Best way to learn python

If you are a non-programmer, Python could be your starting point as it is on the top of the top programming languages of 2019 list and is also the easiest to learn. If you know any other programming languages, learning Python will be a breeze for you. Except for the syntax differences, the basic concepts of OOP remain the same. In addition, Python has extensive libraries that support almost everything that you want to do.

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R vs Python

The data science community has come a long way and has matured a lot in the last 5 years. Earlier, the IT sector used to place a lot of emphasis on technologies like Java which includes Spring and Hibernate for writing and testing code. Following the advent of machine learning and data analytics, the focus shifted to technologies such as R, Python, and SAS. These technologies are being constantly deployed for algorithms in machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and much more cutting-edge discoveries that have taken the world and visionaries by surprise. 

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Python IDE

Launched for the first time in 1991 by its creator Guido Van Rossum, Python is one of the main programming languages ​​generally used to automate certain repetitive tasks. Over the years, the language has evolved enormously with the contribution of many developers/programmers. Easy to understand, efficient and fast, if you are new to programming, it is strongly recommended to start learning Python before you start learning other more complex languages. Python interpreters are available on several operating systems such as Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

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