JQuery Interview Questions

    If you have received an interview call for the role of a jQuery coder, we have some of the questions you could expect during the interview. By the way, I am assuming you are familiar with JavaScript since this is an important prerequisite. If not, no worries! You could go through our best JavaScript tutorials that will help you sail through.

    You could also enhance your knowledge by going through our blogs which elucidate on technology that is in vogue today.

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    Tech Community at Google

    How it all started?

    After being a full-time mother and sabbatical for almost 5 years, I wanted to restart my career, get back to frontend development, I started spending a long time of my day in learning, so much changed in frontend during 5 years, Javascript frameworks have almost started ruling the Industry and I felt nearly lost, and untrained, passion for learning and love for technology has been great motivation for me to keep going and learning.

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    Android Interview Questions

    The Android mobile Operating System developed by Google was initially released in 2008, and saw its latest release in August 2018, with 9.0 ‘Pie’. The Android OS is the most popular mobile OS in the world, with over 75% market share (Source: Stats Counter).

    As the popularity of Android is soaring by the second, Android developers are in demand. Here we bring to you 25 important Android interview questions that will make you interview-ready.

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    Python While Loop

    Loops are an indispensable part of learning Python or for that matter, any programming language. They are used when there is a requirement for repeating a specific block of code or set of statements more than once.

    There are three types of loops supported by the Python programming language for meeting a different set of requirements, namely for loop, nested loop, and while loop. Typically, the while loop is used in situations when the total number of iterations required is unknown beforehand.

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