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Interview Questions

MongoDB Interview Questions

MongoDB is a document-based database created in 2007 by 10gen software. It works on the concept of collections and documents. A MongoDB server can contain multiple databases and offers high performance along with redundancy and easy scalability. Collection in MongoDB can be considered as a group of documents that can have different types of fields. The document is a set of key-value pairs having a dynamic schema i.e. common fields may hold different types of data and all documents in the same collection need not have the same structure. If you are new to MongoDB but have worked with RDBMS like SQL before, this small table will help you correlate the terminologies –

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PL SQL Interview Questions

PL (Procedural language) is an extension to SQL (Structured Query Language) where a developer can write complex database interactions using procedures, control structures like branching and iteration, modules and functions. It has tight integration with SQL and supports both dynamic and static SQL.

Amongst other questions during an interview, it is also important to know how SQL and PL/SQL are different. Some benefits of PL/SQL over SQL are –

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