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Gaurav Gupta
50781 points

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Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 50781 points
5 years ago

When I submitted this tutorial, I had no clue it would get so many upvotes!

Sumanth Mungari
Sumanth Mungari 20 Points

@gaurav-gupta I'm good in JavaScript, how many days would it take me to complete this book?

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 50781 Points

@sumanth-mungari-1 No idea :) It's upto you!

Kiên's Duplicate
Kiên's Duplicate 10 Points

@gaurav-gupta This book is hard to learn, and i don't know English. It could take me a 2 years to go throught :(

Kiên Tươi
Kiên Tươi 22 Points

@gaurav-gupta Gave up for a long time, at chapter 5 hehe

Bryankylan 10 Points

@gaurav-gupta are you the author of this tutorial

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 50781 Points

@bryankylan I wish, but no :)

Bryankylan 10 Points

@gaurav-gupta how is the tutorial anyways?

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 50781 Points

@bryankylan One of the best I have seen.

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1 month ago


Rana Adnan
Rana Adnan 10 points
7 months ago

How use of java script

John d
John d 10 points
1 year ago

What is this

Avinash Chaudhary
Avinash Chaudhary 10 points
1 year ago

How much hrs it will take?