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Christian Nogueras Rosado

Super helpful

2 months ago

The best teacher i have come across in Youtube :)

Velibor Pjevalica
2 months ago

Mosh is the living legend, his video lessons are the best and it worth for his python tutorial as well!

Nuruddin Siraj
2 months ago

Nice Tutorial for Beginner, Thanks Mosh

Mohammed Ramadane
2 months ago

Mosh should start teaching teachers how to make tutorials that are so captivating they make you fall in love with learning again.

Sara Saiedpour
4 days ago

Great and so helpful for the beginners. Saved my limited time as a PhD student and mother of two lively boys! Thank you Mosh!

Scott &
2 months ago

I thought this was great, very helpful for me (a beginner) I have one problem, when trying to run the code I was writing I would always get the path to the folder with the code response at the end of it, then when I typed in the python app py instructions it would run the code sequence but it would not keep it in memory, i would have to do it every time. I tried the dollar sign like you did in the video, that was of no help, I assume that is an apple thing, I am using window 10. No matter what I did I could never get it to execute and display just the code I wrote by itself like in your video. hope you can help me, frustrated.