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Install macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta

This year’s most awaited and biggest event, WWDC19, revealed some awesome tech and high-end hardware. All those cool features are out and you can try your hands out on them right away. After macOS Mojave, on June 3 at the WWDC19, Apple announced a new macOS - Catalina 10.15. Install and explore all the new features of Catalina. Let's Go!

What is new in macOS Catalina 10.15 ?

As per Apple in WWDC19 keynote, macOS Catalina is the world’s most advanced desktop operating system. Along with all the cool features of Mojave 10.14 (Latest Stable release), macOS Catalina contains :

new in macOS Catalina 10.15

  1. All new iTunes which includes Mail, Calendar, and Safari with a dock to switch between.
  2. All New Apple Music app with the personalised recommendation of your choice of music
  3. All New dedicated Podcasts app, again with the personalised recommendation and also ML included search.
  4. All new Apple TV app with 4K HDR 10 support on Mac along with Dolby Vision Atmos
  5. Improved Media Syncing - Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Podcasts, all three sync the content across all your Apple devices completely and seamlessly.
  6. Sidecar” - Now use your iPad as a second display to your mac. That’s coooooooool.
  7. The new addition to Accessibility, Voice Control, where you can control your whole mac with just voice.
  8. Screen Time. Now you can monitor your screen time with app usage.
  9. Massive upgrade to Photos App which will show your memories and photos and will hide duplicate photos automatically. Along with all these, it now has a feature which will intelligently showcase your best shots.
  10. Design and feature upgrades in Notes App, Reminders App, Safari and Mail.
  11. macOS is Secure and Safe. It runs on a dedicated system volume which is read-only and completely separate from all of your data.
  12. Activation Lock - Now you can erase and reactivate your data like on iPhone and iPad. Activation Lock support is available on all new Mac models with T2 security chips
  13. Find My Device - Find all your Apple devices even when they’re offline. Whaaatt ? Yes!
  14. Project Catalyst - with this developers can easily post iPad Apps to heir Macs running Catalina.

You can check all the details of the new features here.

1. Install macOS Catalina

For installing macOS Catalina on your Mac, follow the steps below:

Check if your Mac can run the new macOS Catalina.

Check if your mac can run new macOS Catalina.

2. You'll need a Developer Account. Login or Buy one

You need a Developer Account. Login or Buy one

3. After logging in, click on Downloads

After logging in. Click on Downloads

4. Click on the Install Profile button on the right.

Click on Install Profile.

5. Download and run the DMG file and follow the steps in the wizard.

Run that DMG file and follow steps

6. You’ll be able to see the new macOS Catalina Update in your App Store.

Click Upgrade Now and you’re done.

8. Click Upgrade Now and you’re done


Now your Mac is loaded with all the features and power of the all-new macOS Catalina 10.15. Now you can also install Xcode 11 (How-to guide coming soon!), and develop apps for iOS 13, iPadOS and watchOS 6. Also, if you’re new to this world of App development and are interested in making apps for iOS, here are some awesome Swift courses on

Go learn and code. Cheers !!

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