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5 Key C++ Developer Skills for 2022

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5 Key C++ Developer Skills for 2022

One of the most popular programming languages, C++ is a standard within backend development and is used in telecommunications, server infrastructure, games, GUI frameworks, operating systems, and web browsers. 

Adobe's use of C++ is extensive: its desktop and mobile products are written almost entirely in C++, and Mac OS X uses large amounts of C++ inside some libraries too.

Sure, there may be newer languages out there (the Danish computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++ nearly 40 years ago at Bell Labs as an enhancement to the C programming language) but C++ remains enduringly popular due to the fact it is extremely fast and efficient. Many tools and frameworks rely on its speed and efficiency, keeping it in high demand.

As a result, it’s a great language to learn or improve your skills in. Bonus: C++ is always popular with recruiters too. If you want to brush up your resumé for 2022, in addition to strong experience writing code using C/C++ and Unix, these are the key C++ skills to make sure to add:

Top 5 C++ Skills You Need in 2022

  1. Make sure you can work with web development tools to create new applications.
  2. Have a great understanding of RDBMS databases.
  3. Develop experience in integrated development environments (Eclipse and Visual Studio).
  4. Advance your knowledge of testing tools, methodologies and modern SCM.
  5. You’ll have a strong ability to determine quality and security standards. 

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Want to look for a new job where you can showcase your C++ skills to perfection? We have three below well worth checking out, as well as plenty more developer roles on the Job Board.


C/C++ Developer, Infosys

Job Type: Remote

The Role: Infosys is seeking a C/C++ Developer to apply technical proficiency across different stages of the software development life cycle including design, application maintenance, and development and testing. 

The Responsibilities: You will play an important role in associating with the key stakeholders of the project, understanding the client requirements, and will prepare a detailed design document, deliver high quality code for a module, validation for all types of testing and support activities related to implementation, transition and warranty. 

The Requirements: A Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent required from an accredited institution is required; Infosys will also consider three years of progressive experience in the specialty in lieu of every year of education. You’ll also need at least four years of experience in Information Technology, and experience in C/C++.


Check out the C/C++ Developer role or find more jobs at Infosys here.


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C++/ Java Developer, Ericsson

Job Type: Based in Paris, France.

The Role: Product Development Unit Traffic Control, PDU-TC, is a unit at Ericsson which is at the forefront of 5G development and is using many new technology concepts, for example, cloud implementation and AI. The C++/ Java Developer will be part of this unit as it grows, and skilled individuals with various experiences in software development join the team.

The Responsibilities: You will secure the long-term quality and architecture for a specific software product, participate in pre-design activities, analyze, design and implement product improvements and run all tests needed.

The Requirements: An MSc or BSc level in computer science, software engineering, IT or an equivalent level of knowledge as well as programming skills in object-oriented programming languages such as C/C++ or Java and Python. Excellent speaking and writing skills in English are necessary as is knowledge within any of these areas: telecommunications, cloud-native application development; Dockers/kubernetes, machine learning, automation and agile ways of working.


Find out more about the C++/ Java Developer role or browse all opportunities at Ericsson


Senior Software Engineer, Backend (GraphQL), Reddit

Job Type: Based in Austin, Texas.

The Role: The GraphQL team develops the API layer leveraged by product development teams across the company, providing the client access layer for Reddit's rich dataset and driving the next generation of user experiences. As Senior Software Engineer, you'll be a technical leader and mentor. You'll draw on your expertise to drive the technical roadmap and collaborate with other leaders to meet the needs of our ever-growing engineering organization.

The Responsibilities: Working with the team to select, scope, and drive high-leverage projects that align with Reddit's goals, you’ll execute on a strategy and create a more performant, more scalable, higher quality architecture.

The Requirements: You will need three-plus years of experience with large-scale distributed systems and more than five years of experience in one or more general-purpose programming languages such as Go, Python, Rust, Java or C++. 

More on the Senior Software Engineer role is available as are other jobs at Reddit.


Want to accelerate your C++ career? Start your search on the Job Board


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