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The 11 Best AI Books in 2024 [Updated Guide] | Beginner to Pro

In this article, we share the 11 best ai books in 2024. Whether you’d like to land a job in AI or want to further your career by learning new skills, we’ve included ai books for beginners and experienced professionals.

As we stride into the second half of 2024, AI continues to be one of the dominant themes in tech, not to mention the ever-growing raft of popular AI tools like ChatGPT and GitHub CoPilot that are revolutionizing how we work. If you want to learn more about this field, reading one of the best ai books is a strong place to start.

You may be asking, how can I develop AI skills? Well, alongside taking some of the best AI courses, you cannot go wrong by reading one of the best ai books.

So if you’re ready, let’s dive into the best ai books in 2024 to help you develop the skills you need to excel in this exciting field.

The Best AI Books In 2024

1. Python: Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

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Why we chose this book

This book helps you to gain real-world contextualization using deep learning problems concerning research and application. Design and implement machine intelligence using real-world AI-based examples. This book offers knowledge in machine learning, deep learning, data analysis, TensorFlow, Python, and the fundamentals of AI, and will be able to apply your skills in real-world projects.

2. Python: Advanced Guide to Artificial Intelligence

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Why we chose this book

This book is a complete guide to learning popular machine learning algorithms. You will learn how to extract features from your dataset and perform dimensionality reduction by using Python-based libraries.

You'll also learn about the advanced features of Tensorflow and how to implement different techniques related to object classification, object detection, image segmentation, and more. By the end of this book, you will have an in-depth knowledge of Tensorflow and will be the go-to person for solving AI problems.

3. Artificial Intelligence By Example

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Why we chose this book

This book serves as a starting point for understanding how Artificial Intelligence works with the help of real-life scenarios. You will be able to understand the most advanced machine learning models, understand how to apply AI to blockchain and IoT and develop emotional quotients in chatbots using neural networks.

By the end of this book, you will have understood the fundamentals of AI and worked through a number of case studies that will help you develop the business vision. This book will help you develop your adaptive thinking to solve real-life AI cases. Prior experience with Python and statistical knowledge is essential to make the most out of this book.

4. Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction

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Why we chose this book

This book equips you with a fundamental grasp of Artificial Intelligence and its impact. It provides a non-technical introduction to important concepts such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, and more. Further, the author expands on the questions surrounding the future impact of AI on aspects that include societal trends, ethics, governments, company structures, and daily life.

5. A First Course in Artificial Intelligence

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Why we chose this book

This book follows a bottom-up approach exploring the basic strategies needed for problem-solving with artificial intelligence. Its main features include an introductory course on Artificial Intelligence, a knowledge-based approach using agents all across, and detailed, well-structured algorithms with proofs.

6. Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach (3rd Edition)

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Why we chose this book

This book covers the changes and developments in Artificial Intelligence, including practical speech recognition, machine translation, autonomous vehicles, and household robotics. It also covers progress in areas like probabilistic reasoning, machine learning, and computer vision.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Why we chose this book

This book is primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science and engineering. This textbook covers the gap between the difficult contexts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It provides the most number of case studies and worked-out examples.

In addition to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it also covers various types of learning like reinforced, supervised, unsupervised and statistical learning. It features well-explained algorithms and pseudo-codes for each topic which makes this book very useful for students.

8. Artificial Intelligence Engines: A Tutorial Introduction to the Mathematics of Deep Learning

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Why we chose this book

In this book, key neural network learning algorithms are explained, followed by detailed mathematical analyses. Online computer programs collated from open-source repositories give hands-on experience with neural networks. It is an ideal introduction to the algorithmic engines of modern-day artificial intelligence.

9. Artificial Intelligence: An Essential Beginner’s Guide to AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, The Internet of Things, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Our Future

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Why we chose this book

This book will show you the basic concepts of artificial intelligence as well as many other topics surrounding AI and machine learning. It even delves into issues like AI and employment, as well as AI and ethics. If you want to dive into the more technical aspects of AI, consider pairing this with the top picks in our list.

10. Artificial Intelligence: Learning Automation Skills with Python

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Why we chose this book

This book explores the potential consequences of Artificial Intelligence and how it will shape the world in the coming years. It familiarizes how AI aims to aid human cognitive limitations. It covers the history of artificial intelligence, the state of machine learning, artificial neural networks, and how AI affects our daily lives.

11. Applied Artificial Intelligence: A Handbook for Business Leaders

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Why we chose this book

Applied Artificial Intelligence is a practical guide for business leaders who are passionate about leveraging machine intelligence to enhance the productivity of their organizations and the quality of life in their communities. This book focuses on driving concrete business decisions through applications of artificial intelligence and machine language. It is one of the best practical guides for business leaders looking to get true value from the adoption of Machine Learning Technology.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the field of study that simulates the processes of human intelligence on computer systems. 

These processes include the acquisition of information, using them, and approximating conclusions. 

The research topics in AI include problem-solving, reasoning, planning, natural language, programming, and machine learning. Automation, robotics, and sophisticated computer software and programs characterize a career in Artificial Intelligence. 

Basic foundations in maths, technology, logic, and engineering can go a long way in kick-starting a career in Artificial Intelligence.

How to Learn Artificial Intelligence?

If you’re wondering how to learn artificial intelligence from scratch, maybe consider starting with Python. You can choose to pick this up via self-study or by considering some of the best Python courses.

You should then consider branching out into data science, and again, one of the best ways to learn data science is to take some of the best data science courses. You'll then be ready to learn about machine learning and artificial intelligence. When you reach this stage, refer to the AI books in this article to help you learn the skills you need.

Another great way to elevate your data science and AI skills is to take part in Kaggle competitions, as these can test your knowledge and skills. The great thing about this approach is that you'll be solving the same problems as other engineers, giving you the chance to see different approaches that you may not have thought of otherwise.

Final Thoughts

So there you go, the 11 best ai books to read in 2024, with a range of ai books for beginners and experienced professionals.

As we continue to see an exponential adoption of AI in all industries and sectors, taking the time to read one of the best ai books can be a shrewd way to add valuable AI skills to your toolkit. 

Whichever of these ai books you choose to read, we wish you luck as you continue your journey into the exciting and innovative world of AI. 

Happy reading!

Looking for the best way to learn AI in 2024 but not sure where to start? Check out:

Coursera's Top Rated Course - AI For Everyone from DeepLearning.AI

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which book is best for learning AI?

The best book for artificial intelligence will depend on your skill level and your starting point. Additionally, it can also depend on your particular interests. On this list are some of the best artificial intelligence books currently available on the market. It may benefit you to check them out and see whether any of them suit your needs most.

2. Can I learn AI on my own?

Yes! Even without any prior knowledge or experience in engineering, it is entirely possible to learn AI on your own and from the comfort of your home. You can certainly learn about concepts and theories around AI, but that alone isn’t enough. You can create some simple machine learning projects to put your knowledge to the test and work with artificial intelligence in practice. Hands-on experience is key to being able to fully grasp a subject, after all.

3. How do I start learning about AI?

Getting started with AI doesn’t have to be difficult. There are clear and simple steps you can take, such as reading some of the best AI books on this list. However, don’t just pick up any artificial intelligence book — make sure you look for one that suits your level and interests. For example, if you’re new to AI, start with what you think is the best book for artificial intelligence for beginners.

4. Can I learn AI without coding?

It is definitely possible, but it also depends on your idea of learning artificial intelligence. There are now some tools online that can let you start experimenting with machine learning and artificial intelligence without ever needing to know how to code. For example, there are services through which you can train AI tools on your own without knowledge of coding or programming, but the use cases are limited.

5. Is AI based on a book?

Yes and no. An unrelated A.I. is indeed based on a book. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a science fiction and drama movie from 2001 that was not just written but also directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg. That said, the AI that we're referring to in this article is a term coined by Stanford computer science professor John McCarthy.

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