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10 Best Unity Courses for Game Development

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Unity Course

Unity is a cross-platform, power-packed game engine that allows the developers to create high-end games such as Pokemon Go, Rust, Temple Run Trilogy, and Wasteland 2. The games are created for a bundle of platforms such as Linux, Android, PC, iOS, macOS, Xbox, and more. Unity Game engine offers access to several amazing features that aid in developing 3D and 2D games.

Individuals with limited or no coding and programming experience can quickly become high-profile Unity game Developers on taking up the relevant certification courses. These best unity courses are designed to help prospective developers gain and enhance their skills professional Unity game developers of Unity 3D Artists.

10 Best Unity Game Development Online Courses

1. Complete C# Unity Developer 2D: Learn to Code Making Games

Designed for the individuals interested in learning Programming, Unity, and Coding, it is a well-structured, exciting course for beginners. On taking up this course, you'll get to enhance your knowledge and skills in the company of very enthusiastic and experienced instructors Rick Davidson and Ben Tristem.

It helps the students build a strong foundation in C#, game development, principles of game design, Unity game engine, and 2D game design. The course covers a wide range of topics including :

  • Number Wizard Console
  • C# And Unity Introduction
  • Variables
  • Block Breaker
  • Triggers, Collision, And Colliders
  • Laser Defender
  • Glitch Garden
  • Tilevania Game Design
  • Animation Transitions and States and More.

The course comes with articles, course forums, several downloadable resources, and on-demand videos. Its discussion forum is perfect for discussing, sharing ideas, and learning new concepts from fellow students.

Prerequisites -No prior experience and knowledge in programming needed. However, students must be capable of using a PC or laptop.
Level– Beginner
Rating– 4.7
Duration- 35 Hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

2. C# Programming for Unity Game Development Specialization

Backed by the University of Colorado, this Coursera program is created specifically for beginners. Students can gain expertise in C# programming while learning to develop Unity games using C#. This program ends with a capstone assignment where the learners test their knowledge and skills gained during the course. This specialization has five sub-divisions namely:

  • Unity and C# Programming
  • More Unity and C# Programming
  • Intermediate Unity Games Object-Oriented Programming
  • Design Patterns and Data Structures for Game Developers
  • Unity Game Development C# Programming

All the above-listed courses have 10-15 exercises approx., each created to help the students learn Unity and C# quickly. This program also teaches students the ways of developing Unity prototypes and C# console applications, while giving them hands-on experience of handling real projects. Game developers can also learn about design patterns and data structures through this program.

Prerequisites -None, this program assumes that learners aren't knowledgeable about Unity and programming when starting.
Level– Beginner
Rating– 4.7
Duration- 7 months, 4 hours per week (approximately)

You can signup here.

3. RPG Core Combat Creator – Learn Intermediate Unity C# Coding

This excellent course from Udemy is ideal for learning the concepts related to Unity Role Playing Game. This program will help you in sharpening your code architecture, C sharp, level design, and game design skills. In other words, it focuses on all significant RPG concepts and allows learners to learn the tricks and tips of creating a well-designed, solid game using code architecture.

Its creators Sam Pattuzzi, Rick Davidson, Ben Tristem, and GameDev team, have focused on facilitating the learners with a detailed overview of all advanced game design concepts through step-by-step explanations. This course also teaches the art of creating combat machines through advanced techniques.

The course content includes a bundle of topics including:

  • C# Delegates
  • Co-Routines
  • Interfaces
  • Delegates
  • High-Level Game Designing
  • Enemy AI
  • Scene Management
  • Designing Moments
  • Saving Asset Pack
  • Basic Weapon

Learners will also get knowledge about NavMesh navigation, player movement, loading systems, AI pathfinding, asset packs use, basic pickups, particle effects making, debug code, including other concepts.

Prerequisites- Learners should be familiar with Unity APIs, Unity 5's editor, and basic C# concepts like components, loops, conditionals.
Level– Intermediate
Rating– 4.7
Duration- 27.5 hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

4. The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity

Next in the list of excellent Unity Game developing courses is this Udemy's program designed for beginners. It is authored by Jonathan Weinberger and Unity Technologies, which is the introducer of the Unity game engine. From Unity software installation to C# Programming with the development of 3D and 2D games, this course covers all aspects of Unity game development.

This course will help you master the art of complex game designing skills, including create shields, power-ups, and much more. Moreover, students also learn the art of creating enemies in the game with AI, collecting and destroying objects of the game, sound effects implementation, particle effects, and more.

It is an ultimate guide covering crucial topics such as:

  • Variables
  • Arrays And "If" Statements
  • Galaxy Shooter
  • Unity Manipulating Game Objects
  • Shooting And Player
  • Spawn Manager
  • Enemy Set-Up
  • Power-Ups Triple Shots And Speed Boosts
  • Shields And Laser Beams

There are downloadable resources, on-demand videos, and other resource material for a better understanding of the concepts. Through this program, learners will also gain knowledge about user input receiving, collisions detection, player movement creation, activation of Team Collaboration service of Unity.

Prerequisites -No prior experience in Unity or programming is needed.
Level– Beginner
Rating– 4.6
Duration- 21 hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

5.Complete C# Unity Developer 3D – Learn to Code Making Games

The brainchild of the team, Rick Davidson, and Ben Tristem this Udemy course helps the aspiring Game Developers to learn all the concepts of coding while practicing real-time Unity game development. This program is aimed to help the newbies learn C# basics and then advancing to Unity 2.5D, 3D, and 2D game development. It is the best unity game development course.

This various concepts covered under this program are :

  • Getting Set-Up And Visual Studio Problems
  • Basic C# And Unity
  • Terminal Hacker Game Design
  • Arrays Of Variables
  • Builds And Debug Keys
  • Argon Assault Game Design
  • Realm Rush Game Design
  • Zombie Runner

Additionally, you'll also learn about Unity 2017, along with excellent design and coding practices. Learners can also enhance their project management capabilities leveraging thorough and detailed training. The course offers downloadable resources, on-demand videos, and other supplemental resources for the ease of students.

Prerequisites –Prior experience or knowledge in coding, C#, or Unity isn't mandatory.
Level– Beginner- Intermediate
Rating– 4.6
Duration- 34 hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

6. Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners

It is one of the best courses from Udemy for the new entrants in the game development industry. This program allows learners to grasp the fundamentals of 3D modeling. Through this course, its creators Michael Bridges and, have aimed to help the students learn the art of using Blender for 3D model creation that can be further used in video game development.

You'll gain knowledge about UV map, exporting own models, and more. The course has a bundle of stuff for learning such as these:

  • Basics Of Animation
  • Principles Of Modeling
  • 3D Models Creation
  • 3D Printing Using Simple Colors
  • Blender And Its Interface

Besides, learners get access to the tricks and tactics of handling particle effect and how to unwrap models. The course's content is easy to understand and project-based so that students can test their knowledge and skills on real-time projects. A bundle of supplemental resources, on-demand videos, and forums makes things easier for learners further.

Prerequisites –Prior experience or knowledge of Unity isn't required.
Level– Beginners
Rating– 4.6
Duration- 62 hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

7. The Beginner's Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Unity

Best Selling Author and Award-Winning Professor - Penny de Byl has created this program to help individuals enhance their game designing skills. Plus, the course also teaches them about the ways program and design NPCs using C# along with Unity.

This course offers the opportunity of learning several AI techniques while helping students to develop NPCs' decision making and navigation abilities. It covers many amazing concepts including:

  • Waypoints
  • Vehicles
  • Vectors
  • Navmeshes
  • Crowds
  • Animated Characters
  • The A* Algorithm
  • Flocks

Furthermore, the students are facilitated with workshops. The course includes Unity projects and asset files with complete solutions so that students can learn through real examples. Additionally, there are practice exercises and quizzes so that individuals can test their skills and knowledge.

Prerequisites –Prior knowledge of Unity Game Development Engine and C# is needed.
Level– Intermediate-Advanced
Rating– 4.5
Duration- 10.5 Hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

8. Unity Certified Programmer Exam Preparation Course

This Coursera program helps students in preparation for the Certified Programmer exam in Unity. It is created primarily for intermediate programmers looking forward to enhancing their skills, experience, and professional standards. You'll have several opportunities for gaining hands-on experience to handle the challenges related to Unity game development.

The students also get to learn about features like platform optimization, core interactivity, supporting system, and others through real Unity projects/assignments. There are four courses in this program :

  • Core Interaction Programming3d Interactions And Navigations
  • Application Systems Programming
  • 3d Art And Audio Pipeline

Through this program, you'll also learn the tricks and tips of implementing and handling various sophisticated features in game development projects. With this course, students can gain professional-level knowledge about the 2D arcade game through a bundle of exercises and assessments. The enrolment cost for this course is zero.

Prerequisites –Learners should have basic knowledge and experience in C# game, Unity Developer 3D interactive programming, and other related concepts.
Level– Intermediate
Rating– 4.4
Duration- 4 months, 3 hours per week (approximately)

You can signup here.

9. Become a Game Designer the Complete Series Coding to Design

This series, of course, is designed to help individuals master game development skills. Even intermediate and advanced level developers can opt for this course. With the course's training series, students can gain knowledge about beginners to advance level tricks and techniques of computer animation, 3D game development, programming, and much more.

This course covers a wide range of concepts such as:

  • Maya
  • Photoshop Digital Painting
  • 3DS Max
  • Unity
  • Animate
  • Texture
  • Mudbox, and more

The course is also ideal for learning to create complex 3D scenes and models. On taking up this program, you'll be able to paint characters, fantasy worlds, and creatures digitally. Furthermore, it focuses on new and easy workflow techniques of changing the 3DS Max and Maya models into the popular game engine Unity.

The course comes with a good number of articles, downloadable resources, and on-demand videos so that learners can understand and grasp the concepts better.

Prerequisites –Students should have basic computer capabilities.
Level– Beginner-Advanced
Rating– 4.2
Duration- 86 Hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

10. Unity Expert Gameplay Programmer Certification Preparation Specialization

Another fantastic program by Coursera created for experienced Unity game enthusiasts looking forward to advancing their ideas implementation and gameplay strategical/programming skills. Individuals with 2-3 years of Unity game development experience should go for this course. Besides, you should be familiar with the complete game lifecycle, Prefab creation and have in-depth knowledge of animation and game asset pipelines. It is the best udemy course to start with.

This program comprises five courses:

  • Rapid Gameplay Prototyping
  • Programming For Level Design
  • NPC Programming
  • Performance Optimization In Unity
  • Unity Services Implementation

Students will get to deal with real-world issues like the ones handled by gaming industry experts. The lessons in the above-listed courses are adequately divided according to the Unity Certification exam pattern. Furthermore, the creators have tried to introduce an interactive and fun way of learning the concepts in the form of easy to follow classes.

Prerequisites- Strong foothold in C# Programming and Unity APIs application is mandatory. Plus, learners should have in-depth knowledge of the Unity game development cycle.
Level– Advanced
Rating– 4.0
Duration- 6 months, 3 hours per week

You can signup here.


That is all about the top-rated Unity Game Development programs. These Udemy courses will ease your journey of being a high-profile game developer. However, Unity Game Engine is one of the most fun tools for game development, but it requires core knowledge and experience in the subject to achieve a rewarding output. So choose a course(s) wisely.

Looking for more general coverage of game theory and design? We found an expert's overview worth consideration. Will Wright talks about his work designing SimCity, Spore, and The Sims at MasterClass.

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