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Kirstie Mcdermott | 01 Dec, 2022

3 Companies Hiring Java Developers Right Now

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Java was officially launched as a language in 1995 and was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems, where he created the language’s original design, and implemented its original compiler and virtual machine

A general-purpose, high-level programming language, Java is used to develop applications and applets. It is class-based, object-oriented, and designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. This makes it easy for developers to use Java across platforms (for example, Windows or Linux) without having to worry about differences in underlying operating systems or hardware architectures.

Over 20 years later, Java remains enduringly popular and useful. Globally, it is the second most popular programming language in use, after Python, and job prospects are good too. Salaries for Java developers have increased by 11% in the last five years, and projected job growth for Java developers to 2028 is 13%.

Why is Java in demand?

It is clear that Java developers, Java programmers, Java web developers, Java webmasters, and Java software engineers are in high demand.

Java was developed to build interactive TV systems, and nowadays, it provides a reliable platform upon which many other services and applications are built. It’s used for desktop computing, mobile computing, games, and numerical computing, with 90% of all Fortune 500 companies using it.

What companies use Java?

Companies that use Java include Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb, and Google, underscoring the continuing relevance of it as a language. Many large corporations rely on Java for their back-end development, something that isn’t likely to change in the near future, despite the rising popularity of other languages such as Python. 

As a result, good Java programmers and developers are in demand, and salaries are high, with Indeed reporting that the average salary for a java developer is $105,993.

How can I become a Java developer?

Learning Java can be a great way to get started with coding. It's a powerful programming language with many uses and can be easy to learn. 

Depending on the route you go down, it can take between one and four years to learn Java, but this can vary depending on your personal aptitude. 

You may decide to learn programming online at night or part-time, while doing other work, as you look to switch careers or pivot within the company you already work for.

Another route is via full-time education. Many Java developers study programming through a degree program at a university. There are a couple of advantages to this: you’ll receive a formal education in Java and other coding languages, and get a qualification that will give you an edge over other job candidates.

Get a Java developer job

If you’re ready to go ahead and look for a Java developer job now, we’re taking a look at the three open roles below. And as always, there are many more to choose from on the Job Board.

Software Engineer, Java, Apple, Austin

The Partner Solutions team at Apple is looking for an experienced Java Software Engineer to architect and develop a highly scalable, reliable and multi-tenant digital asset management solution. You will be partnering with cross-functional teams, collaborating with business leaders and other partners to implement these new solutions.

You must be able to work independently, understand the needs and build the solutions for sophisticated architecture, and be comfortable working under pressure at times. You will need a minimum of eight years of experience in designing and developing scalable enterprise-level solutions, knowledge, and experience with digital asset management systems, and a solid understanding of web applications development using Java/J2EE, Java frameworks and Linux and applications of frameworks and patterns. 


Get the full job description.

Java Microservices Developer, iVoyant, Atlanta

iVoyant is an emerging digital platform engineering and development services company headquartered in Atlanta. The Java Microservices Developer will work with iVoyant’s clients to understand their business, and will jointly accomplish their vision, mission and goals. 

You will be versatile, display leadership qualities, and be enthusiastic about tackling new problems across the full stack as the company continues to push technology forward. You’ll need three or more years of practical experience in software development, a BS or Master's degree in computer science, a similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience. 

Software development experience in Java programming language (Java8+) and experience developing REST Microservices with Spring Boot and related technologies is also required. 


Apply for the job here.

Java Developer, Arthur Grand Technologies Inc, McLean

An IT services firm specializing in digital transformation initiatives for federal, commercial, state, and local customers, Arthur Grand Technologies is seeking a Java Full Stack Developer for a long-term contract in McLean, VA. 

You’ll work a hybrid remote schedule with two days onsite. You will need to be proficient in Spring Boot, microservices, and WebLogic, with a year of experience in each preferred. 


Get more information and apply for this position here.


Discover hundreds of open Java developer roles on the Job Board


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