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Jamie Shannon
870 points

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Jack 10 points
10 months ago

For me the exercises are not very clear.

Kiên Tươi
Kiên Tươi 20points
6 months ago

@jack-4 really ?

Jarred Cole
Jarred Cole 10points
2 months ago

@jack-4 I agree they are not clear and some of them are too complex. I got 18 % into the course and it started to get difficult and vague when I got to control flow section 5. Others that got beyond me were saying the collections section and the OOP section were difficult as well. Now I'm currently looking to see what other courses i can take. For the money it's a good option but I don't think it's as beginner friendly as the instructor claims it to be. I understand the syntax but the logic in order to solve the challenges is not being taught/reinforced and/ or the challenge instructions are hard to follow.

Jack 10 points
10 months ago

before get the lecture it might be also helpful to check the reviews with 1 star. I did not and i regret. I understand and agree on most of the bad review. I will not say much, though.

Kiên Tươi
Kiên Tươi 20points
6 months ago

@jack-4 Is that so?

Kiên Tươi
Kiên Tươi 20 points
1 year ago

many concepts to learn, good :3

Tshivhiahuvhi Mpfuluseni Sense
2 years ago

I am a student who want to learn how to program from scretch but starting from second program