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10 Best Software Testing Courses to Learn in 2022

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The rapidly growing software industry has resulted in the rising demand for authentic, intuitive, and reliable software. However, there is a massive demand for dependable software, but one cannot be negligent with its quality. It is, therefore, crucial to test the product for bugs before bringing it to professional use. Testing ensures that the software meets the set standards and can deliver the desired results efficiently.

The best part is software testing courses can come in handy to create high-quality software. From beginners to ace software developers, one can grow their skills with these learning programs. Let's have a look at top rated software testing courses available online.

1. ISTQB Software Testing Foundation

ISTQB Software Testing Foundation

Beginners planning to enter the world of software development and testing should go for this learning program. From validating your technical skills to building a strong foundation in software testing, this course will give you a deeper understanding of the concepts. The plus is that the course's syllabus meets the International Software Testing Qualification Board standards.

The course helps students to learn the below-listed concepts:

  • Techniques of Effective Testing
  • Testing Process
  • Techniques of Test Design
  • Test Design Management
  • Test Techniques Selection Process
  • Test Development

IT professionals, test designers, user acceptance testers, test engineers, test analysts, test managers, test consultants, and other professionals with similar roles can also benefit from this course. It will give you practical experience and knowledge of several fundamental software testing concepts.

Prerequisites: There is no requirement of any formal education in the related domain for pursuing this learning program.

Level: Beginner
Rating: 5.0
Duration: 3 months (approximately)

You can signup here.

2. LinkedIn Learning - Monday Productivity Pointers Course – Lynda

Monday Productivity PointersIt is a weekly series that helps individuals to enhance their technological understanding and become productive at the professional front. The brainchild of Nick Brazzi, Jess Stratton, and Garrick Chow, this course will introduce you to techniques needed to build powerful devices and software. It is an ideal learning program for automotive salespersons, IT specialists, customer service specialists, and other professionals belonging to similar fields.

This course comes with the following topics:

  • Productivity Improvement
  • Productivity Software
  • Computer Skills (Mac And Windows)
  • Microsoft Office Use
  • Using Google Platforms
  • Social Networking Skills
  • iOS
  • Student and Teachers Tools

The course is designed to enrich their career by introducing them to the tools and tips of optimizing various platforms. Plus, you'll also learn about a bundle of software testing aspects. Note this program doesn't provide certification to the learners as it's an ongoing series.

Prerequisites: Knowledge and experience in tech and software and other relevant topics are mandatory.

Level: Intermediate
Rating: 4.6
Duration: 27 hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

3. Selenium WebDriver Training with Java Basics

Selenium WebDriver Training with Java and Many Live ProjectsIt is an ideal course for the ones looking for hands-on experience in using Selenium for automating web-based applications. This simple Udemy course helps learners to get started with Selenium automation while learning the basics of java programming and various integrated APIs.

Additionally, the course provides practical experience for framework implementation of the Page Object model, data-driven, hybrid, and more. Students also get opportunities to enrich their skills by designing complex frameworks, making interactive reports, and live projects with efficient use of Extent Reports, XSLT, and ReportNG.

The wide range of contents included in the course include:

  • Selenium basics
  • Core Java
  • Loops and Arrays
  • Classes, Objects, Else and If Statements
  • Prerequisite and configuring Java
  • Java Configuration
  • WebDriver Basics and Reading Javadocs
  • Synchronization – Implicit, Explicit, and Fluent Wait

The program also offers access to training and webinar sessions online. Moreover, students can discuss their queries with top Selenium experts in the industry. Besides Selenium, you'll also learn about various APIs integrations like TestNG, JUnit, and Cucumber BDD that'll help you in creating high-end frameworks.

Prerequisites: The course starts from scratch, so no prior coding or Java knowledge needed

Level: Beginner
Rating: 4.5
Duration: 125 Hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

4.Robot Framework Test Automation - Level 1

Robot Framework Test Automation - Level 1 ( Selenium )It is an ideal course for the learners looking forward to learning Robot Framework Test Automation fundamentals, ways to create test automation suites. Plus, the program also spreads light on the installation and configuration of various elements and about their relationship with testing automation basics.

Furthermore, you'll learn to define the keywords for expressing your tests in professional domain terms. The course also allows the students to learn page object pattern usage for creating secure interpreting, reusable test automation script.

The various topics of this course are:

  • Robot framework test automation
  • Command-line and path basics
  • Selenium library and robot framework
  • Windows 10 installation
  • Mac installation
  • Test automation scripts creation
  • Scalar Variables
  • Selenium Webdriver test automation, and more

With this program, students can gain practical experience of running Robot Framework automated tests from Jenkins, Windows task scheduler, command window, and batch files. There is a bundle of on-demand videos, downloadable material, articles, and other references for the ease of students.

Prerequisites: Students should know about software testing fundamentals and manual test case creation. Prior experience in test automation, Selenium Webdriver, or programming isn't needed, though.

Level: Intermediate
Rating: 4.4
Duration: 6.5 hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

5. Mobile Automation: Appium Cucumber for Android & iOS

Mobile Automation: Appium Cucumber for Android&iOS + JenkinsThis course on Udemy covers a bundle of mobile device automation testing topics. It will help you in learning the use of the Uiautomatorviewer and Appium inspector for identifying various elements featured in the application. Besides, it also offers knowledge about the installation of the tools and other essential factors that play a crucial role in an automation test.

The course majorly covers the following topics:

  • Appium Gestures
  • Android Application Automation With Appium
  • Jenkins Server
  • Cucumber and Ruby Framework
  • iOS App Project Set-Up

Through this course, you'll learn to create a project right from scratch. By the end of this course, learners will become proficient in scalable framework implementation using Ruby and Cucumber. The program comes with over 50 video lectures, several downloadable resources, and on-demand videos.

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge of Ruby programming is needed

Level: Beginner
Rating: 4.4
Duration: 6 Hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

6. WebdriverIO (v5) - Selenium Webdriver using Node.js & More

WebdriverIO - Selenium Webdriver using Node.js & More!It is one of the most popular automation testing courses available at Udemy that enables the learners to gain in-depth knowledge of the automation testing process, WebDriver IO, Selenium, NodeJS, JavaScript, etc. Through this program, you'll gain a better understanding of technologies like JavaScript, Jenkins, Mocha, NodeJS, Selenium, Chai, and Advanced Reporting.

The concepts detailed in this course are:

  • Webdriverio
  • Selenium Standalone Setup
  • Creating Automation Tests
  • Wdio - Review, and Creation
  • Mocha
  • Tests and Sync Mode
  • NPM Scripts and Selenium Standalone
  • Node Assertions
  • Logging
  • Page Object Modeling, Abstraction, and much more.

Furthermore, the course offers invaluable insights into automation frameworks to the students. Plus, it also helps them to gain/enhance the skills relevant to the field. It also teaches about the ways of using the next-gen WebdriverIO test framework for developing advanced frameworks.

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge in Selenium, programming, and testing concepts will be beneficial.

Level: Beginner-Advanced
Rating: 4.3
Duration: 17 hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

7. LinkedIn Learning- Test Automation Engineer Course - Lynda

Become a Test Automation EngineerIt is a perfect course option for individuals who want to achieve great heights as an Automation Engineer. This LinkedIn Learning course will help you in learning a bundle of techniques needed for speeding up software deliveries while improving their overall software development and testing skills.

Through this program, you'll learn about:

  • Test Automation Foundations
  • Learning Selenium
  • Selenium Essential Training
  • Scripting For Testers
  • Robot Framework Test Automation

With this program, students can learn about the tricks and techniques of writing web applications using Selenium and conducting tests for the software with Selenium Grid and Selenium WebDriver API. From test automation fundamentals to component interactions and advanced locators, the course covers almost every aspect of test automation.

Prerequisites: Newbies with zero knowledge of programming and related concepts can go for this course.

Level: Beginner
Rating: 4.3
Duration: 13 hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

8. Learning Test-Driven Development in Java

Learn Test Driven Development in JavaWith a test-driven approach, this course will give you access through video exercises and lessons to create high-end, flawless Java applications while leveraging testability. This program is ideal for learning how a test-driven cycle's rapid feedback loops offer the benefits of quality and productivity. Also, you'll know about the pitfalls of testing, which should be avoided when writing test cases for Java applications.

The core topics of this course are:

  • Test-Driven Development Cycle
  • Reverse Polish Calculator Demonstration
  • SOLID Design Principles
  • Real-World Testing
  • Stubs, Fakes, and Mocks
  • Testing Legacy Code
  • Test Principles
  • Applying TDD

This course is a perfect option for the programmers looking forward to advancing their software program testing skills. With the right skill sets, they can quickly test the programs coded by them. Plus, they will also learn to apply TDD.

Prerequisites –Knowledge of basic Java concepts is mandatory.

Level: Beginner
Rating: 4.2
Duration: 3 Hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

9. Best QA Manual Software Testing

Best QA Manual Software Testing: Live Project+Agile+Jira+APIThis Udemy course designed for beginners and facilitates the students with a practical approach to various software testing topics. With the opportunity to work on real-time projects, you'll get hands-on experience of working in a professional environment. All the concepts are elaborated nicely in this program.

On completing this course, learners will have a good understanding of QA Basics and testing types. Plus, they'll know tricks and techniques of starting the testing. You'll also learn about the defects, test cases, and plans.

The course covers a bundle of topics including:

  • API Testing
  • Live Projects
  • Release Process
  • JIRA Installation and other Test Management Tools
  • Test Cases
  • Defect Life Cycle
  • Test Plan
  • Different Environments
  • Real-Time Testing

On taking up this program, you'll learn everything about the software testing process, different ways of software development, client requirement documents, real-time testing, and much more. To sum up, you'll become an expert in a complete software testing approach.

Prerequisites: Learners must be well-versed in running the computer and should have access to speedy internet.

Level: Beginner
Rating: 4.1
Duration: 4 hours (approximately)

You can signup here.

10. Diploma in Computer Networking

Introduced by Alison, this free online course offers Computer Networking Diploma to the students. Plus, it also facilitates them with Level 1 professional job training. Newbies who want to learn the concepts of WANs, LANs, network protocols and architecture used for security purposes should opt for this course.

The different topics added to this course are:

  • Local Area Networks
  • Networks With Osi Models
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Wired And Wireless Networks
  • Internet Protocol
  • TCP/IP Tools
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Network Infrastructure And Network Security

In addition to the above, learners can gain knowledge of various tech and software essentials such as IP addresses, signaling, cables, routing, and others. Moreover, you'll also know how the different LAN components like routers, switches, hubs, etc. aid in efficient and effective LAN communication.

Prerequisites: No programming or other related technical knowledge required for pursuing this course.

Level: Beginner
Rating: 4.0
Duration: Self-paced

You can signup here.


The above-listed Software Testing courses online will offer you access to the crucial info related to the techniques and concepts of software testing. To become a proficient software tester, you must gain in-depth knowledge of the advanced tools needed for handling the complexities of this field and come up with flawless software. These courses may prove out to be career-changers for both new entrants and expert software developers.

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