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Cool, Fun & Easy Angular Projects for Beginners (with Source Code)

Today, Angular knowledge is a high-demand skill in the software industry. If you are looking for a quick kickstart to your programming career, sinking yourself into Angular can help you achieve your goals. 

Theoretical reading and understanding aren’t enough to get your kickstart — hands-on experience is paramount to giving you the knowledge you need. You need to hone your skills in Angular by working on real-world Angular projects for practice. 

Now, let’s take a look at Angular’s most prominent features. With Angular’s HTML and Typescript functionality, you can build single-page client applications and master this powerful web framework to build real-time applications.

If you’re an Angular beginner, you might want to brainstorm some Angular project ideas to get started on. We’ve done that brainstorming for you already! 

Here are some great Angular projects you can start with to gain experience:

1. NotePad Application 

Github webpage for notepad with Angular

2. Angular Bare Bones Project

The Bare Bones project is an Angular project for beginners that has the npm (Node Package Manager) modules, configuration, scripts, folders, and routing. To work with this project, you must first download node.js. This project teaches you Angular routing in two ways: either with multiple components or as a simple service. This application is a favorite for all beginners, as it’s simple and easy to understand.

Node.js bare bones angular project screenshot

3.  Standard Chat Application

Image of a phone with the Snapchat standard chat application

A beginner’s favorite, standard chat applications are a basic Angular demo project and interesting application for newcomers to the platform. To build this application, you’ll use Angular CLI, RxJS, and Typescript. And, you’ll write injectable services using Angular 2, Node.js, and more. 

Three models make up the average chat application: Message, Thread, and User. Message holds individual chat messages, Thread hosts metadata for message groups, and User contains individual user data. 

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 4. URL Shortener

URL shortener Polr webpage

The URL shortener is an interesting and trending Angular project for beginners. To start, you can use Polr as a host for your URL shortener. 

Polr is an open-source application that uses MySQL to organize your links. The tool also helps you add themes to brand your URL. You can also use support from TypeScript, Express, and MongoDB to create your own URL shortener. 

5.  AngularJS Google Maps (AGM) 

Angular Google Maps Webpage Photo

AGM is one of the best AngularJS real-time projects you can try as a beginner. It uses CoffeeScript and Javascript to integrate Google Maps into your Angular application, helping you track any location. For this specific variety of AngularJS projects, you can find AGM source code on GitHub, but before proceeding, we recommend you install Node.js first. 

6. Compodoc

When it comes to Angular documentation and search functions Compodoc is the solution. The tool helps you create documentation for various APIs like modules, components, pipes, and routes. You’ll have no trouble getting the hang of Compudoc, as it has similar themes from familiar tools like Gitbook, Stripe, and Vagrant. 

Image of Compodoc webpage

7.  Soundnode

Soundnode webpage image

This open-source project helps Windows, Linux, and Mac users stream music using the Soundcloud API. You can use Soundnode to easily listen to audio tracks, create playlists, and interact with followers on the platform. Some other features include: 

  • Native media keyboard shortcuts
  • Simple navigation
  • Listen to songs from your Stream, Likes, Tracks, Following, or Playlists
  • Like and Save songs
  • Full playlist feature
  • Follow/Unfollow users

8. Admin Panel Framework 

Image of BlurAdmin Webpage


Admin Panel Framework is a great way to get your feet wet with Angular projects. With AngularJS, you can use the BlurAdmin project to design a totally customizable admin panel framework. 

Some great features for BlurAdmin include:

  • Easy customization
  • Responsive layouts
  • High-res templates
  • Affordability (free)

9. Storybook

Image of Storybook webpage OK

Storybook is a unique, open-source tool created specifically for developing UI components for Angular, React, and Vue-based applications. What’s great about Storybook is that you can run it concurrently, outside other applications. Building components through Storybook enhances the app’s speed, reusability, and testability. 


Accompanied with a user-friendly API, Storybook helps you meet dynamic needs with its easy configuration and add-on features. 

10. Angular - Hello World

The ‘Hello World’ Angular project is great for newcomers to Angular and Typescript. Using package.json and npm, it loads Angular modules and offers you a basic overview of the project structure. Since it only has one module and component, you’re free to experiment and play around with its different features. 


Having seen a glimpse of the 10 best kickstart Angular projects, now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get hands-on with Angular. Remember to keep your learning on the move as a lot of new developments and changes keep happening in the Angular world.

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