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Top Tech Companies Hiring C++ Developers

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Let's talk about where to find C++ developer jobs. We regularly update this article with new job opportunities for programmers. Our job board also includes updated C++ jobs.

What is C++?

Originally created in 1983 at Bell Labs by Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ (originally named C with classes) remains an enduringly popular programming language. Nowadays, C++ developers are in the top 1% of the software engineering field.

A general-purpose programming language, C++ is a statically typed, free-form, multi-paradigm, compiled, and object-oriented programming language. Its syntax allows it to be implemented with many different features including data types (integer, floating point), control structures (if/else), statements (for/while) and functions.

Because it is a general-purpose language, it can really be used for anything you want to do with computers. Thanks to the fact it is a compiled language, it is converted into machine code before being executed by the computer's processor; this is faster than an interpreted language such as PHP, which must be converted each time it runs but takes longer to compile initially. 

Read our full guide here: What is C++?

What is C++ used for?

C++ is used in everything from desktop and mobile apps to websites, games, embedded systems, high-performance computing, and machine learning. It has many applications such as operating systems, compilers (the programs that translate code into machine language), libraries (collections of reusable code), and kernel modules (small pieces of software that run inside another program).

How do you become a C++ programmer or developer?

To become a C++ developer, the most usual route is to gain a degree in computer science. However, because the language is so complex—it can get very technical at times—it can be difficult to learn for beginners who haven't studied computer science at the university or college level.

One of the most popular languages used to develop C++ applications is Microsoft Visual Studio, and typical job titles can include full stack developer, mobile application developer, and desktop application developer. It’s a highly paid skill, too, with plenty of demand from both startups and established enterprises that need software engineers to write code in C++.

It's also helpful if you have an understanding of data structures and algorithms – these topics are important for solving problems related to performance optimization on large-scale systems such as game engines or databases. 

And since many tech companies today use agile methodologies for project management and development, the teams software developers work within will often include people from many different disciplines such as design or marketing instead of just developers. So knowing how these things work too can help to ensure smoother collaboration within your team.

Beginning C++ Programming - From Beginner to Beyond

Which tech companies use C++?

So which major tech companies use the language? That question is more easily answered by asking, who doesn’t? Meta, Apple, Amazon, Google, Adobe, Microsoft, and LinkedIn all use C++, as do Nasa, Bloomberg, and Netflix.

How can I get a C++ job?

If you are interested in developing your C++ career, then we are taking a look at three open roles below, and there are plenty more to discover on the Job Board.

Of course, you may want to hone your skills before an interview. That's why we wrote about the best C++ projects. We discussed several to help you build your portfolio (and to help you make sure you're still up-to-date on the language). Those looking to get started in data science should also check out our recommendations on Python projects.

General C++ Developer Opportunities

Those looking for C++ Developer jobs should start with a general search. You can choose whether you want to find a role by your location or if you want to work at a remote position. Jobs at or near your location sometimes offer benefits otherwise unavailable to remote workers, even if the job primarily takes place away from the office.

In-office workers often get opportunities for mentorship and promotion that would be unavailable to remote C++ developers.

Note that some of these jobs have rigorous experiential requirements. We've seen some where the developer needs experience with advanced software development environments and familiarity with embedded, real-time software with the ability to clearly articulate complex system requirements and design considerations. 

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