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Learn Clojure and ClojureScript online from the best Clojure tutorials submitted and voted by the programming community. ClojureScript tutorials are covered under Clojure topic for the time being till Hackr gets enough submissions to make it a separate category (that it deserves!).

Clojure Articles

Clojure for the Brave and True

8.6k+ views braveclojure.com
20 Visit
Free Book

Clojure By Example

7.7k+ views kimh.github.io
12 Visit

Clojure Fundamentals For Beginners

5.7k+ views udemy.com
6 Visit
Paid Video

Functional Programming with Clojure

5.2k+ views moocfi.github.io
2 Visit

Clojure Series

4.5k+ views writingcoding.blogspot.com
2 Visit

Clojure Koans

4.9k+ views github.com
2 Visit
Free Exercises/Practice-programs

Clojure In Small Pieces

4.7k+ views daly.axiom-developer.org
2 Visit

ClojureScript Unraveled

4.1k+ views leanpub.com
1 Visit
Book Beginner Paid ClojureScript

Clojure: The Essential Reference

4.1k+ views manning.com
+1 Visit
Paid Book Beginner

Parens of the Dead (zombie-themed games written with Clojure)

4k+ views parens-of-the-dead.com
+1 Visit
Free Beginner Video
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