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4 Best GCP Certifications in 2024 - Google Cloud Platform

What is the GCP Certification?

Google Cloud Platform or GCP certification is the most popular certification that has been preferred by every professional to accomplish a better job position and job promotion in their career. It has helped the present-day youth secure their dream job in well-established companies where there are chances of higher career growth. The job applicant with the information of GCP certification gains higher advantages and preferences than others. Therefore GCP is the best certification that every techie student or professional should strive for.

Why is the GCP Certification Important?

Google Cloud Platform, as the name suggests, is the product of Google, which has supported the change and development of the world. The upcoming of Google 20 years earlier marked the start of a new age of revolution, which ended the limits to share information and knowledge. Google helped in crossing political, cultural, and social boundaries to bring true before the people. Now, Google is facilitating the process of learning and development of an information system.

This has not only increased the pace of information sharing but also brought down the costs of learning the new age technology. Google had moved far ahead of the competition that existed between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. Today the GCP by Google has been used by the majority of the Fortune 500 companies because of its ease, availability, comfortability, and added features that support the data recording, processing, updating, and analysis process.

This is the reason the students and professionals from around the world prefer GCP certification as it has become the preference of reputed companies who can offer better remuneration and job stability in the present-day world where job markets are facing complete chaos.

How to Get a GCP Certification?

Google Cloud Platform certification is required to ensure the technology companies that the candidate applying for a job has all the relevant skills and abilities in the required field. The direct path to get GCP certification starts as follows.

  • Step 1: Getting knowledge about the cloud computing process and Google Cloud Platform fundamentals.
  • Step 2: Develop skills to architect using Google Cloud Platform.
  • Step 3: Learning to apply Google Cloud Platform for designing and processing purposes.
  • Step 4: Taking the Cloud Architect Examination and getting certified.

Now the role of GCP certification rises after the second stage and before the third stage. Step 3 could be to take up the Cloud Engineering Examination and getting certified. This will help the students and professionals to enhance their knowledge and decide if they are fit for the next step. This way, attempts could be made to stick with the second step until expertize is achieved, which can be tested through the added third step of the Cloud Engineer Examination and thereby getting certified. The suggested process should be as follows.

  • Step 1: Getting knowledge about the cloud computing process and Google Cloud Platform fundamentals.
  • Step 2: Develop skills to architect using Google Cloud Platform.
  • Step 3: Cloud Engineer Examination for Certification.
  • Step 4: Learning to apply Google Cloud Platform for designing and processing purposes.
  • Step 5: Taking the Cloud Architect Examination and getting certified.

Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate is a great online GCP course that will help you in preparing for the Google Cloud certification.

What are the different types of GCP Certifications?

The different types of GCP certification are as per the expertise level that has been gained during the certification period. These include,

1. Level 1: Associate Google Cloud Certified

Associate Cloud Engineer

The Associate Google Cloud Certification is an Engineer level certification which can be taken by students and professionals who had less or no information about the topic. This certification will offer them the opportunity to improve their understanding and skills for Google based Cloud Computing process. This certification is the base level certification, and after that other professional courses can be taken after getting certified in this course. This certification ensures that the attendees have the required skills in the command line and could deploy, monitor, control, and manage solutions and services on the cloud computing process.

The features of the Associate Google Cloud Certification are,

  1. The program offered by Google.
  2. Period: 6 Months
  3. Cost: US$ 125

You can signup here.

2. Level 2: Professional Google Cloud Certified

Professional Cloud Architect

The Professional Cloud Certification is the second level certification that helps in developing and, after that, testing the knowledge and skills of the attendees in advanced architectural design. The various implementation skills based on the job role are enhanced during the certification process of learning, and the final examination helps in identifying the level of gains and skills that have been gained by the professionals and students during the course period.

The features of Professional Google Cloud Certification are,

  1. The certification program can be taken when 3 years or above industry experience is gained by the attendees.
  2. The certification program requires at least one year of experience in designing and managing solutions using the Google Cloud Platform.
  3. The program is offered by Google, Coursera, Udemy, Intellipaat, etc.
  4. Period: Ranges between 2 to 3 years.
  5. Cost: US$ 200

There are six professional GCP certifications, which include the following.

  1. Professional Cloud Architect: This course helps in gaining knowledge about complex cloud solutions, services in Google Cloud Platform and are among the highest-paid professionals in the GCP profession.
  2. Professional Data Engineer: This course helps in developing data engineering abilities, including design and building data collection, data processing, and machine learning on GCP.
  3. Professional Cloud Developer: This course helps in delivering full-stack knowledge and skills in the scalable application of the GCP model.
  4. Professional Cloud Network Engineer: This course helps in designing, implementing, and managing the architecture in the GCP model.
  5. Professional Cloud Security Engineer: This course is specifically meant for future security engineers who intend to secure the cloud infrastructure of the company using the GCP security tools.
  6. Professional Collaboration Engineer: This course is specifically meant for the candidates targeting to become a G Suite Specialists in the later stage. The candidates are required to have more than three years of industry experience and at least one year of G Suite Administration experience.

You can signup here.

3. Level 3: G Suite Google Cloud Certified

G Suite Certification

G Suite Google Certification is meant to access the ability of the candidates in using core tools and services of Google in the cloud computing process. The compulsory requirement of this certification is to have the skills to collaborate with the colleagues using cloud-based tools that are provided by Google, including emails, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other online resources for making effective communication.

Cost: US$ 200
Period: Ranges between 2 to 3 Years

The program is offered by Google, Coursera, Udemy, Intellipaat, etc.

You can signup here.

4. Level 4: Additional Certification, Google Cloud Certified. (Apigee, Associate Android Developer, Mobile Web Specialist)

Mobile Web Specialist

The additional certification Google Cloud certificates are meant to improve the abilities of the professionals to better apply knowledge and proficiency in problem-solving and handling cloud computing services. These include the following certificates.

  1. Apigee certification: This certification is meant to improve the knowledge and proficiency of the individuals in applying various Google tools, processes, and practices for problem-solving purposes.
  2. Google Associate Android Developer: This certification is meant to make the already upgraded G Suite professionals gain more knowledge and skills for dealing with Android devices.
  3. Google Mobile Web Specialist: This certification is specifically designed for web developers to deploy responsive and flexible web applications in the cloud computing process.

Cost: US$ 200
Period: Ranges between 2 to 3 Years

The program is offered by Google, Coursera, Udemy, Intellipat, etc.

You can signup here.

The Best Approach to Crack GCP Certification

The best approach to crack a GCP Certification includes,

  1. Be very clear with the cloud computing fundamental concepts.
  2. You should have appropriate knowledge and skills in using the concepts in real-life applications.
  3. Ability to develop an architecture for GCP for effective utilization of resources and achieving quality outcomes
  4. Practicing concepts is as important as learning the concept.
  5. Try to solve questions in the practice tests available online.
  6. Be aware of roles and policies.
  7. Never give up, especially in your first attempt as life means trying again and again until you succeed.
  8. Keep yourself updated with the latest technological upgrades and know-how.
  9. It should be remembered that the certification for GCP is valid for two years only, and therefore reapplying is required after these two years with additional knowledge and additions made in the time interval.

Recommendations for Attaining GCP Certification

It is recommended to pick the best online platform for gaining GCP certification. Intellipaat, Google, Coursera, and Udemy are the most popular picks as they are ranked by their students as the most efficient platforms for attaining GCP Certifications. You can compare the prices, course period, faculty for teaching, and past comments of the students before selecting the one that best suits your requirements and expectations.


In conclusion, the GCP certification is meant to confirm that the candidate has the technical skills, knowledge, and technological know-how in the field of cloud computing. It will help in attaining higher job positions and better remuneration in well-reputed organizations. Although the process of learning and getting certification for GCP requires total commitment from the attendees, after the successful completion and course attainment, it becomes easier to get a well deserving job when the job markets are in a state of chaos.

Do you have any more courses that you would like to share with our community? Let us know in the comments below!

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