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5 Best Hadoop Certifications to Choose in 2024


Is this the same as Big Data?

Which one has more job opportunities after getting Certification?

If the above are the questions that come in your mind or asked by others to you, then you are the right place to get the exact right answer. In this article, we will go through the explanation about Hadoop and Big Data and reveal which one of them has more job potential.

What is the difference between Hadoop and Big Data?

There is no difference between Hadoop and Big Data. The actual name of the certifications for Hadoop is Big Data Hadoop. The names are used as synonyms but are attached to the same course and certification process.

Why do we need Big Data Hadoop Certification?

Big Data Hadoop Certification certifies that the person is well equipped with the most required skills in the IT industry, which is to deploy, use, and take advantage of Big Data Hadoop. The Big Data Hadoop Certification courses are a combination of training courses for Hadoop developer, Hadoop administrator, Hadoop testing, and analytics with Apache Spark.

Big Data is a new age method of storing, analyzing, and utilizing the huge data inputs which the multinational organizations use for framing out policies and strategies. These huge data inputs help in developing strategies as per the target markets around the world. The customer-centric products are developed, services are made, and changes are applied as per the inputs updated and stored in the big data. The cloud computing process does not offer huge data storing space and is also costly. Big Data Hadoop is, on the other hand, a cheaper and bigger data space that is high in demand in the IT world.

Every multinational company such as McDonald's, Yum Brands, Burger King, Ericcson, Cognizant, Sony, Standard Chartered, Saint-Gobain, Cicso and various others are using big data for storing, analyzing and reviewing the information before making organization policies and strategies for different regions around the world where the business establishment is made.

What will I learn from Big Data Hadoop training and Certification?

  1. You will learn and write various fundamentals applications of Hadoop and YARN.
  2. Learn concepts and applications such as Zookeeper, HBase, Oozie, Pig, Hive, MapReduce, and various others.
  3. Able to set up pseudo-node and multi-node clusters on the Amazon EC2.
  4. Learn to work along with Avro Data Formats.
  5. Get skilled in writing Spark Applications such as Spark, Spark SQL, Data Frame, GraphX, MLlib, and Streaming.
  6. Able to configure ETL tools, including Pig, Hive, MapReduce, and various others using Pentaho, Talend to work.
  7. Apply the Hadoop testing applications for using MRUnit and various other automation tools.
  8. You will be able to handle various practical, real-life projects by using Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Which are the online Big Data Hadoop Certifications?

The online Big Data Hadoop Certifications include the following:

1. Cloudera Hadoop Certification

Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP)

Cloudera has been Hadoop Certification for the last many years. It offers three kinds of Hadoop Certifications namely,

  1. Cloudera Certified Professional - Data Scientist (CCP DS)
  2. Cloudera Certified Administrator for Hadoop (CCAH)
  3. Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer (CCDH).

You can signup here.

2. Hortonworks Hadoop Certification

HDP Certified Developer (HDPCD)

Hortonworks is well known for offering Hadoop Certification for individual specific and relevant job positions they are interested in. They offer certifications namely:

  1. Hortonworks Certified Apache Hadoop Developer (HCAHD)
  2. Hortonworks Certified Apache Hadoop Administrator (HCAHA)

You can signup here.

3. MapR Hadoop Certification

Big Data Certification Program

MapR Hadoop Certification offers industry-specific Hadoop Certification through advanced cluster knowledge and skills tested in the candidate. The certifications provided are namely:

  1. MapR Certified Hadoop Developer (MCHD)
  2. MapR Certified Hadoop Administrator (MCHA)
  3. MapR Certified HBase Developer (MCHBD)

You can signup here.

4. IBM Hadoop Certification

IBM Certified Data Architect - Big Data

IBM Hadoop Certification comes with the Hadoop training and real-time industry projects that are needed to be cleared for gaining certifications. The candidates are validated with high-level knowledge, skills, and training process that applied in-depth knowledge of Hadoop tools and concepts. The best part of IBM Hadoop Certification is that it comes with NO EXPIRY. This means you won't have to give tests again and again after every two years. The name of the Certifications are:

  1. IBM Big Data Architect Certification.
  2. IBM Big Data Engineer Certification.

You can signup here.

5. SAS Hadoop Certification

Data Curation Professional

SAS is well known for offering certifications in analytics. Their certifications are highly cost-effective and supported by courses that are delivered by highly professional and experienced faculties. The certifications by SAS are namely:

  1. Big Data Professional Using SAS 9 Certification.
  2. Advanced Analytics Professional Using SAS 9 Certification.

You can signup here.

What are the prerequisites of Big Data Hadoop Certifications?

The prerequisites of Big Data Hadoop Certifications include the following:

  1. The student must be a programming developer and system administrator with relevant experience in this field.
  2. The student should have a professional background, knowledge, skills, and acted as a project manager with relevant experience in using Big Data Hadoop.
  3. The student should have the ability to apply features of Big Data Hadoop as a developer, including testing, administration, and analytics.
  4. The student should be an analytics professional.
  5. Knowledge of business intelligence and data warehousing is required.
  6. The candidate may be a graduate or undergraduate, but with dedication and commitment to learning big data.
  7. Basics of UNIX, SQL, and JAVA could help in quick learning of Big Data Hadoop.

What is the data of jobs received by professionals gaining Big Data Hadoop Certification?

  1. It is expected that in the next two years, the global Big Data Hadoop market will increase to $84.6 billion as per the research by Allied Market Research.
  2. It is observed by Indeed that the Hadoop Administrator is earning an average salary of $123,000, Hadoop Developer earns an average salary of $100,000, and the Hadoop Architect earns $172,000 million. These are the highest salaries for a new IT starter.
  3. Finally, IBM reports states that US Data Professionals are expected to observe a rise in jobs by 2.7 million every year.

What are course contents required to learn to gain expertise in Big Data Hadoop Certifications?

The course contents for Big Data Hadoop Certification include the following:

  1. Hadoop installation and setup.
  2. Introduction to Big Data Hadoop.
  3. Deep Dive in MapReduce.
  4. An introduction to HIVE.
  5. Advanced learning about HIVE and Impala
  6. An introduction to Pig.
  7. Advance learning about PIG, including Flume, Sqoop, and HBase.
  8. Scala for writing Spark Application.
  9. Advanced learning about the Spark framework
  10. RDD in Spark.
  11. Learn about Spark SQL and Data framework.
  12. Integrating the outcomes with Apache Flume and Apache Kafka

There are five most popular types of Big Data Hadoop Certifications. These are stated as under:

1. Big Data Hadoop Developer Certificate

This Certification is meant to validate the ability and skills of the candidate in the Spark SQL query and Spark streaming process.

The features of this Certification are:

Exam Pattern It consists of 8 to 12 performance-based tasks
Time duration 2 hours
The score required for passing 70%
Language for the certification test English
Cost of Certification US$ 295
Prerequisites Able to use Spark SQL to interact with the meta-store in a programming language using the application for data analysis purposes.

2. Data Analyst

This Certification validates the data handling ability of the candidate. It tests for the skills in data preparation, formatting of unstructured data, and after that data analysis using the latest tools and techniques. The features of the examination are:

Exam Pattern It consists of 8 to 12 performance-based tasks
Time duration 2 hours
The score required for passing 70%
Language for the certification test English
Cost of Certification US$ 295
Prerequisites Able to prepare data, provide structure to the data, and apply Query language statements in Hive and Impala as part of data analysis skills.

3. Data Administrator

This certification validates the knowledge in the candidate for core systems and cluster administrator skills, which are required to deal with the changing virtual needs of the present-day business processes. The features of the examination are:

Exam Pattern It consists of 8 to 12 performance-based tasks
Time duration 2 hours
The score required for passing 70%
Language for the certification test English
Cost of Certification US$ 295
Prerequisites Able to install ecosystem projects, configure NameNode HA, ResourceManager HA along with manage, secure, test and troubleshooting of data.

What are the course projects that are associated with Hadoop?

There are various course projects that you can select and will need to work on for gaining skills in Hadoop. These include:

  1. Project on MapReduce, Sqoop, and Hive.
  2. Project on MovieLens data.
  3. Project on Hadoop YARN and End-to-End PoC.
  4. Project on Table Partitioning in Hive.
  5. Project on connecting Pentaho with Hadoop Ecosystem
  6. Project on Multi-node cluster setup.
  7. Project on Hadoop Testing using MRUnit
  8. Project on Hadoop maintenance.
  9. Project on Hadoop web log analytics
  10. Project on Twitter sentiment analysis and many more

The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop: Tame your Big Data!


In conclusion, the Big Data Hadoop Certification is just the best Certification that is demanded in the IT industry. It will ensure you a stable professional life with the presence of huge opportunities for making career growth with the reputed IT organizations. The certification process is highly cost-effective and backed by courses that help you learn and gain the required knowledge and skills from industry professionals. You get lifetime access, and an ace in your certificate, which could help you land up in a dream job at the reputed IT company of your choice anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions or queries, then feel free to respond in the following comments.

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