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Michael Zavarella
800 points

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Md Tasin
Md Tasin 10 points
3 years ago

Please help me

Md Tasin
Md Tasin 10 points
3 years ago

I want to learn programming

Michael Car
Michael Car 24 points
5 years ago

Oh, where do I begin?! I can't think of any right now but if you Google it, you will be VERY surprised, but Java is the basis of very many huge websites, it is used to run Blu-ray Players (look at the back of a Blu-ray player sometime and you can see the little coffee cup Java insignia). Many games are made with Java. Before a lot of the new languages came out, both C (not C++ and I never knew why) and Java were the 2 main languages in making games. Yeah, Java is still used today for lots of things and even its creators know it's not going away any time soon. Otherwise, they would not have just come out with a brand new version, Java 9. It was known about for a while but it was just publicly released last week. I hope that helps.

Tanveer Ahmad
Tanveer Ahmad 10 points
5 years ago

what is java used for