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Upload WatchOS app on App Store

Apple Watch / watchOS - “A new chapter in the relationship people have with technology”
Apple watch brings your app experience one step closer to user. Apple watch uses watchKit Framework which lets you create apps for Apple watch and link it with your native app.
In this article, you’ll learn how to upload your first WatchOS app on the App store. This requires a working WatchOS app, If you don’t have any project read this article: Your First WatchOS app and build one.

Upload WatchOS app on App Store


  1. You’ll need a Developer Account. Login or Buy one.
  2. Xcode project with 3 Target Apps: iOS app, WatchOS app, and Watchkit Extension app.


Step 1

  • Click on my Apps and Create a new app there.

Step 2

  • Create one new iOS App and select the respective App ID and copy the same to SKU

Step 3

  • Now Open your project in Xcode and select App from file selector go under general settings and sign the app using the development team.
  • Select watch app and make sure Build identifier follows the pattern .watchkitapp

Step 5

  • Follow step 4 for watchkit extension app and make sure Build identifier follows the pattern .watchkitapp.watchkitextension

Step 6

Upload app to App store

To upload a new app on the App store

  • Select the iOS app and Archive app.
  • In the Organiser, window select your app and select upload app

Step 2 App Store

  • Follow the instructions afterward and you’ll see your app uploaded on Test Flight in App Store Connect

Step 3 App Store

  • To Update WatchOS separately
  • Select Watchkit app only from the Xcode

WatchOs Step 1

  • Increase the Build number and Version
  • Follow the steps above afterward.

Test WatchOS app

  • Add tester from App Store connect

App Store Connect

  • Open Test Flight App in iPhone
  • Install App on iPhone after that you’ll see a toggle button to install the app on iWatch


Now you have your app running on the watch via TestFlight. WWDC19 happened and announced watchOS6 and SwiftUI. With which you don’t need to have an iOS app for watch App, it now has a dedicated app store which means now you can create independent apps for Apple Watch. Now you can use SwiftUI to make iOS apps, watchOS apps, tvOS apps, and iPadOS apps. Here’s a sample code for SwiftUI Sample Project for iOS. A blog for First watchOS app using SwiftUI coming soon.

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