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Sagrika Das
1 year ago

What will be challenges being a new programming learner

Varun #
1 year ago

@sagrika-das You will have lots of syntax error. You will be frustrated and want to give up. But, don't do that. Practice makes a man perfect. Strive until you get the output. You cannot control the joy after getting the desired result. You will think that you had done a great job because you have worked hard for it. Keep learning because the day you stops learning is the day you stop growing. Happy Coding!

Sunil Kumar
3 months ago


Anthony Estorpe
1 year ago

im eager to learn but i dont know where to start

Saurabh Hooda
1 year ago

@anthony-estorpe Start this course or any other that you like & begin learning. What's stopping you?

Saar Jochum
7 months ago

@saurabh-hooda @anthony-estorpe the 150 euro price tag

Saurabh Hooda
7 months ago

@saar-jochum valid point, Saar. There are several great free courses options as well on our C tutorials page, please have a look at those. Also, udemy coupons are very easy to find on the internet so you might find coupons offering up to 80-90% discount.