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AI Applications


The era of artificial intelligence

2019 has witnessed a major turnaround in artificial intelligence with a solidified belief of the customers. 41% of them firmly believing that it is going to improve their lives in some way or the other. The conscious boom created by customers in helping companies is pretty evident with the fact that over 33% think that they are already using applications and platforms that are artificially intelligent.

These numbers are quite convincing for the mature minds of the industry to gauge that artificial intelligence is building a grass root level confidence in customers. Once customers get a greater sense of belief, businesses align themselves with it. In a world where 49% of companies are looking to adopt machine learning with a business-driven agenda, deepest, keen explorations of AI are on the cards.

The chain reaction involving consumers, their belief and the trust of businesses in AI is directly putting artificial intelligence as one of the most demanded skills in the millennial generation. New age professionals are excited to learn AI via artificial neural networks or machine learning courses. It is important for them to understand that these entirely funnel into data analytics with branching applications that help you ultimately achieve artificial intelligence.

According to TechRepublic, machine learning, the world’s most demanded skills in AI. The stats and the reputation of artificial intelligence are enough for the world to take a deep breath and look at miraculous applications of artificial intelligence in 2024.

(Artificial Intelligence) AI Applications

Here are the most surprising, breathtaking examples of artificial intelligence across several fields in 2024

1. Smarter Agriculture

It might be hard to believe but analysts are continuously reaffirming that we will need 50% of extra food on earth by 2050. It is quite a challenging task. Artificial intelligence is raising the bar as always. Berlin-based start-up PEAT is recently reported successful at designing, developing artificially intelligent application software. The AI-based tool is capable of analyzing the nutrient profile of the soil just by scanning through the pictures.

It is a great application for solving a lot of agricultural production problems. It will help us counter the challenge of increasing production by 50% until 2050. Apart from higher production, it will also reduce the operation cost, make cultural practices highly efficient and increase the value for money in the respective sector.

Apart from what has been considered with the soil profile, there are new-age IoT-based artificially intelligent module is that are performing rigorous applications of climate prediction, best crop management, fertilizer optimization and magnified growth organically nurtured crops.

2. Humane customer support and problem resolution

It is quite subdued and greatly disguised under AI agents but it is important to note that artificial intelligence-enabled assistance and basic chatbots are distinct and very different. A typical chatbot is a preprogrammed functionality that is capable of answering questions that are programmed and planned as per the user journey. Whereas, artificially intelligent agents are genuinely capable of increasing the degree of customer interaction and help businesses engage customers in a more penetrating manner.

Artificial intelligence is helping businesses improve and continuously enrich the customer experience when customers ask questions other than the common ones. Also, it handles the abnormal demands which are under the scope of capability for artificially intelligent agents.

3. Music & entertainment industry

Music wavelength analysis, social media reaction analysis, sentimental analysis of reviews from the entertainment and music industry are shaping it like never before. Recently, gigantic OTT media service provider Netflix collaborated with Black Mirror production to change the scenario of storytelling forever.

They have released a very innovative piece of content (a movie) which molded the story as per choices selected by the audience through the options given on-screen. Imagine your favorite character is doing as you wish and the story moves in for a breathtaking climax just the way you want. It has been a revolutionary landmark step by Netflix. They have exhibited the courage of outgrowing the usual competition in OTT content and coming up with a new way of storytelling that opens up larger venues of competition. The concept is a finished product of rigorous analysis of customer behavior while browsing similar content.

Keeping the entertainment aside, the recently released song called ‘heartbreak’ is trending at number four in Apple Music charts. It is a pure result of sentimental analysis; text mining and rigorous intensive calculations by an artificial neural network which have determined the tune and tempo of the song that is most likely to be enjoyed by customers. These are all in-depth applications of artificial intelligence which are motivating a multitude of new-age professionals and undergraduates to build artificial intelligence as one of their core skills.

4. Superhuman doctors in healthcare

Recently, MIT-based scientists have come up with diagnostic solutions capable of predicting breast cancer up to 5 years from actual occurrence. The MRI scan and 3-D imaging are making it possible for artificially intelligent tools to scan through live and static images for breast cancer diagnosis. It is one of the most lucrative propositions is that AI is offering for the healthcare industry. Consequently, diagnosis is becoming a better and much more precise compared to the earlier times. Artificial intelligence has also moved a level up with artificially intelligent agents that are capable of diagnosing diseases and illnesses just with a computer-based interaction in the form of QA and experience description.

Artificial intelligence is certainly helping doctors and diagnostics and the upcoming years are sure to witness a superhuman doctor which is under rapid incubation. It is reported to be highly capable and well versed with all surgery techniques and it will take its long ride to maturity before it comes out in the market for public use.


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5. Credibility analysis in finance

Have you ever imagined that no credit analysts, finance officials or actuaries but an artificial intelligence tool will decide if you deserve the credit card or any sort of credit instrument or not?

Yes, it is extensively acknowledged by the BFSI industry. Global financial organizations are using artificially intelligent tools and electronically procured behavior of individuals; apart from their assets and credit history which would usually define their total credibility. The ultimate objective is to save companies from burning cash in NPAs and lost money because of defaulters and denied payment.

6. Recipe suggestions and cookery & cuisine

It is quite undebatable that AI is capable of impacting our lives at an altogether different level but who thought it will also bring out innovations in cuisine and cookery field with branded pioneering of absolutely new dishes. The Play renowned chef and cuisine field thought leader collaborated with techies to build an artificially intelligent agent which will suggest a recipe that you have never seen before. It based on the type and quantity of ingredients available in the kitchen. Apart from the direct recipes which it can tell you in a jiffy, this opens up a whole new world of innovation in the cuisine and cookery field.

7. Extraterrestrial exploration

We all know that life is made up of five core elements. Different configurations and combinations of these elements make different life forms and give rise to various ecosystems. Artificial intelligence is catalyzing extraterrestrial exploration to help space scientists search for life on different planets. Based on the climatic activities and the natural resources around, artificially intelligent bots are being planned to be sent on several planets for becoming a frontier of the studies that will eventually determine if life exists on those planets.

You should not be surprised if someday artificially intelligent bots report that one of the moons of Saturn is capable of nurturing human life for a certain period in their calendar year. Yes, it can happen and artificial intelligence is broadening the avenues of exploration at a humongous scale.

2019 & beyond

Millennials and new-age professionals are aggressively looking to acquire artificial intelligence centric skills as their core specialty. Enthusiastic individuals can start learning artificial intelligence and other present-day technologies which will help them become more competent as the world progresses through 2024. Take up top-quality programming courses that will help you build record knowledge of information technology and help you progress at a faster pace.

As these young professionals take up different skills, we can expect artificial intelligence to mature at a faster pace, come up with much better solutions practicing problem-solving at a degree unconquered in the past. It is going to give rise to new jobs as MLaaS or Machine Learning As A Service is going to be the next big thing in technology. Local businesses are coming out with machine learning-enabled business products. These products will help other businesses be more productive and reach their business goals with concrete, deliberate and well-directed efforts through optimization and automation.

Final word

Artificial intelligence was here before most of us could acknowledge and now it is maturing at a pace that is unusually greater than any other technology in the past. The world is becoming highly competent and repetitive manual jobs are going to be automated very soon. As per the states, over 25% of Jobs are at a huge risk of automation in America because of artificial intelligence. So, the ultimate resort for the young generation is to acquire highly valued skills in technology and problem-solving. Artificial intelligence is there to stay and we can expect it to make our lives much easier in the years to come.

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