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Kirstie Mcdermott | 29 Dec, 2022

Top Companies Hiring in Data Science Right Now (Jan 2023)

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Want to be a data scientist? You’ve hit on a growth career, if so: according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of data scientists is projected to grow 36% to 2031, which is a much faster rate than the average for all occupations. 

It’s a well-paid job choice too, with the median annual wage at $100,910 as of May 2021. Data scientists are in demand as the pace of digitalisation increases, and it has grown over the last 15 years or so as companies and institutions gather – and grapple with – increasing volumes of data, and as AI has grown in importance.

This is the science of gaining useful insights from data. Data scientists use statistics, machine learning and data visualization to analyze large amounts of information and gain new understanding from it. This information is then used by business intelligence and marketing teams, for example, to drive the strategy and direction of a company or a project.

The tools of data science are the data, algorithms and software tools that are used to analyze it. Data comes in a huge amount of forms: unstructured text and images as well as structured numeric information are just a couple. The algorithms involved in a process can be simple or complex—the latter are typically used for supervised learning tasks that involve making predictions based on historical information (known in the industry as “training sets”). 

Software is also crucial when it comes to determining which steps need to be taken next. Data scientists use many different types of software – Tableau and Apache Spark are two, and data scientists are often proficient coders. Python is a popular language in the field, as it can be used for data cleaning, manipulation, visualization, and analysis.

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Top Companies Hiring Data Scientists

So who are the top companies using and hiring data scientists? These days, the answer is anyone with a large amount of data and an interest in the future of their business or service. From financial and fintech companies to insurance, e-commerce, pharma and healthcare providers, education, and government agencies, all these disparate areas are wise to the opportunity provided by data science.

The big professional services companies have been swift to see the opportunity offered by big data. Accenture has grown multi-disciplinary teams of AI and data specialists, who, the company says, “are applying their expertise ethically and responsibly to create meaningful change and measurable impact for businesses and society.” Right now, there is a Federal - Data Engineer role available at Accenture in Arlington on offer.

In this role, you will develop new tools, code, and services to execute data engineering activities, move structured and unstructured data using approved methods and execute data ingestion activities for storing data in a local or enterprise-level location.

At PayPal, big data analytics are used extensively. The company delves into customer preferences and tastes, location, purchase history and user activity, the better to match relevant offers and discounts along with personalized ads. It also uses data from similar customers to predict their buying behavior. 

Want to work here? PayPal has a Data Science Manager job in San Jose on offer. You will need strong SQL and visualization skills with a lot of attention to granular details in data, as well as expertise in stitching together findings to convey coherent insights. The ability to perform deep-dive analysis of key business trends from multiple perspectives, and package the insights into easily consumable presentations and documents is also required.

Database company Oracle is another company investing in data science. Not only does it hire data scientists, but it is at the forefront of big data services which help data professionals manage, catalog, and process the raw data they are working with. Oracle offers object storage and Hadoop-based data lakes for persistence, Spark for processing, and analysis through Oracle Cloud SQL. Check out its current job openings here.

IBM too, is leading the field. Its IBM Watson offers AI for business, helping organizations predict future outcomes, automate complex processes, and optimize employees' time. The company was named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms. Check out available jobs at IBM here.

As the world’s largest search engine, Google has over 80% of the search market share. As a result, it processes huge amounts of data, and Google Data Scientists not only assess this data but work across the Google suite of products, working on vast scalability and storage solutions, large-scale apps, and totally new platforms for developers globally, on top of their work on the search platform.

Google’s New York office is looking to hire a Business and Marketing Data Scientist at gTech. You will work on data modeling, metric development, data prototyping, and insight generation using statistical techniques and machine learning as you solve ambiguous problems and discover insights that drive operational, product, and marketing excellence. 

It’s clear that data science is the future. As the world moves to a data-driven decision-making model, companies that can leverage their data to provide better products, services, and experiences will thrive. Equally, data science careers have a lot of potential for growth because they are needed in so many industries—from healthcare to education, and the demand for qualified candidates continues apace.

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