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Eloquent JavaScript (

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Gaurav Gupta
64815 points

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Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 64815 points
7 years ago

When I submitted this tutorial, I had no clue it would get so many upvotes!

Sumanth Mungari
Sumanth Mungari 20 Points

@gaurav-gupta I'm good in JavaScript, how many days would it take me to complete this book?

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 64815 Points

@sumanth-mungari-1 No idea :) It's upto you!

Kiên's Duplicate
Kiên's Duplicate 10 Points

@gaurav-gupta This book is hard to learn, and i don't know English. It could take me a 2 years to go throught :(

Kiên Tươi
Kiên Tươi 26 Points

@gaurav-gupta Gave up for a long time, at chapter 5 hehe

Bryankylan 10 Points

@gaurav-gupta are you the author of this tutorial

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 64815 Points

@bryankylan I wish, but no :)

Bryankylan 10 Points

@gaurav-gupta how is the tutorial anyways?

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 64815 Points

@bryankylan One of the best I have seen.

O Milli
O Milli 10 points
2 years ago

This is a great resource but not as good as "". is the absolute best for beginners. However, if you are pressed for time, eloquentjs works excellently as well.

Avinash Chaudhary
Avinash Chaudhary 10 points
4 years ago

How much hrs it will take?