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Kunal Vats
1 year ago

Any prerequisite to start this course?

Ashwin Jayaprakash
1 year ago

@kunal-vats Its explained in the introduction.

Doydle Llama
2 years ago

Great resource, professor explains things very well, and the assignments are relevant and challenging.

Khushal Sharma
2 years ago

does this course have programing or only algo's?

Saurabh Hooda
2 years ago

@khushal-sharma This is from the course syllabus: "This course includes programming assignments designed to help you understand how to implement the learning algorithms in practice."

Robert Martin
1 year ago

@khushal-sharma It does have programming, but in Octave/Matlab, which nobody really uses for machine learning.

Sahana Ks
8 months ago

Is it a self paced course?

Saurabh Hooda
8 months ago

@sahana-ks It's not a self paced course. You need to enroll in the course and then for the best output go with the flow of the course. However, once you've enrolled you will have access to all the materials forever so you can access those and revisit those at your pace.