Submissions & Approvals

Are there any submission guidelines I should know about?

There's just one simple guideline - Your submission should educate the learners about the basics or advanced concepts of a particular topic holistically, not just a part of it. Think of it this way - would this resource be a good starting point if you are setting out to learn a programming language or design tool/thinking from scratch?

So, the following are good examples:

  • Basics of Python
  • Concepts of Advanced Javascript
  • From beginner to advanced in Photoshop

The following are bad examples:

  • Building a simple login/logout system in PHP
  • How to use Twitter OAuth
  • How to use the 3d effect in Adobe Illustrator

Submitted tutorials are evaluated by the community moderators.

It can take up to 7 days to vet the submitted tutorial. You will be informed of approval or rejection via email notification.

In rare cases, when community moderators could not reach a consensus about the quality of submitted tutorial, it might be kept in a queue and would be revalidated after a few weeks. It will happen when your tutorial is recently launched, and no course/tutorial preview is available without signing up or paying.