt.com
78 Visit

The Complete SQL Bootcamp

15.7k+ views udemy.com
39 Visit
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A beginners guide to thinking in SQL

10.6k+ views sohamkamani.com
23 Visit

SQL - Full Course for Beginners

5.5k+ views youtube.com
16 Visit
Free Video Beginner

Learn SQL from Scratch

7k+ views codecademy.com
14 Visit
Beginner Exercises/Practice-programs Paid

SQL basics by Khan Academy

9.4k+ views khanacademy.org
10 Visit
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SQL Essential Training

7.4k+ views linkedin.com
6 Visit
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The Complete MySQL Bootcamp: From SQL Beginner to Expert

5.3k+ views udemy.com
5 Visit
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CMU's Advanced Database Systems

4k+ views youtube.com
4 Visit
Free Video Advanced

SQL Tutorial for MS SQL| Intellipaat

4.6k+ views youtube.com
4 Visit
Free Beginner Video MS SQL Server
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