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Mosh Ham
21324 points


Mosh Ham
21324 points

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Amr Ramadan
Amr Ramadan 180 points
3 years ago

But the full course isn't free

Saurabh Hooda
Saurabh Hooda 96970 Points

@amr-ramadan ah. As the tutorial says it's a crash course which is free; the full course is a paid one. Ideally, instructor @mosh-ham should have made this clear at the start of the tutorial that this is part/beginning of the tutorial and user need to pay for the full tutorial/course so that user can take a judicious call before investing 2.5 hours. Having said that, it's a great sneak peek into React so worth the time.

Birante Sy
Birante Sy 22 points
3 years ago


Swapnil Banga
Swapnil Banga 2494 points
3 years ago

It might not be the "full course", but it's a complete course in itself. Covers almost all the main concepts of React (as listed in React docs). Definitely a good one to get started.

Pavithra Ramasamy
Pavithra Ramasamy 12 points
1 year ago

Worth the money. Once you complete the course you will definitely that feel that you can even compete with the experienced people. Quality of the course is very good.

Ayman Alexan Rezk
Ayman Alexan Rezk 12 points
1 year ago

Awesome tutorials ever from the best instructor, Mosh!

1 year ago

The video was outstanding. It is very briefly detailed and easily to understand

Iwlijawt Iwlh
Iwlijawt Iwlh 10 points
7 months ago

literally all of his courses are amazing. This react course is also very easy to understand. Suki desu

Mohmed Ishak
Mohmed Ishak 10 points
7 months ago

It's super comprehensive and you can absolutely nail any concepts in react, and youll be able to solve problems on your own with zero fear of writing react code

Lisa Saffel
Lisa Saffel 10 points
8 months ago

I gave up after the first 13 minutes or so. This seems outdated and things look pretty drastically different now, when trying to do this along with the video, as of Tuesday, January 19, 2021. I found a better, more up to date course.

Mohmed Ishak
Mohmed Ishak 10 points
10 months ago

Mosh is the best, don't think twice, if you like this video just purchase the full course.