Pass by Reference

    There are three ways to pass variables to a function – pass by value, pass by pointer and pass by reference. The most common language that uses pass by reference in C++. To discuss pass by reference in detail, I would like to explain to you the other two ways as well, so that the concepts are planted in your mind forever. The examples I have written are in C++ because C++ uses all the three and it will be easier for us to compare and understand each of them. If you would like to learn more about C++, do it here.

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    SQL Server Certifications

    Business intelligence and big data are gaining momentum in 2019. The technology decision-makers for any IT organization rely heavily on relational databases to get insights that help in shaping up vital business decisions.

    Microsoft SQL Server is one of the hottest skills required to churn out the best from relational databases of gigantic sizes. A leading way to present your SQL Server skill set in the best way possible is to possess a Microsoft SQL Server certification that fits perfectly with your resume.

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    NGINX vs Apache

    The two most popular open source web servers(Source) powering the Internet today are Apache HTTP server and NGINX. Over 50% of the websites in the world run on these two web servers. For almost two decades, Apache Web server served around 60 percent of the world’s websites until its competitor NGINX (pronounced as “engine-x”) came into existence. Due to the explosive growth in data traffic volumes and the number of users of the world-wide-web, NGINX was introduced to overcome the performance limitations of Apache web servers. NGINX, designed for higher concurrency, can be deployed as a standalone web server, and as a frontend proxy for Apache and other web servers.

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