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Jim Markus | 18 Sep, 2023

We Spotted Udemy Courses at 80% Off Today

We spotted Udemy courses with 80% discounts during today's flash sale. So, we're updating our article today to highlight some of our favorite programming, data science, and design courses.

Remember, we evaluate these because the community at regularly submits Udemy tutorials for data science, design, and specific coding languages like Python. We review all submissions, and we evaluate the popularity based on community feedback.

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So what are the best deals at Udemy this week? Here are some of our favorites.

Noteworthy Deals at Udemy This Month

Mastering OpenAI Python APIs Course Length: 13+ Hours
Topic: ChatGPT and GPT4
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Penetration Testing with KALI Course Length: 6.5+ Hours
Topic: Ethical Hacking
[Check Price]
UX Design Foundations Course Length: 4+ Hours
Topic: User Experience
[Check Price]
The Complete JavaScript Course Course Length: 68+ Hours
Topic: JavaScript
[Check Price]

We evaluated popular ethical hacking, python, design, and data science courses at Udemy this week, and we found several discounts worth sharing. New this year: Check out the Chat-GPT courses to get the most out of prompt engineering and simple workplace automation tasks. 

The Complete JavaScript Course 2023: From Zero to Expert!

We love evaluating JavaScript courses, and this one remains a popular choice for our community. It boasts more than 820,000 students and earned a high ranking with 4.7 stars.

It's a robust resource, and it ranks as number one in our list of top JavaScript courses. It's also immensely popular. We anticipate this is one of the best discounts we'll see all year and the sale ends on August 31st.

When we checked, it was about 82% off the list price. Check the current price before the end of the sale.

Number of Lectures: 320
Course Length: 68+ Hours
Enrolled Students: 820,000+
Udemy Rating: 4.7 Stars
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Unity Mobile Game Development

Those looking to learn game development should consider a modern tutorial. That's what makes this one so appealing. It was last updated in July of this year, and it earns high marks from students.

The course covers game-design basics like scrolling, health bars, animations, and boss fights, but it also covers monetization. There are specific videos on ads, including interstitials, to help you make money on the game you design.

When last checked, we found the course on sale for 25% off. You can check the current price to enroll.

Number of Lectures: 78
Course Length: 7+ Hours
Enrolled Students: 550+
Udemy Rating: 4.9 Stars
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Ethical Hacking Courses

One of the biggest draws on is our committment to ethical hacking. Our community regularly discusses these topics, including best cybersecurity practices and ways to test a network. In the Udemy sale, we found a notable course on password penetration testing. That's a fundamental in the world of ethical hacking. The course is called Learn Wi-Fi Password Penetration Testing (WEP/WPA/WPA2).

It covers WEP encryption weaknesses and, more importantly for those who want to find gigs helping companies locate vulnerabilities, how to get into WPA2 Enterprise networks. The price fell to $12.99 when we checked. Check the current price.

By Udemy standards, it's a short course with only six hours of video. More than 14k people signed up for it, and they rated it with 4.7 out of 5 stars. That makes it a worthwhile course for anyone looking to learn Wi-Fi exploits.

Number of Lectures: 49
Course Length: 6 Hours
Enrolled Students: 14,000
Udemy Rating: 4.7 Stars
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We also found this penetration testing course. Its price fell from $54.99 to $14.99 when we checked during the sale. The course covers a multitude of ethical hacking techniques, and it also covers how to get started with Linux. That matches the lowest price of this sale, and it's worth a look for sure.

GPT and Productivity Courses:

Many students want courses on prompt engineering and AI-based productivity. Udemy's sale has that covered too. We found the following GPT courses in the sale.

Mastering OpenAI Python APIs: Unleash ChatGPT and GPT4

By definition, a course on OpenAI must be relatively new. The organization’s popular ChatGPT chatbot launched last year and exploded in popularity in 2023. So it makes sense for students to learn about the topic with a Udemy course.

What caught our eye? With only about 5,600 students enrolled, this is still one of the smallest courses we’ve evaluated. Our research shows an exceptionally high rating and robust coverage of the topic. 

At the time of review, Udemy students gave this 4.8 out of 5 stars. The thing that makes this course unique is the promise that it will help you build a GPT-4 chatbot. That’s a real-world project that could help students win jobs.

This course lists at $19.99 and fell to $14.99 when we checked at the start of the biggest sale of last season. Check here for today's price.

Number of Lectures: 120+
Course Length: 13+ Hours
Enrolled Students: 13,000+
Udemy Rating: 4.7 Stars
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Deep Learning and Computer Vision A-Z

For those interested in Computer Vision and students who want to learn OpenCV, this course delivers more than 11 hours of content. The course includes updates as recent as January 2023 and includes lessons on object detection, face detection, and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) intuition.While this may be advanced for students asking what is data science, it offers specific real-world examples on how to use more advanced tools like OpenCV. The course lists at $74.99, but we found it on sale for $14.99 during the popular spring-season sale. We anticipate the course may fall below this price during Black Friday or Cyber Monday's sales this year. 

Number of Lectures: 85
Course Length: 11+ Hours
Enrolled Students: 47,000+
Udemy Rating: 4.6 Stars
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Data Science Courses

As one of the fastest growing fields in tech, it should come as no surprise that data science courses are in high demand right now. Here are a few of Udemy's best options.

100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2023

This remains one of the most popular of Udemy's Python offers. The best thing about it? When we checked during this sale, the price fell from $109.99 to $18.99. That's a stellar offer for 55-hours of Python instruction. This Python bootcamp also boasts almost a million students. It's a trusted resource, rated highly by the people who have taken it. That earns it a top mention for the sale.

Also worth note is Automate the Boring Stuff. That course covers the same topics, namely Python, but it earned a reputation in the community for depth and efficacy. That price fell from $109.99 to $18.99 when we checked. Either of these should help you earn a data science certification, should you choose to.

Number of Lectures: 630+
Course Length: 55+ Hours
Enrolled Students: 981,000
Udemy Rating: 4.7 Stars
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The Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python

For more than a year straight, this Python bootcamp remains one of the most popular online courses for the community at Our programmers like this course because of the breadth and depth of the coverage. Students start with the basics, then quickly expand to immediately-useful topics.The course begins with an assumption that students have no understanding of Python and moves into much more advanced topics including web scraping, emails, and GUIs. Students also complete several projects with their own IDEs throughout the course. That's vital for anyone who wants to build a portfolio.

This popular Python course lists at $179.99, but we saw the price drop to $29.99 during the best sales of the year. Note that this price often hovers in the $44.99 range too, if you can catch it during a regular sale.

Number of Lectures: 150+
Course Length: 22+ Hours
Enrolled Students: 1.7+ Million
Udemy Rating: 4.6 Stars
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Apache Spark 3: Databricks Certified Associate Developer

We discovered this discount for students looking to learn Apache Spark. Taught by a Databricks Certified Associate Developer, the course has only 35 lectures and a total run time of about four hours. The value here comes from an especially-low price point for Spark coursesThis Apache course lists at $69.99 and fell to $14.99 when at the lowest price we've ever seen. Note that the prices change frequently. You can check here to see the current price for the course.

Number of Lectures: 35
Course Length: 4+ Hours
Enrolled Students: 10,000+
Udemy Rating: 4.4 Stars
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Design and UX Courses

Looking to expand your design skills? The sale includes several noteworthy courses for new designers. Here are some of our favorites.

User Experience Design Essentials: Adobe XD UI UX Design

This UI design course lists at about $150, but the price fell by more than 80% when we checked at the start of the sale. You can check the current price here. It's a bestselling course in the design field, and it boasts more than 180,000 students.

This design course has more than 85 lectures and more than 9.5 hours of on-demand video. It covers the basics of UX design and, more importantly, gives students hands-on experience building a mobile app. That's important for building a design portfolio!

Number of Lectures: 84
Course Length: 9.5+ Hours
Enrolled Students: 180,000+
Udemy Rating: 4.6 Stars
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UX Design Foundations: Research, Design, Usability Testing

We looked for new courses on Udemy, too. This UX design course looked especially promising. While it only has about a dozen reviews, it covers several practical elements of the field.

The course includes modules on design research, fundamental principles, prototying, and testing. That means students should end up with a portfolio of prototypes, which they can demonstrate in interviews. Note that this is a newer course, so we expect updated reviews from current students as more people enroll.

Number of Lectures: 74
Course Length: 4+ Hours
Enrolled Students: 50+
Udemy Rating: 5 Stars
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The Best Deals This Week

We found a bunch of worthwhile discounts in this seasonal sale at Udemy. They remain one of our top choices for where to learn programming online. Our choices in this article highlight some of the best values we found during the sale.

Don't forget that the community at Hackr regularly submits and reviews tutorials. We even compiled our own evaluation of the best Udemy courses. Did you spot something we missed? Let us know in the comments!



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