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5 Key C++ Developer Skills for 2024


One of the most popular programming languages, C++ is a standard within backend development and is used in telecommunications, server infrastructure, games, GUI frameworks, operating systems, and web browsers. 

Adobe's use of C++ is extensive: its desktop and mobile products are written almost entirely in C++, and Mac OS X uses large amounts of C++ inside some libraries too.

Sure, there may be newer languages out there (the Danish computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++ nearly 40 years ago at Bell Labs as an enhancement to the C programming language) but C++ remains enduringly popular due to the fact it is extremely fast and efficient. Many tools and frameworks rely on its speed and efficiency, keeping it in high demand.

As a result, it’s a great language to learn or improve your skills in. Bonus: C++ is always popular with recruiters too. If you want to brush up your resumé for 2024, in addition to strong experience writing code using C/C++ and Unix, there are more key C++ developer skills you should add.

Read on to learn more about the skills required for a C++ developer to succeed in today’s professional environment.

Top C++ Skills for Junior Developers

A junior developer is one who is somewhat new to the field, with anywhere from 0 to 3 years of experience. In some cases, some devs can still be considered junior developers if they haven’t learned all the skills necessary, despite having requisite experience.

If you’re wondering what C++ developer skills you need in a junior programming position, you can see the list below. Junior C++ developers should have:

  1. Good working knowledge of programming in C/C++ as well as Unix.
  2. A basic understanding of databases (RDBMS), like Oracle and SQL server.
  3. An understanding of methodologies in modern software development and design.
  4. Solid knowledge of modern SCM (software configuration management).
  5. A grasp of database administration.

Top Senior C++ Developer Skills List

A senior C++ developer resume usually states that they have anywhere from 4 to 6 years of experience. However, it is also possible for them to have fewer or more years of experience. Senior C++ devs should know all of the junior dev skills above. They should also have more skills, like the below:

  1. Much more knowledge and experience programming in C/C++ and Unix.
  2. Ability to work with web dev tools for creating new applications.
  3. A stronger understanding of the RDBMS databases.
  4. Knowledge and experience in working with IDEs (integrated development environments) like Visual Studio and Eclipse.
  5. Advanced knowledge of methodologies, modern SCM, and testing tools.
  6. Ability to define security standards and quality, plus a strong understanding of database administration.

C++ Developer Roadmap: More Skills You Need to Succeed

A C++ resume should be optimized with certain skills to boost your chances of getting hired for the job you want. Beyond C, C++, and Unix, also consider the skills below:

  • Python - This is the most common skill included on C++ devs’ resumes. It’s easy to see why you’ll need to learn Python, considering its popularity and frequent use in programming positions.
  • SQL - You’ve likely heard of SQL in relation to databases. SQL is actually a programming language that developers use to create as well as manage databases. C++ devs must know SQL well and be able to work with databases comfortably so they can connect data with their applications.
  • Java - Like Python, Java is another of the most popular skills C++ developers should have. Though less popular than Python, Java is a programming language that many C++ resumes should include.
  • JavaScript - Another programming language that could be extremely useful in your arsenal is JavaScript. Add some HTML and CSS, and you should be in a very good place to find a job you’ll love.
  • Git - As a developer, Git is going to be something you’ll end up using quite frequently. You’ll use it to manage source code and versioning, collaborate with others, and host your projects to make them available to those who need access.
  • Testing and Debugging - Any developer should know how to test and debug their projects to ensure they can ship high-quality products that do what they’re supposed to. It helps to also be familiar with many of the manual and automated testing tools available.

There are also a few non-technical skills to consider learning as they can help you along your career. Some are soft skills, like being able to collaborate and get along with others. It’s also important to have a bit of creativity as a developer. And then there are skills like:

  • Time Management - Being able to plan and execute your tasks well can help ensure you meet your deadlines or even exceed them. This skill is even more vital for those who collaborate with others and work on a team, as the smallest delay can cause a cascade of missed deadlines.
  • Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills - As a developer, you’ll need to be able to analyze data, identify trends and patterns, and then make your logical conclusions and observations. You’ll also need problem-solving skills, as the development process always involves some issues here and there.
  • Organization - Although not necessary, per se, being organized is a great way to make your life easier as you work. Having a system in place for all of your files, versions, etc., can prevent a lot of headaches in the future.

C++ Developer Jobs on the Job Board

Want to look for a new job where you can showcase your C++ skills to perfection? We have three below well worth checking out, as well as plenty more developer roles on the Job Board.

Embedded/C++ Developer, Tekskills Inc, Peoria IL

Tekskills Inc is hiring an Embedded/C++ Developer to work onsite at its Peoria, Illinois, location. If you have beginner level C++ programming skills, experience applying object-oriented design principles and patterns, and strong diagnostic and analytical skills, this could be the perfect role. 

You will need a minimum of three years of experience in the broad spectrum of the software development life-cycle, and be experienced with continuous integration, static code analysis, branching and versioning, and DevOps. 

The successful developer will work in a dynamic environment with parallel responsibilities and competing priorities and be able to maintain the appropriate balance between speed and perfection without compromising on the quality of their work.

See more on this Embedded/C++ Developer role here.

C++ Developer (W2), Sophus, Remote

Sophus is hiring a C++ Developer (W2) for a full-time, remote position focusing on software design and development of middle layer/BSW and lower layer/BSP embedded software for multiple ECUs on microcontrollers and SOCs. 

Day-to-day, you will integrate and test supplier-provided software modules; configure and integrate AUTOSAR-MCAL-based drivers with legacy middle layer modules; and develop and maintain integration workflows and document integration guides for easier application software integration. 

The successful candidate will have a mandatory minimum of one year’s experience in REST and the same experience in JAVA. You’ll be adept at ensuring software is developed with high-quality standards, and adheres to coding standards and guidelines defined by the organization. 

See further details on this C++ Developer role here.

Software Engineer, Expro/C#, C++, Lockheed Martin, Orlando FL

Global security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin is hiring a Software Engineer, Expro/C#, C++ to work onsite at its Orlando location. 

This role requires secret level government security clearance, and is therefore only open to US citizens. You will develop application software for mission planning to enhance the performance of cruise missiles by calculating optimal trajectories during a real-time combat scenario. 

Experience with C++, C#, Windows and Visual Studio are essential for this role, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in computer engineering, software engineering, computer science or an equivalent field, with significant software development experience. 

For more on this role, see the full job description.


Want to accelerate your C++ career? Start your search on the: Job Board


We hope that this article helps you understand the C++ developer skills you need to succeed in the field. If you aren’t well-versed in many of the skills on this list, you can consider taking some C++ courses to get started.

If you feel confident enough in your skills, then it may be time to start looking for work from the top tech companies hiring C++ devs. If you feel like you want to improve your resume a bit more first, you can try earning one of the best C++ certifications today.

Feel like you have the skills but aren’t prepared for the hiring process? Consider practicing for the top C++ interview questions.

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