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The Flask Mega Tutorial (blog.miguelgrinberg.com)

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Scott Million
Scott Million 14 points
1 year ago

I'm VERY grateful for this tutorial. I had just finished up "learn python the hard way" and was looking for the next steps in pursuing web app development. This was a natural transition and was well explained and I would have been happy had I purchased it (it's free currently). Heads up, having some basic html knowledge is a good idea before jumping in. I had this so no problem, but if you didn't you might get confused with the different syntax.

Anukanksha Choudhary

@scott-million can you please tell me where did you find the course for free?

Scott Million
Scott Million 12 Points

@anukanksha-choudhary @scott-million Click visit tutorial at the top of this page. It's still free as far as I can see. If you're talking about lpthw the web version used to be free but it looks like only a sample of each chapter is free now.

Siddhartha Khanooja
Siddhartha Khanooja 100 points
1 year ago

This one's a great course. Was stuck between learning Flask and Django for linking Python and the frontend for a project, and this tutorial helped me sideline Django and focus on Flask. It's also being updated for the latest versions of Python (v3.6) and Flask (v0.12), and will get fully updated by May 2018. You will learn enough to get up and running. :)