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C++: From Beginner to Expert (udemy.com)

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Pawan Kumar
6969 Points


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Sir Meant
Sir Meant 44 Points
1 year ago

This is by far the best video series, I have ever watched! It takes you through everything thoroughly and doesn't leave you with the feeling that you've missed anything, at all. Also his Polish accent is exciting! :D
I definitely recommend this video people who are learning C++ as their first language, over the other courses listed here. :) You won't regret learning C++ thoroughly and effortlessly, through this guy.
Anyway, enough talking I am going to get back to this amazing course. XD

Arfan Ayub
Arfan Ayub 10 Points
1 year ago

will I get a free C++ software (for student use) with the course?

Saurabh Hooda
Saurabh Hooda 54808 Points
1 year ago

@arfan-ayub To run your C++ programs, you need a compiler. You can download C++ compilers for free from the internet. This course also tells you who how do it step by step from a basic program.

Kenneth Calayo
Kenneth Calayo 10 Points
8 months ago

@saurabh-hooda @arfan-ayub is there any free site for this vid?

Hüseyin Şahin
Hüseyin Şahin 10 Points
1 year ago