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12 Best JavaScript Courses Online in 2024 [Free + Paid]

In this article, we share the 12 best javascript courses in 2024. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced dev who wants to boost your skills, we’ve included javascript courses for all levels, including free and paid options.

As the most popular programming language for more than a decade, JavaScript is an ideal choice for beginners and pros in front-end and back-end development. And choosing one of the best javascript courses is a great way to master this language.

And when you factor in that the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports an average salary of more than $85K for web developers, taking the best javascript courses can be highly lucrative!

So if you’re ready, let’s dive into the best javascript courses to help you learn the skills you need to explore the JavaScript job market.

Featured JavaScript Courses [Editor’s Picks]

The Best JavaScript Courses in 2024

1. [Udemy] The Complete JavaScript Course: From Zero to Expert

Key Informationthe-complete-javascript-course
Course Instructor: Jonas Schedtmann
Level: Beginner
Duration: 69 hours
Free or Paid: Paid
Certificate: Yes
Enrolled Students: +800K

Why we chose this course

When it comes to JavaScript, this is one of the very best options in 2024. 

Taught by top-rated instructor Jonas Schmedtmann, you’ll be taught by a well-respected educator with over 1.5 million students on Udemy. That’s some track record!

The Complete JavaScript Course focuses on helping you master JavaScript by learning the essential theory but also by building 6 portfolio-worthy projects.

I really like that this course covers beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics in JavaScript, so you really can go from zero to hero. 

Not only does it cover basic concepts like variables, loops, and common operators like triple equals, but you can also expect to go in-depth with advanced topics.

These include object-oriented programming (OOP), asynchronous JavaScript, and the intricacies of how JavaScript works behind the scenes.

It also covers related technologies like NPM, Parcel, Babel, and ES6 modules.

If you want to be a professional developer, this is the level of detail you need!

And at nearly 70 hours in length, you can be assured that this course does not cut any corners. It’s not surprising then that it has more than 800k previous students.

Unlike some JavaScript courses, I like that this focuses on modern JavaScript, emphasizing ES6+, arrow functions, destructuring, spread operators, and more.

As an added bonus, I’m also impressed that this course tries to teach you to think like a developer.

That said, you can expect to learn how to plan application features, architect code, and debug effectively.

Finally, I really like that this course includes more than 25 coding challenges to help cement your learning. You also get access to support in the course Q&A.


  • Comprehensive JavaScript learning from a top-rated Udemy instructor
  • Learn by building 6 projects for your portfolio
  • Develop in-demand JavaScript skills for modern web development
  • Bonus sections on HTML, CSS, & Git


  • Some complaints that the course is too detailed

2. [Coursera] Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Key InformationProgramming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
Course Instructor: Duke University: Susan Rodger, Robert Duvall, Owen Astrachan, Andrew Hilton
Level: Beginner
Duration: 33 hours
Free or Paid: Paid (Free to evaluate)
Certificate: Yes
Enrolled Students: +500K

Why we chose this JavaScript course

This introductory JavaScript course is ideal for complete beginners in both programming and the JavaScript language. If that sounds like you, read on!

Taught by the Duke University CS department, you’ll begin with problem-solving skills in a programming context, along with complementary skills in HTML and CSS.

This is a great approach, as when combined with JavaScript, these three languages form the trifecta of modern web development.

You’ll then dive into an in-depth introduction to foundational programming concepts in JavaScript, including functions, loops, and conditional statements.

At nearly 33 hours in length, I like that it combines video, text content, and quizzes across the 4 modules, so there’s something for all learning preferences.

Plus, there’s an emphasis on the practical application of your new skills, which is always a good sign.

Sometimes, the best way to learn a new language like JavaScript is to work on JavaScript projects.

If that sounds good, you’ll really enjoy working on a portfolio-worthy project that allows users to upload and filter images.

There’s also an advanced project to stretch yourself using steganography techniques to hide sensitive information.

With nearly half a million students and the academic expertise of Duke University, this course is a solid way to pick up one of the best languages to learn in 2024.

If you want to go from total programming newb to a competent JavaScript beginner while also earning a certificate for your resume, this might be the best JavaScript course for you.


  • Introduction to JavaScript for total beginners
  • Quizzes and assessments to reinforce your knowledge of new concepts
  • Taught by Duke University, with more than 500K previous students
  • Build portfolio-worthy projects


  • None

3. [Educative] Complete JavaScript Course

Key InformationThe Complete Guide to Modern JavaScript
Platform: Educative
Course Instructor: Baptiste Pesquet
Level: Beginner
Duration: 20 hours (Text-based content)
Free or Paid: Paid
Certificate: Yes
Enrolled Students: N/A

Why we chose this JavaScript course

When it comes to interactively learning JavaScript, I think this is one of the top choices in 2024. 

If you’re unfamiliar with educative, they’ve opted for a unique approach to teaching JavaScript by favoring interactive coding playgrounds and text lessons versus video.

This might seem weird at first, but the idea is to get you coding right away rather than watching someone else code in videos.

This JavaScript course is ideal if you’re starting from scratch, as it aims to help you learn the fundamentals of JavaScript by actively coding as you learn.

It even focuses on modern JavaScript with ES6, which I think is essential if you’re serious about pursuing a career in JS.

Plus, with more than 300 coding playgrounds, you will be coding a lot!

The premise is simple: learn JavaScript by doing rather than passively watching someone else code!

I love this approach, as there’s no substitute for real coding.

Designed as a beginner's JavaScript course, you can expect to learn foundational topics like variables, conditions, loops, functions, and objects.

You’ll then be moving on to more intricate topics like JavaScript with ES6, DOM traversal, and event handling. 

This is ideal to set you up for the lessons on creating web apps, querying web servers, utilizing web APIs, sending data to web servers, and diving into Node.js.

You also get the benefit of regular assessments to gauge your understanding at each stage.

Finally, throughout the course, you will be creating a Social News web app to impress future employers and build out your portfolio.

Another major plus with educative is that you can complete the course right within your browser

That’s because they provide a comprehensive coding environment, eliminating the need for an external JavaScript IDE.

This can be super helpful if you’re really new to coding.


  • Comprehensive blend of assessments, coding playgrounds, quizzes, and challenges
  • Interactive JavaScript course for total beginners
  • Build an app to get your portfolio started


  • Text-based approach might not resonate with those who prefer video lectures

4. [Coursera] Programming with JavaScript

Key InformationProgramming with JavaScript
Course Instructor: Meta Staff
Level: Beginner
Duration: 42 hours
Free or Paid: Paid (Free to evaluate)
Certificate: Yes
Enrolled Students: +120K

Why we chose this JavaScript course

Taught by the experienced engineers at Meta, this JavaScript course is ideal for beginners who want to dive deep into modern web development

At nearly 42 hours long, there’s a tremendous amount of content to digest in this course.

To start off, you’ll learn about JavaScript's role in modern web development.

You’ll then dive into JS basics, including operators, loops, and conditional statements, before focusing on objects, arrays, and functions..

You’ll then progress to advanced topics like programming paradigms, the spread and rest operators, DOM manipulation, and event handling.

I also appreciate the testing module that’s ideal for learning about Node.js, npm, and the basics of test-driven development and unit testing with Jest.

I also like that the course takes a varied approach with video lectures, reading materials, quizzes, and assignments across the 5 modules.

You can even match up this course with a solid JavaScript book if you want to really go deep.

To cap it all off, you’ll create a receipt maker app to cement your knowledge and level up your portfolio.

This is one of my highlights, as there really is no substitute for doing practical work!

There’s even a graded assessment, which is ideal for testing your retention of these new skills, and of course, you get an industry-recognized certificate to add to your resume. 


  • Comprehensive introduction to JavaScript essentials
  • Rich blend of video content, reading material, quizzes, and hands-on projects
  • Delivered by the reputed team at Meta with extensive expertise
  • Build projects to bolster your portfolio


  • None

5. [Udemy] Modern JavaScript From The Beginning 2.0

Modern JavaScript From The BeginningKey Information
Course Instructor: Brad Traversy
Level: Beginner
Duration: 21.5 hours
Free or Paid: Paid
Certificate: Yes
Enrolled Students: +100k

Why we chose this JavaScript course

This is another good option from Udemy, as it has been designed to help you progress from the very basics of JavaScript to advanced topics in 2024.

You also benefit from being taught by Brad Traversy, an experienced and well-respected instructor with nearly half a million former students, 100K of which are from this course. 

At nearly 36 hours in length, it’s ideal for beginners to establish a solid foundation in one of the most in-demand languages for developers.

Expect to learn JavaScript fundamentals, along with essential data like arrays, objects, maps, sets, stacks, and queues.

You’ll also dive into advanced topics like how JavaScript works under the hood and DOM manipulation.

I really like the systematic approach of this course, as it builds up from topics like data types and variables to intricate subjects like unit testing with the Jest library.

You’ll also learn about asynchronous operations to help you confidently use Ajax, the Fetch API, callbacks, promises, and async/await.

There’s even an emphasis on modern full-stack development with modules that cover how to use the ever-popular Node.js and Express frameworks.

You’ll also get hands-on, as this course encourages you to build close to 20 projects, including a full-stack app to cement your new skills.

This is always a big plus in my book, as there’s no substitute for building things when learning to code.


  • Comprehensive curriculum for full-stack JavaScript development.
  • Hands-on learning with nearly 20 diverse projects.
  • Learn to use the modern JavaScript toolkit, including Node.js and Express.


  • Some complaints that the material could be more detailed

6. [Codecademy] Learn JavaScript

Key InformationLearn JavaScript
Course Instructor: Kenny Lin
Level: Beginner
Duration: 20 hours
Free of Paid: Paid (Free to audit)
Certificate: Yes
Enrolled Students: +2.5M

Why we chose this JavaScript course

Designed for complete beginners and with an option to audit for free, this course is ideal if you want to pursue web development or mobile app development.

Plus, with Codeacademy students having a strong track record for landing jobs at major tech companies, it’s no wonder this JavaScript course has more than 2.5 million previous students. 

Like any strong beginner course, you can expect to start with core programming concepts like variables, data types, control flow, and built-in data structures. 

You’ll then move on to object-oriented principles, iterators, loops, and ES6 object syntax.

Once equipped with these fundamentals, you’ll be introduced to modularity via functions, managing various scopes, and advanced object concepts.

I really appreciate the natural and logical flow of this course, especially for programming beginners.

Plus, being a strong advocate for practical application, I appreciate the range of coding challenges and quizzes to reinforce your learning.

And that’s not to mention the three projects that not only test you, but they allow you to build a robust beginner portfolio

To cap things off, Codeacademy also has a great interactive coding platform that provides real-time feedback and AI-driven recommendations.

Take the time to take advantage of this, and maybe add some tips to your own JavaScript cheat sheet!


  • Comprehensive challenges and projects for a hands-on JavaScript learning experience
  • Free course auditing option, sans certification
  • Alumni of Codeacademy have secured positions at leading tech enterprises


  • None

7. [Udacity] Full Stack JavaScript Developer Nanodegree

Key InformationFull Stack JavaScript Developer Nanodegree
Instructors: Rachel Manning, Alyssa Hope, Andrew Wong, Guillaume B. Laviolette
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 160 hours
Free or Paid: Paid
Certificate: Yes
Enrolled Students: N/A

Why we chose this JavaScript course

If you're someone with a decent handle on web development basics like HTML, JSON, and basic JavaScript, this full-stack JavaScript course could be a good fit.

Rather than a gentle skim over JavaScript basics, the Full Stack JavaScript Developer Nanodegree from Udacity dives deep, and it’s also very much hands-on

The clue is in the name; this is all about full-stack development! So prepare to dive into various JavaScript frameworks!

For backend dev, you'll be working with Node.js. You'll also create APIs using PostgreSQL and Express, and learn the fundamentals of Angular for the front end.

You’ll also get to grips with asynchronous JavaScript, TypeScript syntax, and unit testing with Jasmine.

You’ll also learn to master the art of deploying applications seamlessly. This includes an emphasis on deploying applications with AWS, CI/CD, and automation.

If you’re new to Udacity, one of their stand-out features is the emphasis on practical experience.

This course is no different, as it integrates real-world projects that help you learn while also building a solid portfolio. 

I like this approach because it ensures that you’re not just learning but applying your skills.

Plus, your portfolio will surely benefit from the addition of an Image Processing API and an e-commerce backend. This part is crucial, as it’s often what employers look for.

Additionally, Udacity’s emphasis on career growth is commendable, and they even offer modules that focus on enhancing your LinkedIn and GitHub profiles.

This is really helpful, as it can put your mind at ease when attending JavaScript interviews.

Overall, this is a challenging program, but it’s spread out over 4 months to give you the time to balance theory with real-world projects. 


  • In-depth exploration of JavaScript for frontend and backend
  • A balanced blend of theory and real-world projects
  • Get industry-ready with Udacity's career services.
  • Renowned certificate from a well-respected educator


  • Not designed for beginners, so not an ideal first-choice

8. [Linkedin Learning] Learning the JavaScript Language

Key InformationLearning The JavaScript Language
Course Instructor: Joe Chellman
Level: Beginner
Duration: 4 hours
Free or Paid: Paid
Certificate: Yes
Enrolled Students: N/A

Why we chose this JavaScript course

If you’re looking for a short but detailed introduction to JavaScript, this might be the course for you, as it’s only a fraction longer than 4 hours.

You’ll start off by learning JavaScript's foundational concepts, including syntax, variables, operators, and conditionals.

This will set you up to dive data structures like arrays and objects, which are some of the most widely-used within any JavaScript project.

Beyond the basics, you’ll also tackle advanced ideas, like functions, asynchronous programming, and the nuances of object-oriented JavaScript. 

And if you’re keen to go deeper, there's also a section on modern JavaScript tooling.

As is often the case with Linkedin Learning, you also get a nice blend of hands-on coding tasks, explained solutions, and quizzes throughout.

I really appreciate this aspect, as while the course is short, it’s well worth taking the time to reinforce your new skills.

I also like that the course emphasizes not only the mechanics, but also the philosophy of JavaScript. 

This course is also integrated with GitHub Codespaces. This is ideal if you’re super new to coding and would prefer a cloud-based dev environment versus a local IDE.


  • Short but detailed introduction to JavaScript for beginners
  • Hands-on coding tasks and quizzes to solidify understanding
  • Integrated with GitHub Codespaces for practice


  • Might be best supplemented with a longer course

9. [Scrimba] Learn JavaScript for Free

Key InformationLearn JavaScript for Free
Course Instructor: Per Harald Borgen
Level: Beginner
Duration: 7.75 hours (Video content)
Free or Paid: Free & Paid options
Certificate: None
Enrolled Students: +100K

Why we chose this JavaScript course

This free course takes a hands-on approach to learning JavaScript with over 140 coding challenges, making it a solid option for newcomers to the world of JavaScript.

Over the course of 8 modules, you will cover all of the essentials, like variables, data types, control flow, and built-in data structures. 

But rather than teaching these concepts in isolation, you’ll benefit from a strong focus on building real-world projects, like games, browser extensions, and mobile apps.

One of the stand-outs for me in this course is the Google Chrome Extension project, as this will introduce you event listeners, template strings, and the Chrome API. 

This is probably tied with the mobile app project, as this lets you get to grips with Firebase for real-time operations.

Both of these projects are excellent ways to gain real-world skills that employers would be looking for.

Overall, I appreciate this combination of theory with hands-on coding, as it gives you a real sense of what it takes to be a JavaScript developer, whilst also building portfolio pieces.

Other highlights of this course include practice sections to help you solidify your understanding and a solid section on setting up a local dev environment.


  • Comprehensive curriculum that’s focused on in-demand developer skills
  • Practice exercises to reinforce and test your skills
  • Strong emphasis on real-world application and portfolio-building


  • None

10. [Clever Programmer] JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners - Full Course

Key InformationJavaScript Full Course
Course Instructor: Clever Programmer
Level: Beginner
Duration: 12.25 hours
Free or Paid: Free
Certificate: No
Enrolled Students: 1M+ Views

Why we chose this JavaScript course

This free JavaScript course on YouTube caters to both novice and intermediate learners, with a balanced mix of theory and practical applications.

This is ideal if you want to test the waters with learning JS, but you’re not ready to open your wallet just yet.

And with more than 1M subscribers, CleverProgrammer is an excellent resource for newcomers that want to dip their toes into the world of JS!

You’ll be starting with essentials like environment setup and JavaScript basics, such as arrays, objects, and for-loops.

With those skills under your belt, you’ll be ready to create your first app, with a beginner-friendly weather app.

There’s no substitute for hands-on experience, and building apps is perhaps the most enjoyable way to do this with JavaScript.

You’ll also be devling deeper into more advanced topics like the DOM, APIs, and async programming. 

Plus, each topic is paired with a relevant project, which is great for letting you immediately apply your new knowledge. 

Perhaps the biggest stand-out feature is the the Netflix clone project. That’s definitely something that will make your portfolio pop!


  • Blends foundational and advanced JavaScript topics
  • Emphasis on hands-on learning with numerous projects for your portfolio
  • Coverd practical web development and app development skills


  • No certificate of completion and lack of instructor interaction

11. [Wes Bos] JavaScript 30


Key Information JavaScript30
Course Instructor: Wes Bos
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Duration: 30 Days (Video content)
Free of Paid: Free
Certificate: None
Enrolled Students: N/A 

Why we chose this JavaScript course

When it comes to learning JavaScript, building projects might arguably be the best way to take your beginner skills to the next level.

That’s why we’ve chosen Wes Bos's JavaScript30, as it’s probably one of the most hands-on and practical JS courses around in 2024. 

If you’re not familiar with Wes, he’s a super-experienced instructor with lots of experience. And what’s more impressive is that he’s offering this impressive course for free. Kudos!

I also like that this course is all about using vanilla JS, which simply means you won’t be using frameworks or libraries here. Just plain JavaScript.

Quick disclaimer, this is an intermediate course, so should already have some vanilla JS skills in your toolkit.

If this sounds like you, read on!

For me, one of the most enticing aspects of this course is the challenge itself: build for 30 days straight! 

This lines up perfectly with the idea that the best learning emerges from doing. 

Of course, you don’t need to build all of the projects if you’d prefer to focus on areas that line up with your own goals.

Some of my stand-outs include the JavaScript Drum Kit and a custom HTML5 Video Playe. But whatever you choose, expect to get stuck in!

Regardless of the path you choose, taking the time to build these projects will help you transition from sort of knowing JS, to understanding how to use it.

So not only will your portfolio be grateful, but if you have future plans to earn a JavaScript certification, leveling up your knowledge by building apps will hold you in good stead. 


  • Free and in-depth learning from a seasoned professional, Wes Bos
  • Engage in real-world projects for 30 consecutive days
  • Learn the latest JavaScript tools and techniques for 2024's industry needs


  • None

12. [Simplilearn] JavaScript Full Course

Key InformationJavaScript Full Course
Course Instructor: Simplilearn
Level: Beginner
Duration: 11.5 hours
Free or Paid: Free
Certificate: No
Enrolled Students: N/A

Why we chose this JavaScript course

We had to include another YouTube favorite with this free JavaScript course from Simplilearn. 

With more than 3 million subscribers at the time of writing, they are one of the very best free resources for learning about programming.

At only 11 hours in length, I highly recommend this course if you want to jump into learning JavaScript without making the leap to invest in a paid course right now.

You can expect to dive straight into basics like the classic "Hello World" program,  before covering essentials like loops, arrays, and objects. 

You’ll also be learning foundational concepts like operators, error handling, and regular expressions.

With the basics down, you’ll be ready to learn modern JavaScript features like callback functions, promises, async-await, and even error-handling techniques. 

And if you have your eyes set on becoming a web developer, you’ll enjoy the sections on accessing HTML elements and validation.

I also think that a standout feature of this course is the emphasis on practical application. As you’ve guessed, this is really important to us at!

By the end of this course, you’ll have built two entry-level projects via a game and an e-commerce platform.

These projects are ideal for absolute beginners, giving you the confidence to branch out into more advanced real-world projects.


  • Totally free JavaScript course
  • Comprehensive curriculum, ensuring a solid foundation in JavaScript
  • Emphasizes hands-on learning with simple projects


  • No certificate of completion and lack of instructor interaction

How To Choose the Best JavaScript Courses in 2024?

When looking for the best online courses for JavaScript, we considered a range of factors to help us compile this list with the help of the community.

  1. Course Duration and Flexibility: We understand that our readers have diverse backgrounds, including working professionals who want to upskill in their spare time, students who want to kick-start their JavaScript careers, and more. That's why we've prioritized various courses with self-paced learning and flexibility in course duration.
  2. Instructor Expertise: The ability of the instructor to explain complex concepts in an understandable manner can make or break your learning experience. Our top JavaScript courses feature instructors with a proven track record in JavaScript.
  3. Course Reviews: We've paid close attention to feedback from past students, ensuring our selected courses have garnered positive reviews for their content, instruction, and overall learning experience.
  4. Industry-Recognized Certificates: A certificate from a renowned institution or organization can make your resume stand out. Our list aims to prioritize the best JavaScript online courses with certificates.
  5. Hands-On Projects and Tools: Applying your learning is crucial. Each course in our list includes hands-on JavaScript projects that can reinforce your learning and enhance your portfolio, which is essential for landing a job with your JavaScript skills. 

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, the 12 best javascript courses in 2024, including javascript courses for beginners and experienced pros.

Our evaluation also considered free and paid javascript courses, so whether you’re testing the waters or ready to enrol on a paid course, there’s something for you on our list.

Plus, whatever your career aspirations, whether that’s front-end, back-end, or full-stack development, I hope these javascript courses can help you achieve your goals.

Happy learning!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Best Free Course to Learn JavaScript?

This depends on your preferred style of learning and your budget. This article includes a range of free and paid online courses with text-based and video content to help you find the best tutorial for javascript.

2. Is JavaScript Worth Learning in 2024?

Yes. JavaScript continues to grow in popularity and still ranks as the most popular programming language.

3. Can I learn JavaScript in 2 Months? 

If you are an experienced programmer, you can learn JavaScript in 2 months. However, it may take a little longer if you are a total beginner, as you’ll need online courses to learn to think like a programmer, along with learning the JavaScript language.


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